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Introduced Jump
Hiroshima: mon amor
Alain Resnais
_____________:- America’s always had industrial advantage in having its own raw materials it needs unlike the European powers- Lasted into early part of 20th century. When American supply dried up, they created an informal empire in Latin American. It w
Raw materials
Any process whereby artificial movement is created by photographing a series of drawings, objects, or computer images one by one. Small changes in position, recorded frame by frame, create the illusion of movement
any installation (a theater) designed to accommodate patrons in their automobiles
What technique innovated by the Fleischer brothers allowed animators to trace over live-action frames to create drawn animated films?
During the ____________:- Two white police officers stopped a black motorists.- Motorists felt like he had been targeted for his race.- An argument started and a crowd formed. - One of the officers got nervous about the crowd and used his billy club on mo
Watts Riot
Bicycle Thief
Director: Vittorio De Sica 1948Genre:Italian Neo RealismStory: A man and his son search for a stolen bicycle vital for his job.Why it's important:1. Post war Italian film documenting the difficulties of post war life.2. Neo Realism style - using available light, documentary style filming3. Non Hollywood Glitz and galmour, simple shooting style.4. Actors are all Amateurs.
Mean Streets
1973Dir: Martin ScorseseStory: 4 street hustlers in NYC play their trade and try to get aheadWWII: 1. Beginning of Scorsese2. Low budget success3. About by and for Italian community
a premier pioneering American film director.[1] He is best known as the director of the controversial and groundbreaking 1915 film The Birth of a Nation and the subsequent film Intolerance (1916)
D.W. Griffith
Film d'Art
French company announced the intention of creating a serious, artistic cinema
_____________ compiled lists of anyone affiliated with civil rights movements, start doing little things to prevent people from belonging to these events such as calling or denying a loan or cancel their car insurance or evict people
Citizens’ Councils
_____________ co founded the Black Panther Party with Huey Newton.
Bobby Seale
Process Shot
Any shot involving rephotography to combine two or more images into one, or to create a special effect; also called "composite shot"
An instantaneous shift from a distant framing to a closer view of some portion of the same space
how a director frames the subject matter, what it shows us or leaves out
A set of keyframes extracted from a segment of video that visually represent the content
an English photographer who spent much of his life in the United States. He is known for his pioneering work on animal locomotion which used multiple cameras to capture motion, and his zoopraxiscope, a device for projecting motion pictures that pre-dated
Eadweard Muybridge
Which Hollywood director made a series of propaganda films used in training the American forces for World War II called "Why We Fight"?
Frank Capra
The _____________ was a court case where - In 1931, there was a mixture of people in a train car. Some were white women, others were black men. The women were intoxicated and when they were questioned about being alone in the car with the black men, the w
Scottsboro Nine
_________ is the group created by Roy Wilkins, that was dominated by middle class and professionals. It had leaders that came from prominent cities in the north or the upper south cities. Their tactics were primarily legal. Originally wanted to use the fe
In a narrative film, all the events that are directly presented to us, including their causal relations, chronological order, duration, frequency, and spatial locations. Opposed to story, which is the viewer's imaginary construction of all the events in the narrative
mid 60's film making
production code deteriorating until 68' when replaced by MPA ratings (R PG), films reflect youth culture and interests, bloated era ends 67', Directors from tv and theater bring new ideas (frankenheimer, penn, lumet, nichols), tech increase.
art direction
all the scenery, props, costumes and general look of the physical film
A sound on film process made by using DeForest's Audion Tube and used by Fox
Which American director was famous in the 1920s for making risqué sex comedies?
Cecil B. Demill
_____________________ was formed by the middle east to control the prices and supply of oil to make sure that the profit made of the middle eastern oil keeps a constant high.
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
the defree to which the ending of a narrative film reveals the effects of all teh causal events and resolves all line of action. ("closes off")
Matte Shot
A type of process shot in which different areas of the image (usually actors and setting) are photographed separately and combined in laboratory work
Production Designer
visionary for look of film, designs or selects sets props, costumes
The Big Five (definition)
evolution of a handful of American production companies into wealthy motion picture industry conglomerates that owned their own studios, distribution divisions, and theaters, and contracted with performers and other filmmaking personnel
___________ was a Senator of MS, who purged NAACP by helping in the anti-communism search within the NAACP.who used mine HUACs all around in MS to break up NAACP
James O. Eastland
deep focus
a use of the camera lens and lighting that keeps both the close and distant planes being photographed in sharp focus
Characteristic of French New wave
personal relationship set against a contemporary urban background with unresolved ending
What was not a stylistic consequence of the coming of sound?
less emphasis on continuity editing
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
1966Dir: Sergio Leone (Italian Film)WWII: 1. Italian "Spaghetti Wester: which mad Clint a star2. Brilliant score by Ennie Morricone
Why was vertical integration of production, distribution, and exhibition a successful industrial strategy for the major Hollywood studios?
by controlling the largest and most profitable first-run "picture palace" theaters, the major producers and distributors were able to cooperate with each other by showing each others' films
What best characterizes the films of the Swedish director Victor Sjöström?
depth staging and mastery of shooting in natural landscapes
What was not one way the film industry attempted to cross the "language barrier" introduced with sound filmmaking?
avoiding exporting films altogether and concentrating instead on the domestic market
What is not true of the French film industry during World War II?
films during this period were typically pro-fascist; censors forbade pro-French films from being made
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