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To cancel
Gerald Ford
Bicentennial President
leur leur leurs
Ancient capital of Egypt
late 1400s
spain becomes united
Dating Methods
ways to date artifacts
They built EARTHEN pyramids
The Maya
What did James Marshall discover?
Portuguese navigator: discoverer of the Straits of Magellan 1520 and the Philippines 1521.
Appointing justices who will agree with you so you can get things passed
the twenty provinces that Darius divided the empire into; each province was ruled by a governor
System of exchanging land for service
third class accommodations on a steamship, overcrowded and dirty
Who invented the cotton gin?
Eli Whitney
War hawks
Democratic-Republican members of the 12th Congress of the United States who advocated waging war against the British in the War of 1812 to demand British respect for American sovereignty in the West and neutral rights on the Atlantic.
protest seizure of American merchant ships and impressment of American sailors by Britain

aquire territory in British Canada and Spanish Florida
Richelieu set up Intendants: delegates form the king's council dispatched to the provinces to oversee police, army, and financial affairs.
officials who held their positions directly from the king rather than owning their offices. they reduced local powers over finances and insisted on more efficient tax collection.
(contributed to development of absolutism)
(South Africa) a social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and legal discrimination against non-whites
United Nations
-fulfilled Woodrow Wilson's vision of an international body to deter aggressor nations.
Most popular literature in the High Middle Ages was written in _____, or the language of everyday speech
William the Conqueror
who won the Norman Conquest
the effort to increase the well-being of mankind
The British captured U.S. Sailors and forced them to serve in the British Navy.
First English king to invade Ireland
Henry VIII
Unit 731
bilogical warfare of US- took prisoners and tested different weapons on them
Common trait of people during the Depression
CIVIL WAR 1861-1865
Advantages of the North
Greater population, industrial base, superior resources
Bloody Sunday
When troops killed and wounded hundreds of Russians / made people loose faith in the czar
Abolishionist movement is known as the...
anti-slavery view
Alcuin of York
head of Charlemagne's court school 782. One of the Foremost grammarians and theologians of the period...served as Charlemagne's personel tutor
Civil Rights act of 1866
Allows non-documented immigrants chldren to ahve full citizenship rights
Great Compromise
it provided for a bicameral Congress with both equal and population based representation
Zimmermann Telegram
Proposed that Mexico ally itself with Germany in the event of war between Germany and US. In return, Mexico would gain its lost territory in TX, NM, and AZ after war; enraged Americans
Eli Whitney
an American inventor who developed the cotton gin. Also contributed to the concept of interchangeable parts that were exactly alike and easily assembled or exchanged
the Virginia town where Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysess S. Grant in 1865, ending the Civil War
A time line usually shows events
in chronological order.
how many years do house member serve for?
Cape Colony
Who/What: colony est by Dutch East India Company as a supply stationWhen: 17thcWhere: S AfricaSignificance: Boers (Afrikaners) – encouraged to take up farming + ranching; hostility with natives(Khoikhoi and Xhosa) – eventually died out from smallpox, warfare, and enslavement; Brit took over during Napoleonic Wars – abolished slavery - primary source of labor - crippled --> migrated to E - Great Trek --> est independent republic: Republic of Natal, Orange Free State, S African Republic
What did the 1st Africans that arrived in Jamestown become?
Sephardic Jews
Jews of Spain, Portugal, North Africa and the Middle East.Derived from Hebrew word for SpainLadino language is a mix of Spanish and HebrewMore integrated than Ashkenazic Jews
What version of a language developed during the Hellenistic Period?
Koine Greek
What was the first settlement in Carolina?
Charls Town
people had more money to use on it.
Scotch-Irish and German
The two largest groups of non-English settlers were..
underground railroad
used by brave people to help slaves escape
"The Chinese must Go"
Speeches made by Denis Kearney stressing this
expanded the power of the royal courts, expanded the power of the king, included traveling justices and juries which were made up of townspeople
henry ii's law
KKK in the 20's
New Klan was anti-everything except white anglo saxon protestant. At its peak it claimed 5 million members and used the same tactics of fear,lynching, and intimidation. Eventually stopped with conviction of money fraud
The Catholic Reformation
Question 5: How did the Catholic Reformation differ from the Counter-Reformation?Author Answer: The Catholic Reformation refers to that period of moderate reform coming before Martin Luther. It is characterized by moral and institutional reform of various religious orders and was influenced to some degree by the northern Christian humanists such as Erasmus and Thomas More. The Counter-Reformation, appearing as it did after Luther had set the Reformation in motion, was far more radical and aggressive. The Council of Trent, for instance, declared papal supremacy and made provisions for eliminating abuses and reinforcing discipline. The Index of Forbidden Books was instituted to censure all Protestant works, especially the humanist writings of Erasmus. Loyola and the Jesuits defended the faith with a near military zeal. The whole object of the Counter-Reformation was to defend and revitalize the faith. (pp. 490-495)I. Catholicism TransformedA. The Catholic Reformation1. First phase (c. 1490s)a. A movement for moral and institutional reform within the religious ordersi. Papacy showed little interest in thisb. Influence of northern humanists (Erasmus and More)i. Encouraged the laity to lead lives of simple but sincere religious piety2. Second Phase (c. 1530s)a. More aggressive phase of reformb. New style of papal leadershipi. "Excessive" holinessii. Accomplished administratorsiii. Reorganized papal finances3. Third Phase: the Council of Trent (1545-1563)a. Reaffirmed Catholic doctrinei. Good works declared necessary for salvationii. The seven sacramentsiii. Papal supremacyb. Bishops and priests were forbidden to hold more than one spiritual officec. Establishment of theological seminariesd. Established the Index of Forbidden Books (1564)
Spanish American War
Brought upon by expansion efforts of president McKinley. Southerners wanted Cuba, before Civil War, for slavery expansion in it's sugar mills. However, US protected Spain's rights to Cuba. Cuban independence movements began. After Spain abused orders and USS Maine was destroyed in Havana, declaration of war against Spain began. Only 10 week war. Colonel Teddy Roosevelt fought with his "Rough Riders" to victory. In the end the US secured independence to Cuba. The Platt Amendment declared Cuba to provide land for American bases and help pay back war debt. After US troops withdrew, the amendment turned into the Cuban-American Treaty (1903) which declared US control of Cuba's sugar industry and anti American sentiment among Cubans.
Spanish Armada
huge fleet of warships meant to end England plans. The purpose was to over throw Elizabeth II and her Sea Dogs.
marshall plan
a plan for aiding the European nations in economic recovery after World War II, proposed by U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall in 1947 and implemented in 1948 under the Economic Cooperation Administration.
David G. Farragut
lead a fleet of warships down the Mississippi to capture new Orleans
Prussias role in Germany
the Hohenzolleren family made it a superpower and the basis for what would later be germany.
What were some problems that progressives wanted to solve?
1. working conditions
2. corruption in business and politics
6th and 7th Crusades
1248 – 1254 and again in 1270-Crusades of Louis IX,saint-king of Franceundertaken in Egypt in 1248, the other against Tunisia in 1270. Both failed, and the second cost St. Louis his life
He faced Lincoln in a series of famous debates - who was he?
Stephen Douglas
Judiciary act of 1801
a law that increased the number of federal judges, allowing President John Adams to fill most of the new posts with Federalists
Civil Constitution of the Clergy
Addresses Priets; To be elected, and forced to take loyalty oath
seneca falls convention of 1848
The Seneca Falls Convention, was an early and influential women's rights convention held in Seneca Falls, New York over two days, July 19–20, 1848. The convention was seen by some of its contemporaries, including organizer and featured speaker Lucretia Mott, as but a single step in the continuing effort by women to gain for themselves a greater proportion of social, civil and moral rights,[1] but it was viewed by others as a revolutionary beginning to the struggle by women for complete equality with men. Afterward, Elizabeth Cady Stanton presented the resulting Declaration of Sentiments as a foundational document in the American woman's suffrage movement, and she promoted the event as being the first time that women and men gathered together to demand for women the right to vote. Stanton's authoring of the History of Woman Suffrage helped to establish the Seneca Falls Convention as the moment when the push for women's suffrage first gained national prominence.[1] By 1851, at the second National Women's Rights Convention in Worcester, Massachusetts, the issue of women's right to vote had become a central tenet of the women's rights movement.[2] Contents [hide]
What were the names of the 2 acts enacted to prevent people from speaking out against the war/government?
Espionage and Sedition Acts
1777 American Victory at Saratoga
what was the turning point of the rev war?
which reforms were demanded by the working class in the mid to the late 1800's
expand voting right to all men ;secret ballot;pay for parliamentary members so that poor people could serve
3. Tecumseh was a Shawnee Chief that:a. Urged Native Americans to unite and militarily resist white settlersb. Was an ally to the British during the War of 1812c. Fought William Henry Harrison’s forces in battled. All of the above
a. Urged Native Americans to unite and militarily resist white settlers
lesser nobles.
A classless society
Cult of Domesticity
Governors that ruled provinces
Marcus Garvey
Black is beautiful
Move the Capital
What Constintine did
Civil War
Mark Antony-Cleopatra v. Octavian
Powerful aristocratic class organized in clans that controlled the government.
engagement in business transactions involving considerable risk but offering the chance of large gains, esp. trading in commodities, stocks, etc., in the hope of profit from changes in the market price.
queen anne
last of the stuart monarchs
Muhammad's migration from Mecca to (Yathrib) Medina
McNary-Haugan Plan
subsidize American agriculture by raising the domestic prices of farm products.
philosophy that is concerned with harmony with nature; government is seen as unnatural
(1879-1955) He challenged scientific common sence even further.
Albert Einstein
Nye Committee
decided America's involvement in WWI
NA religion
women sometimes chose own husbands
powerful spirits control events
This document sets out the laws, principles, organization and processes of a government. It's called a living document.
Leader of the Farmer's Alliances that died during the 1892 Presidential campaign was
Some countries think Japan enjoys an unfair economic advantage because of the low amount it pays for this.
military tactic by Athenians, was a structure
US Steel
Morgan took Carnegie holdings and added others which "watered" stock liberallyand in 1901 he launched the bigger ______ that capitalized at $1.4 billion and was America's 1st billion-dollar corporation and was a larger sum than the total estimated wealth of the nation in 1800. (548)
an economic system in which the factors of production are privately owned and money is invested in business ventures to make a profit
A leader who rules with total authority, often in a cruel or brutal manner.

what word means to portray a three-dimentional appearence on a flat surface

 Blank Check
Germany gives Austria a blank check
this is good- shows that Austria can do whatever they want and Germany will support them
british defeated by the french at __
what happened to the population post-World War II
Population soared
Informing the public about the dirty realities of party politics and the scandalous conditions of factories and slums
Magna Graecia
"Great Greece"; The areas in southern Italy and Sicily where many Greek colonies were established
Albert Fall
secretary of the interior who had persuaded Harding to transfer control of large government oil reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyoming, and Elk Hills, California from the navy to the Department of the Interior. He immediately leased the deposits to two oil tycoons who pumped oil from the wells in exchange for providing the navy with a system of fuel tank reserves. He didnt allow for competition and spent a year in jail.
Boston Massacre
The first bloodshed of the Amercan Revolution, as British guards at the Boston Customs House opened fire on a crowd killing five americans
belief that people who failed in life were caught in circumstances that they couldn't control
the middle opinion of a society, some want more change, some less
18th Amendment
Established by the WCTU ( Women's Christian Temperance Union) the prevented the purchase of alcohol in all states.
The English policy of interfing very little in colonial affairs was called
Salutary Neglect
this was the empire that was competing with Rome but was eventually conquered by the Romans after the peloponnesian wars
The Marines could be called in the _________.
1796 Presidential Election
John Adams defeats Thomas Jefferson; Jefferson becomes vice president
Spanish March 778
Charlemagne launched a campaign in Spain against Spanish Muslims, defeat for Charlemagne, but establishes an area in Spain
when did the KKK flourish and die out
who were charles I's problems with?
parliament, puritans, scottish
noting or pertaining to the style of architecture prevailing in western or southern Europe from the 9th through the 12th centuries, characterized by heavy masonry construction with narrow openings, features such as the round arch, the groin vault, and the
What year did the Old Colony Club have a meeting in Plymouth Massachusetts and have a nine-course dinner?
triangle shirtwaist fire
a fire in New York's Triangle Shirtwaist Company in 1911 killed 146 people, mostly women. They died because the doors were locked and the windows were too high for them to get to the ground. Dramatized the poor working conditions and let to federal regulations to protect workers.
birds of passage
Temporary migrants who came to the United States to work and save money then returned home to their native countries during slack season. World War I interrupted the practice, trapping thousands of migrant workers in the United States.
Tried to show that Rome's past was as heroic as that of Greece
Agriculture Adjustment Act
The AAA payed farmers to reduce production,(came from taxes obtained by makers of expensive farm equipment?) Made available millions to help farmers but killed in 1936 then a more comprehensive second AAA
Brigham Young
planned mass Mormon exodus to Utah in face of social prejudice, stern leadership allowed for building of thriving community
Indus River
River that runs along Pakistan and was very important to ancient civilization
1550 BC Egyptian
1st recorded nurse; hired women to attend births; wet nurses
a small fertile or green area in a desert region, usually having a spring or well.
pulitzer and hearst
two newspaper moguls at the turn of the century
Articles of Confederation
all states had equal power in the legislature, the federal government had a hard time dealing with other nations, issues between borrowers and lenders threatened the economy
Marybury vs. Madison
supreme court tuled that it has the power to abolish legislative acts by declaring them unconstitutional
Knight HospitalersKnights TemplarsTeutonic Knights
-drew chiefly on the French for its membership-international brotherhood that acquired great wealth through pious gifts and intelligent estate management and gradually became involved in banking activities-was composed chiefly of Germans. -religious orders of Christian warriors, bound by monastic rules and dedicated to fighting the Muslims and advancing the crusading cause in every possible way.
what were the laws caled that some northern states passed?
personal liberty laws
Charles V's role in the Reformation
Pope Leo X excommunicated Martin Luther
Charles V= holy roman emperor, called Luther to the Diet of Worms and demanded he recant his writings (95 theses). Luther refused and charles made him an outlaw so luther went to german princes who took him in. peace of augsburg declared lutheranism an official religion and allowed each german prince to choose his religion for his lands
How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood????
about a cord.
He was a republican from Mass. who was the first minority president. He was essentially chosen by the House of Representatives. He served only four years, from 1824-1828. He was in favor of funding national research and he appointed Henry Clay as his Sec
John Q. Adams
Police, where? when? how many? results?
Boston, 1919, 75% of police force; strikers fired, Coolidge brought to national attention
The Pure Food and Drug Act
law passed in 1906 by the U.S. government; controlled and regulated the composition, sale, and distribution of drugs
What happened at the Battle of Shiloh?
The North was stopped from taking the Mississippi
What did the French and Indian War do the colonists? What did it show them?
1. it brought the colonists together in a defensive alliance2. brought the colonists together in opposition to British taxesshowed them they had some common problems:- security (particularly Western boundary)
Pan-Slavic Congress
Self-Governing Political unit
Hepburn Act (1906)
leader Jiang Jieshi, Chinese
America's first steamboat
the Clermont
The Diamond Sutra
First Printed Book
without limits; over all others
an overall plan of action
combined action or functioning; synergism.
created a large profit for Jamestown
Vladimir Lenin
radical socialists demeaned that government should be soviet
Theodore Roosevelt
1858-1919. 26th President. Increased size of Navy, "Great White Fleet". Added Roosevelt Corollary to Monroe Doctrine. "Big Stick" policy. Received Nobel Peace Prize for mediation of end of Russo-Japanese war. Later arbitrated split of Morocco between Germany and France.
Elizabeth I
reaffirmed English Reformation and moved church between extremes of Catholicism and Puritanism
*capital of Aztecs*most populous in mesoamerica*had great palaces and temples
Steven Douglas
-Plunge into the war
-Congressmen were arming themselves towards the end
-Voted by northern democrats
The leading practitioners of human sacrifice in the Americas were the
A type government ruled by the citizens.
A national policy of abstaining from political or economic relations with other countries. The United States' foreign policy prior to World War One.
In Hindu belief, a person's religious and moral duties
what country did peter the great lead?
- the philosophy supported by old religionists who charged that the teaching of Darwinian evolution (science and progressive education) was destroying faith in God and the Bible, while contributing to the moral break down of youth during the 1920s; many attempts were made to secure laws prohibiting teaching of evolution in public schools; Tennessee and other Bible Belt states still strongly held evangelical principles of religion; (Scope Monkey Trial, etc) (755-756)
Peter the Great
one of Russia's greatest reformers
A cantonment is a temporary or semi-permanent military quarters
who was the famous missionary that opened up the interior of Africa to the gospel message?
Margaret Sanger (OMG!)
Margaret Sanger crusaded for reproductive rights She infuriated fundamentalists and other conservatives Indicted for distributing information about contraceptives and fled to Europe (for a while)
Commander of the British army against Napoleon
John Adams
president after james monroe; sent diplomats to france to negotiate a new treaty -- 3 agents representing charles-maurice de tallyrand sed they wanted the US to apologize publicly for anti-french remarks made by adams and grant france a multimillion-dollar loan and pay a bribe of $240,000 just to meet with talleyrand; they returned 2 the US and told Adams who named it the XYZ affair and refused 2 pay
Payne-Aldrich Tariff 1909
passed by conservative Republicans under Taft (even though Taft was supposed to be Progressive); raised the tariff on most imports
Homo Sapiens
known as the first modern human, appeared between 120,000 and 50,000 years ago. Known as the first hominid to develop language.
after johnson reed act of 1924 they became the country's chief source of immigrant labor. unlike euro immigrants, they showed little interest in becoming american citizens and voting. cultural vibrancy of their immigrant community did sustain many individuals who were struggling to survive in a strange, and hostile environment.
A member of a protestant group that sufffered persecution in England; believed that all men should be treated as equals, not only in the church, but also in society and government.
Anaconda plan
the plan emphasized the blockade of the southern ports, and called for an advance down the Mississippi river to cut the south in two
to absorb a smaller group of people into a larger group
Ida M. Tarbell
"Muckrakers" was the name that Theodore Roosevelt gave journalists of the early part of the 20th century who exposed abuses in American business and government. Ida Tarbell, one of the original muckrakers, was able to help shut down the Standard Oil Company monopoly that had hampered her father's efforts in the oil industry in Pennsylvania.
Keating-Owen Act
Restricts child labor from most jobs. Though this was under Wilson, he wasn't too eager to see it passed, because he felt that it was infringing upon the rights of children.
the place that Sparta took over and made all citizens Helots from 730-710 BCE
The _____________,enacted in may 1927, sent 3 million men into the army during world war one. The Wilson administration enacted it. (It was not popular.)
Selective Service Act
To defend Spain’s interest in Texas, Antonio Martinez claimed he needed
additional troops.
who- Jews were the chosen ones what- 1st monothesists that were semitic bands that travelled under patriarchal chieftains where- coasts of Egypt and Mesopotamiawhen- 1200 bcwhy sig.- created the monotheistic religion that to this day has been recorded
In studying the Massachusetts government, it is understood that the Puritans were seeking to establish a _______________ as their form of government.
Church-dominated government (theocracy burst answer)
what values dominated in sparta?children were taught to despise..they were taught to respect..
militaristic values
luxury and comfort
elderly, women, and warriors
a small group of noble families that ruled
Gutenberg Bible
What was the full sized book Gutenberg printed?
American Families were getting taller
What best characterizes american families in the 1920's?
Juan Ponce de Leon
Spanish explorer discovered Florida in 1513
Harpers Ferry
The location of John Browns new idea to invade the south, sieze its arms and call upon the slaves to rise up and revolt and take over to free slaves.But instead the slaves didnt revolt and he was cptured, convicted and hung. Though he was insane, he bacame abolitionists matyr and North was furied.
Land for which could only be used by the lord himself
New Economidc Policy
The NEP allowed small businesses to reopen but the gov't controlled banks, large industries, and foreign trade

allowed farmers to sell surpluss grain for profits

raised economy
Edwin M. Stanton
A former democrat from Ohio who directed the War Department
cold war
rivalry after World War II between the Soviet Union and its satellites and the democratic countries of the Western world, under the leadership of the United States.
The Longoria incident .
involved the refusal of an undertaker to let his funeral home be used for the burial of a Mexican-American war hero,prompting Mexican American activism.
truman doctrine
stated that the US would give aid to any country that is threatened by communism
"Book of Common Prayer"
written by Thomas Cranmer; imposed a moderate form of Protestant service but preserved many Catholic doctrines
Dien Bien Phu
(aka was not bien...)
French defeat...
US money, French bodies
first indochina war between french and viet minh
women put together supplies for men in war in what societies?
soldier's aid societies
martin luther's disagreements with the catholic church
didnt agree with church abuse (indulgences)
truth comes only from the bible, not the priest
Douglas McArthur
A general in the army who would later be in charge of the war in Korea
Warsaw Pact (1955)
This was a response to NATO by the Communist states; The communist countries wanted to unite and be mutually supportive
What is true about Federalists
they focused on the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
In what sense was WWI a "total war"?
all the countries resources were devoted to the war
What happened at the Battle of Chancellorsville?
Hooker wanted to force Lee out of Fredericksburg, sever the line of communication from Richmond, and crush Confederates with a pincer move. Union won and Stonewall Jackson died.
T/F West Virginia existed in the Antebellum period.
False, West Virgina was a product of the Civil War so thus West Virginia didn't exist in the Antebellum period (before the Civil War)

anti-Jackson groups
Northern & Southern conservative supporters of the Bank of U.S.
Important issues:
expanded National gov't
increased commercial development
continued westward expansion
return of political power to the common man
are ordinary citizens
Lincoln elected President
November 1860
How parts fit together
Constantine famous for recognizing what religion..
developed the first periodic table
Gulf of Mexico
the largest gulf
Helped Egypt
"Gift of the Nile"
Whiskey Rebellion
Pennsylvania farmers were rebelling against an excise tax on whiskey, Washington sent troops and successfully put down rebellion, this demonstrated new government had ability to enforce its laws
Roosevelts Corollary
"big stick diplomacy"--speak softly but carry a big stick--east hemisphere don't mess w/ west, or they will attack
The French national assembly summoned to remedy the financial crisis and correct abuses of the ancien regime.
The largest settlement of mound builders was in what present day state?
Harry Daugherty
Atorney General under Harding. Participated in BRIBE involving GERMANY and a chemical company thing.
14 points
-Enlightened war aims-Mostly about Self Determination-applies to White People-14th point calls for a League of Nations
vigorous or bitter conflict, discord, or antagonism:
natavists/ Know Nothing Party
political party against immigration
angel island
immigrant transfer island in san fransisco
invaded southern Egypt and tried to team up with the Hyksos to take Egypt
process by which voters remove a public official from office before the next election
who were the majority party in Parliament, Wealthy Merchants in Middle Colonies, wealthy planters in Southern Colonies, Members of Anglican Church, African Americans, Native Americans
Mahayana Buddhism
reformed Buddhism that replaces the Nirvāna (see Nirvāna), monastic, and Gautama Buddha
Patrick Henry
Didnt believe in "taxation without representation" and Give me liberty or give me death.
affirmative action programs
policies that give special consideration to women and members of minorities to make up for past discrimination
A strict interpretation of the actual words and phrases used in law, rather to any underlying intent
proclamtion of 1763
colonists won't settle beyond appalachian mys
________ was a young french General who came to help the Americans win the Revolutionary war.
to bring under complete control or subjection; conquer; master.
civil law
laws dealing with the right and relationships of private citizens
Fourteen Points
the war aims outlined by President Wilson in 1918, which he believed would promote lasting peace; called for self-determination, freedom of the seas, free trade, end to secret agreements, reduction of arms and a league of nations
Arab prince, leader of the Arab Revolt in World War I. The British made him king of Iraq in 1921, and he reigned under British protection until 1933. (p. 760)
T or F: Benjamin Franklin was a philosopher, scientist, publisher, legislator, and diplomat.
Continental system
Napoleons plans to make France self sufficient through trade with Europe, keep England out
spoils system
the system of employing and promoting civil servants who are friends and supporters of the group in power
John Fitch
Credited with the development of the steamboat, Clermont
The Supreme Court's Bakke decision
called affirmative action discriminatory
blind poet who wrote about the Trojan War
Iranian Hostage Crisis
Fifty-two US citizens were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981, after a group of Islamic students and militants took over the Embassy of the United States in support of the Iranian Revolution. This was known as the __________
Overthrown in the Revolution of 1830 and fled the country
Charles X
what agreement ended Reconstruction in the south
Compromise of 1877
Two competitive journalistic tycoons who used the techniques of sensationalism in their works. The first was born in Hungary and nearly blind, but he started yellow journalism. The other was his competitor, who was expelled from Harvard but used some of
Joseph Pulitzer/William R. Hearst
Omani Sultans
The omani sultans had the element of surprise, there plan was to take over the spice trade. Had an unsuccesful attack in 1631. In 1696 Sent army and won.
John Locke Background. (1632-1704)
Born in Bristol. graduated oxford 1652. friends with Lord Asdley early of Shattsbury
Exile in Holland. 1688
Ivan III
Also called Ivan the Great; 1st ruler of the independent state called Russia; His rule began a long tradition of absolute monarchy
declaration of independence
explained why the colonies wanted to separate from britian
balance of power
what did European monarchs seek to preserve in order ti make syre that their neighbors did not become too strong an thus able to threaten their borders?
Confiscation Act- (1861-1862)
declared that all slaves used for "insurrectionary" purposes would be considered less freed.
The first colony was established in 1585 at_____ off North Carolina Coast. How long did it last?
Roanoke Island1 year
Soviet Scorched Earth Policy
Soviets burn everything as they retreat into Russia from German troops.
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
group formed by college students who wanted change for African Americans. sit-in- protest by occupying "whites-only" seats and refusing to get up.
Sauk Tribe
a group of people that was led by black hawk back to Illinois
Clovis I(466 – 511)
First European king to unite the Franks and accept Christianity.
Union or Confederacy?
They had 80% of the factories and could supply soldiers with what they needed.
this area joined the rest of Italy in spite of the pope's opposition
papal states
Electoral College of an election
1. really determine who the next president will be -not popular vote
2. Number of electors each state gets is same as total number of Representatices plus senators.
3.Canditate must receive majority of electoral votes (270).
4. California has 55 votes (53 members in the House and 2 senators)
Four new states between 1791 and 1803
Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio
The Gupta Empire was run by whom?
-Chandra Gupta I -Samudra Gupta-Chandra Gupta II
Land Ordinance of 1785
a law that divided much of the United States into a system of townships to facilitate the sale of land to settlers
what power did congress give president during WWI
control economy, fix prices, and regulate war industry
What did the walled garden called "paradayadam (paradise) symbolize to the persians?
the prosperity that the king and empire could bring to those who served them
What roles do both houses of Congress play in the introduction of a new bill?
they may work togetherto approve a bill, they may rewrite or stop a bill that was passed by the other house, and they may vote to pass a vetoed bill
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