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William Shakespeare
printing press
printing press
U.S. Involvement with Hawain
Han Feizi
founder of Legalism
to deprive; cut off.
political science
study of politics scientifically
Hostility toward or discrimination against Jews.
agriculture adjustment act-- boost farm prices by limiting production
French Protestants. The Edict of Nantes (1598) freed them from persecution in France, but when that was revoked in the late 1700s, hundreds of thousands of Huguenots fled to other countries, including America.
Usually occurs in areas where communication and travel is difficult, refers to when a city such as Ur behaves as an independent nation.
Edward Jenner
Discovered the small pox vacine.
governors under Darius' rule, each governed a region or satrapy in the emeror's name
settlement houses
 Provided shelter, food, and medical attention to the poor in the cities English language and skills classes Lillian ward-opens the first settlement house By 1910 there were 100s of settlement houses across u.s.• Funded by private donations• And staffed by volunteers
Federalist Party
Founded by Alexander Hamilton. Believed wealthy and well educated should lead nation. Favored strong central gov't. emphasized manufacturing and trade. Favored loose interpretation of Constitution. conservative.
Jonathan Edwards
Preached during the Great Awakening
the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II (usually prec. by the).
rosetta stone
Stone that contained carved messages in hieroglyphics, Greek and demotic. Led to deciphering of hieroglyphics.
self understanding; in order to reach this, a person had to answer koans
Federal Securities Act
Required corporations to provide complete information on all stock offerings and made them liable for any misrepresentations.
muslim calendar
the lunar calendar used by Muslims
Adam Smith
Colonial era economist who believed economy functions best when left unregulated due to the "invisible hand of competition".
powers delegated to the president include the powers to
make treaties
Pentagon Papers
These revealed that the government frequently mislead the public about the war
Protestant group that wanted to reform the churhc of England.
Harriet Tubman
helped free slaves through underground railroad
Prophet Tenskwatawa
Indian religious leader urging tribes to return to traditional ways
Barbary Pirates
pirates who attacked and captured American ships off the coast of Africa
market revolution
The market revolution (1815-1860) in the United States was a drastic change in the manual labor system originating in south (but was soon moved to the north) and later spread to the entire world. This change prompted the reincarnation of the mercantilist ideas that were thought to be died out. This is thought to be provoked by increasing industrialization, such as Eli Whitney's invention, the Cotton Gin. As a result of the revolution, isolationism became dominant and North America was left waiting to explode into the Civil War
was established
This act __________ to tax the colonists directly.
Barbary Wars
1801-1804 - in Northern Africa where they were allowed to seize ships (pirates) but Jefferson put a stop to this by paying for protection - in 1801 he refused to pay so war was declared over Naval - "calls of montazuma" - 1804 = landslide victory for Jefferson
boxer rebellion
rampage to kill every foreigner they could find
the strict code of behavior for a knight was called what?
Isaac Backus
Baptist who helped the battle for religious freedom
a legal document that gives you the right to be the only one to produce your invention for 17 years
Sand Creek
(1864)John Evans attacked a tribe of Cheyenne Indians. A total of 38 Cheyenne were killed.
Counter Reformation
Age of Exploration
Church was able to see what was wrong with religion
Council of Trent-Cardinals should not live lavish life, the goal was to deal with corruption/ greed of upper clergy
Open up Educational opportunities
*Live a Christian Walk
Elections of 1840
William Henry Harrison, a whig, defeats Van Buren. Harrison dies 30 days after inauguration
Florence Kelley
Reformer who worked to limit child labor and improve conditions for female workers
American Protective Association (APA)
an American anti-Catholic secret society founded in the late 1800s; their goals included restricting Catholic immigration, making English a prerequisite to American citizenship, removing Catholic teachers from public schools, and banning Catholics from public offices
a Tory (person who remained loyal to England during the Revolutionary War) who later moved to Canada or to another British possession
Who obtained the charter to plant Jamestown?
London company
Civil Rights Act of 1964
law that outlawed racial discrimination
matthew perry
A commodore in the American navy. He forced Japan into opening its doors to trade, thus brining western influence to Japan while showing American might
Battle of Lexington
A conflict marking the beginning of the Revolutionary War in Lexington, Massachusetts, on April 19, 1775. An American force of about seventy minutemen under Capt. John Parker assembled on Lexington green after receiving word from dispatch riders, including Paul Revere, that a British force of about 250 men, under Maj. John Pitcairn, was advancing to Concord to confiscate provincial military supplies. British soldiers fired on Parker's force after hearing a gunshot, although which side the shot came from is uncertain, and it may have been accidental.
Trail of tears
the routes along which the Cherokee people were forcebly removed from Georgia to the Indian territory in 1838, with thousands of the cherokees dying on the way
Cult of domesticity
women at home taking care of families
Jose Maria Morelos       
Became the leader of the revolutionary movement after Hidalgo, he organised a mexican congress
Civil Rights Cases
(1883 CE) The United States Supreme Court case which held that Congress had no jurisdiction over discrimination by private individuals and/or private organizations, thus declaring the Civil Rights Act of 1875 unconstitutional.
What is a state's powers of governing its citizens without federal government involvement?
Home Rule
articles of confederation
the first constitution of the 13 American states, adopted in 1781 and replaced in 1789 by the Constitution of the United States.
World War 1- Germany was allied with?
Austria- Hungary and Italy
Martin Luther
German monk who had a thesis in 1517 that criticized the church and then later sparked the Protestant Reformation.
As a result of Japan’s imperialism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, __________.- it fought a war with China- a wave of nationalism swept through the country- it acquired three territories by 1910- all of the above
all of the above
(1865-1900)who wasnt permitted to join the AFL?
unskilled workers, blacks, women and new immigrents
louisiana purchase
a treaty signed with France in 1803 by which the U.S. purchased for $15,000,000 the land extending from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.
Who was Hammurabi?
Made up 282 laws but they applied to everyone. The punishments varied by class. Babylonian empire reached height under him.
Via Sacra (Road)Harbor Street (Ephesus)
sacred road, leads to the roman forumIn asia minor, elegant, lined with colums
Republican: Lincoln 1,865,593 votes, 180 electoral votes
Northern Democrat:Stephen Douglas1,382,713 votes, 12 electoral votes
Southern Democrat: J.C. Breckenridge 848,356 votes, 72 electoral votes
Constitutional Union: John Bell 592,906 votes, 59 elect
What were the results of the election of 1860?
What were the main results of the "Common School" movement? (6)
Emphasis on standardization of 'basics', state overseeing curriculum, qualifications for teachers, local tax funding, literacy & attendance rates increates greatly, English lang as primary & American culture/politcal values emphasized
what were sone of the concepts of filial piety?
the duty and respect the children owed their parents
relationship between caste system in india and hindu belief in reincarnation
when you are at the highest level you have a better chance in reaching moksha which is the stop of reincarnation you need to obey rules and you will have good karma which is being reincarnated in a higher level of the caste system.
Define "fief". In the long term what did it become?
-a piece of land given in exchange for service-a lords home/country estate
German king
great awakening
religious revival
dark age
cultural/ economic downfall
Karl Marx
Wrote Commmunist Manifesto
largest Greek city in Sicily
Relating to civilization, language, art, science, and literature of the Greek world from the reign of Alexander the Great to the late second century.
Though only secondary importance, there were many enterprises including rum, bever hats, household (spin/weave) and most importantly lumboring for making ships
Babylonian Capivity
Babylonian armies capture Judah
Thomas Jefferson
A prominent statesman, Thomas Jefferson became George Washington's first secretary of state. Along with James Madison, Jefferson took up the cause of strict constructionists and the Republican Party, advocating limited federal government. As the nation's third president from 1801 to 1809, Jefferson organized the national government by Thomas Jefferson Republican ideals, doubled the size of the nation, and struggled to maintain American neutrality
American policy of resisting further expansion of communism around the world
In industrialized Europe, Marx said the "haves" were the bourgeoisies and the "have-nots" were this or the working class. The entire cores of history Marx said was "history of class struggle" was always between the "haves" and the "haves-nots."
A revolutionary political club who were mostly middle class lawyers or intellectuals who advanced the republican cause.
Clans are large groups of families.
Star War
competition 4 upperhand in space
senators served for life, most powerful during the middle period of the roman empire
the doctrines, methods, or procedure of the Bolsheviks.
Dave Beck
Teamster president jailed for misuse of funds.
giving government jobs to people that helped a canidate get elected
Purple People
Phoenicians' Greek nickname from the purple and blue textiles they made
spanish soldiers and explorers who led military expeditions in the Americas and captured land for Spain
t/f people defer to wealthy elites still
A dome-shaped monument, used to house Buddhist relics or to commemorate significant facts of Buddhism or Jainism. Also called tope
a small, poorly made house or hut
to charge a public official with wrongdoing in office
A system of national government in which power is divided between a central authority and a number of regions with delimited self-governing authority
British General at the turning point of the Revolutionary war
a persistent, substantial rise in the general level of prices related to an increase in the volume of money and resulting in the loss of value of currency (
a democracy in which the supreme power lies with the citizens who vote for officials
Woodrow Wilson
28th president of the United States, known for World War I leadership, created Federal Reserve, Federal Trade Commission, Clayton Antitrust Act, progressive income tax, lower tariffs, women's suffrage (reluctantly), Treaty of Versailles, sought 14 points post-war plan, League of Nations (but failed to win U.S. ratification), won Nobel Peace Prize
Cultural Revolution
Campaign in China ordered by Mao Zedong to purge the Communist Party of his opponents and instill revolutionary values in the younger generation.(p. 848)
T or F: Middle-class meant the same social-economic group as the working class.
Jan Huss
Bohemian heretic burned to death at the stake
election of 1800
"Revolution of ____" Jefferson wins. First peaceful transfer of power.
rutherford b. hayes
withdrew the army from southern states.
The worst natural disaster in the history of the United States was
Hurricane Katrina
Dollar Diplomacy
Taft's policy that the US government would guarantee loans from American businesses to Latin American countries
Joseph Stalin
1928- _________ was the successor to Lenin
- head leader of church- linked to keeping written document of Constantine's resignation as czar that is placed there
Where were the first shots of the Revolution fired?
Term describing the party who nominated Horace Greeley for president in the election of 1857. This group helped shape politics in the post war years, and wanted to end corruption, restore the Union as quickly as possible, and downsize the federal governm
Liberal Republican Revolt
"White Highlands"
The White Highlands was a place in Kenya where whites could go for farming, it was free to all white people, the lease was for 99 years but then turned into 999 years all the Africans were moved to the Native Reserves
Convened in 1774, to protest the Intolerable Acts. Congress voted for a boycott of British imports. They sent a petition to King George III, which stated that Parliament had power to regulate commerce, but objected its arbitrary taxation and unfair judicial system.
Liberalism in 19h Century Britain
Middle class.
Whigs-Liberal and Tories-Conservative, imperialism. France conservative. British in the Middle. America is Liberal
Eugene V. Debs
leader of the American Railway Union ARU, he believed in industrial unionism
Verba agruement for public opinion
argues that economic differences between the affluent and the less aflluent make it difficult for the views of the general pop. to be heard b/c the wealthy are bettre to articulate and present their points of view
Missionary outreach
what was the most positive result of imperialism?
Helmut James von Moltke
Organized a group of anti-Nazi friends that met during the war to make plans for a new, democratic Germany
Arrested in 1944, hanged a year later
what was the monroe doctrine?(1823)
warning against New European colonization in the americas
Reading:The Four Freedoms
Roosevelt talks about the ever threat of invasion from Axis powers and how we need to protect our freedom.
Marie Antoinette
Queen of France (as wife of Louis XVI) who was unpopular
Economic Differences in Colonies: New England
puritian dominated, less religiously tolerant, more restrictions on civic participation, more industry, less available farm land
Federal Judiciary Act
The act that created a court system and divided authority between the state and federal courts. John Jay becomes the first chief justice of the Supreme Court.
what was oregon trail?
trail leading west from missouri to oregon country.
The radio show that helped popularize country music during the depression
The Grand Ole Opry
National Convention of an election
1. Firsts day: selection of temporary chairman, keynote speech
2. Second day: Committee reports platform is presented and adopted.
3. Third day: Nominations for president
4. Fourth day: Nominations for Vice President, balloting for VP, acceptance speeches
augustine read one sentence of the bible
b4 his "doubt vanished away"
Two main groups of Muslims developed and still exist today
The Sunnites and the Shiites
British East India Trading Company
A corporation set in charge of India rather than an actual government because India is so far away from Britain
The textile mill owners of early 19th cenury America hired mainly femail workers b/c
women worked for lower wages
Women, African Americans, and Native Americans did not takw part in the Constitutional Convention because they 
A. did not have the rights of citizens 
What happened to Dred Scott and how did this impact society?

Stationed in Minnesota and falls in love with a woman named Harriet. Masters talk to each other and Harriet was sold to the doctor. Had baby. Doctor dies, and family is suppose to be distributed. Goes to the Blows and try to help Dred Scott gain his freedom based on the fact that they were living in free territory. Went to supreme court. Ending result was that slavery cannot be banned anywhere in the US and black people are not citizens. 
to trade
Jay Gould
Humphry Bogart

u- boats succeeded in?
Warsaw Pact
USSR's military alliance
National Industrial Recovery Act- Allowed each industry to write codes for standards for production, wages, conditions, and they stopped price cutting.
the belief in one god
John Wilkes Booth
Shot Abraham Lincoln
John Morton (1846) Boston
discovered anesthesia- nitrous oxide at a comedy show (incomplete 50%)
someones messd with his presentation at hartford
became addicted to chloroform- commited suicide
greek sculptors 400 b.c.
-one of histories greatest sculptors, lived during the golden age.
-myron's most famous figure was the discus thrower.
Greek philosopher. A follower of Socrates, and a teacher to Aristotle, he presented his ideas through dramatic dialogues, in the most celebrated of which (The Republic) the interlocutors advocate a utopian society ruled by philosophers trained in Platonic metaphysics. He taught and wrote for much of his life at the Academy, which he founded near Athens in 386.
President Richard Nixon's strategy for ending U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, involving a gradual withdrawal of American troops and replacement of them with South Vietnamese forces.
the nation invaded by President Johnson in 1965was
a. cuba.
b. Egypt.
c.the dominican republic.
d. guatemala.
reigon of southeast nigera that launched a faild bid for independence from Nigera 1966, launching a bloody civil war
Nat Turner
*When:1831*What:American slave who led the slave rebellion in Southampton County Virginia.*Significance:Started with a few slaves then grew to 50 slaves and free blacks.Aug 21st,rebels went house to house freeing the slaves and killng all the whites.
under control of another, harsh conditions
bartholomeu dias
Portuguese navigator: discoverer of the Cape of Good Hope.
anti- federalists
don't want ratified, more limited central government and more power in the hands of the states
8 proprietors were given charters from King Charles II. They granted religious freedom in territories. Had fundamental Constitution for Carolina. Hard slaves codes because of fear of slave revolts.
Roger Williams spent a winter with these Indians
love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it
the French government after the defeat to Germany
Lateran Agreement
In which Mussolini recognized the Vatican a tiny, independent state and gave the church heavy financial support.
the intentional killing of an entire group of people based on religion, culture, or politics
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
political figure in late sixteenth century Japan who located his capital at Osaka
The Black Death
-China- 1320s, spread of disease
-made its way to Europe via Silk Roads
-yersinia pestis
waht religious sect settled salt lake city, utah?
prosecution lawyer
responsible for representing the case against the accused
j.j. rousseau
French philosopher, author, and social reformer; born in Switzerland.
Egyptian King who is believed to have brought the two Egyptian Kingdoms together.
deep reconstruction
technique using the vocabulary of an extinct language to re-create the language that preceded it.
a Muslim group that accpets only the descendants of the Umayyads as the true rulers of Islam
The first president of the American Federation of Labor was who?
Samuel Gompers
19th Century Utopian Socialism
French political theorists create argument for socialist society.
refers to the way in which states redraw election districts based on the changing number of people in them
a. anti-republican campaignb. suspends secretary of the warc. congress was on recessd. senate refuses the suspensione. johnson fired the secretary of war.f. hires confederate leaders to command military districts
What sparked Johnson's impeachment?
FITB the blank was lyndon johnson's vision of the more perfect and equitable society the US could and should become
great society
: Underground journals - or illegally published literature among the dissidents. Included the private manuscripts of intelligentsia.
proclomation 1763
law said colonists could NOT move west pst app mtns due to natives conflcition
the condition of the bottom layer of the earth's surface over a short period of time.
a sequence of rulers from the same family, stock, or group:
J.Q.A. now called his federalist party what?
The national republicans
Kansas Nebraska Act
tried to win support of Northerners and Southerners, January 1854, supported popular sovereignty, asking the nation to repeal the 36 30 line of the Missouri Compromise, knew Southerners would be happy because of possibility of two states, Northerners would be happy because slavery could never take hold in the Great Plains, vote free, passed after nine months, Northeners were outraged by it, Democrats denounced Douglas for selling out to the South
Berlin Airlift
Attempt to get supplies to Berlin when Stalin blocked all routes
Hableas Corpus Act
Law passed by Parliament in 1679 § Gave every prisoner the right to obtain writ or document ordering prisoner brought before judge. § Judge then decides if prisoner should be brought to trial or set free. § Now not possible for king/queen to put someone in jail simply for opposing ruler§ Impossible for monarch to hold someone in jail indefinitely w/o trial. § Today, remains 1 of most important guarantee of personal freedom.
What happend at the battle of Tippicanoe?
Harrison defeats tecumseh
World Trade center bombing
9/11/2001, by al Qaeda, (failed attempt in 1993 to basement)
The Gentlemen's Agreement
The Emepror of Japan and Roosevelt wouldn't allow Japanese to immigrant to United States.
Joint Committee on Reconstruction
committee led by radical republicans that decided which CSA states could be admitted to the union, established by thaddeus stevens
How did slaves rebell?
Staged work slowdowns, set fire to houses and barns, and purposely lost them, or broke them.
Term for British rule over India, which lasted from 1757 to 1947.
What is a Raj?
Hay- Pauncefote Treaty
gives US the exclusive right to build and control any canal through Central America
McConnell v. Federal Election Commission (2003)
Upholds 2002 campaign finance reform law.
the civil rights movement
2 begining dates:
1954 Brown vs. BofE - outlaws separate but equal
1955 Montgomery bus boycott
two ending dates
1965 voting rights act
1968 assasination of MLK
why did russia want the u.s. to invade brit and france
two front war
The U.S stopped the Japanese from lading on New Guinea in the ..
Battle of the Coral Sea
What was wrong with abstract expressionism?
Requires too much verbal explanation to communicate to the average observer
because it was a temporary town of homeless people, named after President Hoover, because he let the nation slip into a depression
Why were they called Hoovervilles?
What was the Domesday Book?
1st census taken in Europe since Roman times
What is the difference between a "slave society" and a society with slaves and give an example of each.
Answer:- a "slave society" is a society whose economy depends on slave labor, ex: Chessapeake Virginia- a society with slaves is a society whose economy has slaves but does not depend on them, ex: Massachusetts
strained relations btwn us and france in the 1970s
the french saw Jay's treaty and US neutrality as pro-british so french privateers had begun to seize american ships [xyz affair] -- americans created the Navy Department, built warships, fortified harbors, and strengthened the army..they fought in the caribbean but no war wuz declared
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