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A variety
Colonial Era
1492 - 1763
Mayflower Compact
The first self-government in America
The Enlightenment
The philosophical movement which stressd science and reason as the paths to knowledge
Trade route with three stops
Triangular Trade
New England
Industries such a whaling, lumber, fishing, ship building, glass blowing, etc. were popular in this region
The group that settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts
The tribe that helped the Jamestown colony. They taught them how to plant crops and how to survive.
A religious movement that moved through the colonies in the 1730s - 1740s
Great Awakening
Navigation Acts
Laws passed by England designed to restrict the growth of colonial businesses and enforce the laws of mercantilism
Roger Williams
Believed in the idea of religious freedom and free speech
Joint-Stock Colony
A colony controlled by a business (Example: Jamestown being controlled by the London Company)
one of the colonists from England who sailed to America on the Mayflower and founded the colony of Plymouth in New England in 1620
Signed in 1620 by the Pilgrims establishing the concept of self-government
Mayflower Compact
First representative assembly in the American colonies
House of Burgess
Puritan belief system that emphasized duty, hard work, honesty and godliness
New England Way
A written contract issued by the king giving permission to start a colony
Middle Colonies
This region was known as the Bread Basket because they grew oats, wheat, corn, rye, and barley
Join or Die
This famous cartoon drawn by Ben Franklin which encouraged the colonies to join in fighting the British during the French and Indian War
Slave rebellion in 1739 in which 20 slaves killed several planter families
Stono Rebellion
War between the Puritans and Native Americans under Metacom
King Philip's War
Made up of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware
Middle Colonies
Groups of investors who pooled their money to finance colonies
Joint Stock Company
Indentured Servants
Men and women who sold their labor in exchange for passage to America
Law passed by the British that forbade colonists from settling west of the Appalachians.
Proclamation of 1763
Signed in 1215. Limits the power of the English king
Magna Carta
French and Indian War
This war was also known as the Seven Years War
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