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Terms Definitions
a department
a hard biscuit
a person against slavery
Lecompton Constitution
KAPro-Slavery Groups
State constitution written to guarantee slavery in Kansas. Voters turn down this constitution and Kansas enters as a free state.
Strength of_____. more firearms production
Robert E. Lee's favorite horse?
a problem with two good solutions
William Lloyd Garrison
1805-1879. Prominent American abolitionist, journalist and social reformer. Editor of radical abolitionist newspaper "The Liberator", and one of the founders of the American Anti-Slavery Society. He was white.
Portion of food
(rations) portions of foods
the south
Who won the battle at Fredericksburg?
Who were the iron clads
Monitor, and Merrimac
What union general led lincolns 75,000 troops into the south?
war bonds
govt persuaded ordinary citizens, not just banks and wealthy, to buy bonds- first example of mass financing of a war in us history
When someone took an area by force
captured by north with helped them jain controll of the mississippi
used to be a union ship, confederate took over/ sank several northern ships at Hampton Roads, Virginia
Who poposed a compromise about whether the lands gained by the Mexican war be Slave or Free
Henry Clay
after the fredricksburg, who was burnside replaced with? he was head of the battle of chancellorsville
fighting joe hooker
2nd Battle of the bull run
Lee defeated Union
Gettysburg Address
Speech by Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War (November 19, 1963) at the dedication of a national cemetery on the site of the Battle of Gettysburg. Key ideas were liberty, equality, and democracy; purpose of war was to protect those ideas. Speech lasted about three minutes.
Overall Strategy (South
Defensive War - War of attrition
Wilmot Proviso
Proposed that all land gained from Mexico would not allow slavery.
stonewall (thomas)jackson
was called that because someone saw him standing like a stonewall. He was a confederate general @ bull run
Monroe Doctrine
A policy of U.S. opposition to any European interference in Latin America or the states, established the U.S. as a world power
what is the end of the anaconda plan
taking richmond
More multicultural ghettos
How did immigration shape the US population in the late 1800s?
a system of exchange
was used with prisoners
grant ended it when he found out it was benefiting the south
What battle gave the North confidence because Lee is defeated in a battle for the first time?
Battle of Gettysburg
Radical Republicans
wanted the southern states to have to have 50% of loyalty to the US instead of 10% in order to come back in.
Why was Andrew Johnson impeached?
He blocked/ disagreed with Radical Reconstruction.
fort sumter
supply ship needed to be sent to union forces-no one wanted to start the war first-so the confeds had to decide->attacked, anderson surrendered the fort after 2 days
Military Draft
A system of requiring by law that all people who meet certain criteria, such as age and gender, report for military duty.
Lincolns assasionation
Was at a play at Fords theatere called "Our american cousin" & Booth came behind him & killed him
What is a draft system?
men are selected for military services with or without there expressed content
Southerners could not believe that a white person would kill other whites over slavery. What event is this referring to?
John Brown at Harper Ferry
New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts
In 1860, _____ % of the nation's factories were in the northern states of _____, _____, and _____
who were the most succesful union generals and what were their strategies
Grant throw large numbers of men
Sherman slash and burn policy
What did the Civil Rights Act of 1875 do?
prohibited public services from discriminatory actions based on race....blacks were equal.
what did the victories at shiloh and vicksburg give the north?
it fufilled part of teh anaconda plan
how did the compromise of 1850 settle the question of slavery in the territories the us acquired from the war with mexico
it drew a line through the territories outlawin slavery above the line
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