Color Theory Flashcards

Terms Definitions
warm colors
red, orange, yellow
secondary colors
orange, green, and violet
40. Another name for advancing hues
Element of Art produced when a wavelength of light strikes an object and reflects back to the eyes
what holds the pigment, a binding agent(in oil paint is oil)
Ex of Contrasting color scheme
yellow and blue-purple
47. A hue which occurs when progressive quantities of white are added to a pigmentary hue
19. The complement of Magenta in colored illumination is
Achieved by mixing white with a color
Color scheme using only a single color or hue and its tints and shades
50. A color scheme which utilizes a single hue or similar hues
5. The brightness or dullness of a color
Intermediate Colors
Colors created by mixing one primary with one secondary (ex: red orange)
primary colors
the three basic colors that cannot be made by mixing colors
analogous colors
colors that are next to eachother on the color wheel
51. List the 3 related color harmonies
Monochrome, Analogous, Achromatic
36. If warmer colors are dominant on a tertiary color of the Prang color theory, what shade will it be
monochromatic color scheme
one color pluss all its values (black white)
21. Name the secondary colors of the spectral color theory
Yellow, Blue, Violet
27. The secondary colors of the Prang color theory
orange, green, purple
uses 2 hues which are not related and not quite complementary, provided the scheme includes one cool and one warm hue - Usually includes a hue which is 1 step away from the complement
Contrasting color scheme
use of 4 hues which include the 2 hues on either side of a designated base hue and the complement of each of these hues
Double split complementary color scheme
warmest color
Middle Gray
The complement of violet
Chromatic Neutrals
Subtractive intermixes of complimentary hues that create neutral colors based on chromatic, rather than achromatic, colors.
refers to the brightness of illumination
a formal arrangement the colors
color wheel
An equilateral triangle inscribed in the color circle describes three equidistant hues that compose a triadic color system. The triadic system is a classically balanced color scheme and is used by many artists and designers. Example: orange, green, and violet.
Addition of black: color+black (low key)
What is the thiord group of color.
list the secondary colors
orange, green and purple
Value simply refers to all the perceptible levels of light and dark from white to black and the lightness or darkness of achromatic or chromatic colors.
One color plus white is called a:
Red, yellow and blue are the __________
The mixing of 2 complementary hues together to the point where neither is evident (they cancel each other out).
To make a tint you add__________to the color.
What are the secondary colors?
Orange, green, and violet.
tertiary is another name for these colors
intermediate colors
Simulated Transparency
A color illusion, in which opaque media is used to create an illusion of transparency.
The lightness or darkness of a color is:
What are the six intermediate colors?
red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-purple, red-purple
The lightness or darkness of a color, measures the amount or quantity of light in a color. Value is controlled by additions of white or black
red-orange, yellow -orange, yellow-green,blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet
What are the six(6) tertiary colors?
Actual Color Transparency
The perception of or use of transparent materials. When we perceive a transparent object the light is transmitted; that is, it is allowed to go through the object to create a color sensation.
What are the three primary colors?
Red, yellow and blue
To make a shade, you add ________ to your color.
What six colors make up the Intermediate Colors?
Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Green, Blue-green, Blue-Purple and Red-Purple
A color that cannot be mixed, but in theory makes all other colors(R,Y,B)
What are the Warm Colors?
Red, yellow, orange, and combination of these colors.
primary colors mixed together in un-equal amounts will make these types of colors
intermediate colors or tertiary colors
What is a hue?
The name of a color, like magenta
To make a tint, you add your color to ________.
the colors that give a cool feeling to a painting
blues, greens, and violets
What three colors are considered to be secondary colors?
Orange, Green, and Purple
What colors are made from two primary colors?
Secondary colors: green, orange and violet
What is a color wheel?
It is a color chart that lets you put each color in a specific place. It assists in helping you mix colors
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