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Social welfare state
(Same as Welfare State).
Who handled governmental matters in most charter colonies?
A basic principle of traditional democratic theory that describes the relationship between the few leaders and many followers.
a federal program established in 1965 to assist those over 65 with hospital and doctor's expenses.
Means-tested program
a social welfare program that disburses benefits to those who have low income or few tangible assets.
Magna Carta
the great charter establishing the principle that the power of the monarchy was not absolute in England, forced upon the king by his barons in 1215 and protecting such fundamental rights as trial by jury
Proprietary Colonies
Maryland, Penn, Delaware. King made grant of the land to Lord Baltimore and William Penn
the doctrine of the equality of mankind and the desirability of political and economic and social equality
a program established in 1965, as a companion program to Medicare, to meet the medical expenses of the poor. It is administered by the states and funded by both the states and the federal government.
Great Depression
the major downturn in the American economy that began in 1929 and lasted through the 1930s.
Social Security
a system of old-age insurance that provides monthly benefits to retired workers and their spouses.
True or false: by the mid 1700s British rule in the colonies allowed a certain degree of self rule
This directly influenced the framers in the development of the constitution
articles of confederation
those who opposed the adoption of the constitution
pluralist theory
A theory of government and politics emphasizing that politics is mainly a competition among groups, each one pressing for its own preferred policies.
the processes by which we select our governmental leaders and what policies these leaders pursue.
policy agenda
the issues that attract the serious attention of public officials and other people actually involved in politics at any given point in time
Health maintenance organization (HMO)
a private organization that provides comprehensive health care to participants based on a fixed contribution.
Welfare state
a term to describe a government that sees its responsibility as providing for the material well-being of the citizens and that spends a significant amount of its resources to this end.
Which plan was most used in the framers work on the constitution?
Virginia plan
Petition of right
challenged the idea of the divine right of kings, declaring in 1628 in England that even a monarch must obey the law of the land
public goods
Goods, such as clean air and clean water, that everyone must share
policymaking system
the proces by which policy comes into being and envolves over time. people's interests, problems, and concerns create political issues for government policymakers. these issues shape policy, which in turn impacts people, generating more interests, problems and concerns
Social Security trust fund
the fund into which Social Security taxes are deposited and then used to buy federal securities (government IOUs).
What was common between the first and second continental congress?
the people involved
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
the federal agency created in the 1930s to insure private savings in federally chartered banks.
English bill of rights
drawn up by Parliament in 1689 to prevent abuse of power by english monarchs forms the basis for much in american government and politics today
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
the block grant program created in 1996 to replace Aid to Families with Dependent Children.
gross domestic product
the sum total of the value of all the goods and services produced in a nation
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