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 Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred cross.
Overo or Tobiano?
Identify the Breed
Blood Horse
A Thoroughbred horse.
The mating of brother/sister, sire/daughter, son/dam, to fix or accentuate a particular trait or character.
Smallest horse breed in the world.
Largest horse breed. Originated from England.
Incentive breeding program to promote a particular breed or type of horse.
Breed of horse, originating in England, used as a race horse and also to add refinement to other breeds of horses.
Relatively new breed of horse, developed in Mexico by crossing Andalusians, Criollos and Quarter Horses.
An equine group bred selectively for consistent characteristics over a long period of time.
A horse that has purebred or high-grade parents of different breeds.
Ancient breed of horse, retaining the characteristics of the primitive wild horse, the Przewalski.
Breed of horse from Denmark, known for its spotted coat, similar to that of the Appaloosa.
One of the heavy breeds. black with feathers.
A general term used to describe a horse of nondescript breeding.
Breed Character
Those characteristics of a breed that distinguish it from other breeds.
Bashkir Curly
Breed of horse exhibiting a unique curly coat. Also called simply, the Curly Horse.
Morgan Horse
Gentle and elegant breed of horse developed in the 1780's. The founding stallion was a bay colt named Figure, owned by Justin Morgan, from whom the breed gets its name.
Icelandic Horse
: Ancient breed of horse originating in Iceland. Known as versatile riding horses, exhibiting a unique gait, the tolt, or running walk.
Cleveland Bay
Breed of horse. Originating in England as a carriage horse. Increasingly popular for crossing with Thoroughbreds to produce versatile sport horses used in a number of equine sports.
Welsh Pony
A versatile, high quality pony used for riding, driving, hunting, and work that originated in Wales.
one of a Scottish breed of strong, hardy draft horses, having a feathering of long hairs along the backs of the legs.
one of the most graceful horses on the planet.
Owner of the dam (female) at the time of service (breeding). The Jockey Club, which records Thoroughbreds, uses the term to refer to the owner of a mare at the time a foal is dropped.
A book kept by a breed society or registry in which the pedigrees of horses eligible for registration are recorded.
Fell Pony
One of the nine native breeds of Britain. Originating in the fells of northern England.
Missouri Foxtrotter
Breed of gaited horse developed in the Ozark Mountain region of Missouri.
Which breed of horse is the same color as a US gold coin?
the Palomino
one of a hardy breed of riding horses, developed in the North American West, having a mottled hide, vertically striped hoofs, and eyes that show a relatively large proportion of white.
New Forest Pony
One of the native breeds of Great Britain, originating in the New Forest area of Hampshire.
American Quarter Horse
Which horse is usually used for rodeos besides Appaloosas?
Which breed of horse is often seen in action shots?
the Thoroughbred
tennessee walking horse
one of a breed of saddle horses developed largely from Standardbred and Morgan stock.
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