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last impresion

Verbal/Non-verbal signals 

verbal: In addition to, not only, in other words
non-verbal: pausing, changing slide, ect
the picturing of experience
quiet; inhibited; repressed; controlled:
Any available means of persuasion
a pronunciation pattern that characterizes a particular geographic area, economic or social class, or cultural factors
What do websites do?
-inform-entertain-sell-persuade -updating is CRUCIAL-internal communication also
take risks in developing new ideas
allowing emotions to dominate our thoughts and explosively expressing them
Reduce awkwardness.
Reason #1 of the URT
process of assigning meaning to sounds
The specific ways that scholars collect and analyze data which they then use to prove or disprove their theories.
the double consciousness of embodied social selves; living with difference in a condition of unequal power
ability to be self-directed and independent in accomplishing goals and advocating for others
Four kinds of poor listening
• Not concentrating
• Listening too hard
• Jumping to conclusions
• Focusing on delivery and personal appearance
language family
languages descended from a parent language
Computer software:
key to productive use of computers
periodical index
listing of bibliographical data for articles published in a group of magazines and/or journals during a given time period
summative research
Studying campaign elections is the role of what sort of research?
Word, sound, gesture, or visual image that represents a thought, concept, object or experience.
a consise statement of a principle, often in the form of a proverb, also called an aphorism
Agenda Building
-allows for collective influence of & reciprocity between public & media in agenda setting
1) media makes issues so theyll be thought/talked about
2) frame focus object
3) object becomes recognized
4) spokesperson articulates demands
nature of morals, and specifically the moral choices we make. (Greeks:Aristotle-ethos)-We have natural innate capacity of solving shit and making choices
people in your society that you identify with
When was the Federal Radio commission formed?
What is branding?
A trustworthy product, American lifestyle
Needless repetition of an idea, esp. in words other than those of the immediate context, without imparting additional force or clearness, as in widow woman.
Physical features affecting immigration and extinction rates
size and distance from mainland
institutional facts
meanings people assign to brute facts (objective, concrete phenomena) that are based on human interpretation
One of the 4 stages of group development. Includes conflict and a struggle for leadership.
process of making sense out of stimuli by grouping, dividing, organizing, separating, and categorizing information.
a tendency to expose oneself to messages that are important personally and that are consistent with what one already believes
selective exposure
unique selling propositions
a characteristic that sets the products/services apart from the competitor
Magic Bullet Theory
perspective of much early research1. people are socially isolated2. have uniform instincts3. not influenced by social ties
The term for the reply which shows that a message was received is called?
Vocal Polyp
A fluid-filled lesion of the vocal fold that results from mechanical stress
Textual analysis
a research method that describes and interprets the characteristics of an text
Fred Friendly
Who did George Clooney play in Good Night and Good Luck?
Product placement costs
between 100,000 - 500,000. rarely goes over 500k, but there is a requirement to also buy commercial time along with product placement.
selective perception
seeing hearing or making sense of the world through our personality, beliefs, attitudes, hopes, fears, and culture.
The tendency to view ones own group as the standard against which all other groups are judged.
a domain of learning that includes the performance of skills that require some degree of neuromuscular coordination.
psychomotor domain
Invasion from mars
Cantril office of Radio research- used as evidence of powerful media effects, however, not all viewers reacted the same
post office
an office or station of a government postal system at which mail is received and sorted, from which it is dispatched and distributed, and at which stamps are sold or other services rendered.
small group communication
interaction among from 3 to 12 people who share a common purpose, feel a sense of belonging to the group, and influence one another
Absolute ethical standards
Pertaining to the belief that there is a single correct moral standard that holds for everyone, everywhere, everytime
3 Types of Media kits
1. special-event 2. promotional 3. crisis
language shift or language decay
condition of a language in which speakers adopt a new language for most situations, begin to use their native language only in certain contexts, and may only semi-fluent and have limited vocabulary in their native language
a sign relationship that results from norm or social convention
institutional regularity (as a sign)
what does distributive policies do? give 2 examples
it distributes goods and services among members of the population.

i.e The Medicaid and Medicare programs are examples of distributive policies
Approaches to studying persuasionCommitment and Consistency
when we make a commitment, we like to stay consistent with that commitment- I get you to make some commitment and get you to stay consistent that commitment (such as buying) - Example: sales person asks customer if the car drove well, if they liked it…customer responds “yes” and then to stay consistent the should buy the car- In order to defeat this, you need to take emotion out of it
. Describe two ways that organization can reduce distractors and make a message more memorable.
-Parallel sentence structure - Having the same subject or predicate for each main point.
-Focus the speech content to support the main points - make everything relevant.
What is style (Canon of Rhetoric) ?
Use of vivid language for imagery (metaphor)
when a CCH is disseminated to an authorized individual of another agency what should maintained?
a secondary dissemination log must be maintained for four years
to dance
person deliveing message
process of recalling information
pedestrian zone
la zona peatonal
human relations
metaphor= family
-employees: work antics fail, feelings of importance
-hawthorne effect: act of being observed will increase productivity levels
-social interaction=happyworkers=higher productivity.... like the japs
-communication flow more open
The response to the message
what is mobiidity? Mortality?
sick; death
Open questions followed by closed questions.
random or nonnecessary.  Symbols are arbitrary becaue tehre is no need for any particulr symbol to stand for a particular referent.
types of communication
intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, intercultural, organizational, public speaking
feelings of interest and excitement communicated by such nonverbal cues as vocal expression, facial expressions, and gestures
Racial Identity
Identification with a particular racial group.
social-emotional context
the relational and emotional environment in which communication occurs.
play video games
jouer aux jeux video
In a healthy relationship, double binds can function as positive forces
thought world
people who speak different languages inhabit different thought worlds
Constructed messages
Messages put together with careful thought
oral citation
the oral presentation of such information about a source as the author, title, and year of publication
early majority
Which adapter category includes people who legitimize an innovation?
information triage
process of evaluating information to sort good information from less useful or valid information
conscious or unconscious choice about whether or not to focus intently on a speech, absorb and process its contents, and take it seriously
selective attention
degree to which an innovation is perceived as difficult to understand and use
internal structure that orients us to and engages us with what matters in our lives; feelings about ourselves, and others. Emotion encompasses internal feelings of a person and as well as feelings that can be experienced only in a relationship.
perceptual set
predisposition to perceive only what we want or expect
The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
3 kinds of questionnaires
fixed-alternative, scale, open ended
a formal discourse or treatise in which a subject is examined and discussed; dissertation.
Species-Area curve
all other factors being equal, the larger the geographic area of a community, the more species it has (larger=greater habitat diversity)

____________  What is the name of McLuhan’s theory that has as its thesis:
“the medium is the message”? 
Media Theory
Common Goal
People working towards the same thing, the outcome is what the group wants accomplished.
Communication is about...
Making sense, sharing sense, creating meaning, verbal and nonverbal messages.
only restating the claim in slightly different words, rather than supporting the claim
circular argument
transactional communication models
dynamic process in which communicators create meaning together through interaction
when someone who is supposed to be listening is in actuality thinking only about what they are about to say next
When a team suggests options for a solution to a problem without regard to practicality, they are practicing what?
The "Established" history
1. Magic bullet theory (1920s-1940s)2. Limited Effects (1940s-1960s)3. Moderate effects (1960s-1980s)4. Powerful effects (1980s)
Objective approach
the assumption that truth is singular and is accessible through unbiased sensory observation' committed to uncovering cause-and-effect relationships
William Paley
Who is the long time head of CBS
3 strategies for reducing uncertainty
1. Passive-OBSERVE2. Active Strategy- 3rd PERSON3. Interactive- FACE to FACE
Relationship dimension
Part of message that offers cues about emotions, attitude, etc that speaker directs toward others. (How something is said)
Cognitive representation
The ability to form mental models of the world
What is a metonymy?
Word/ phrase substituted for another which it is closely associated "The law busted in", Butch represents WSU
Modernization & Development Theory
media can promote modernization & development-particularly in the developing world- can disseminate skills. democracy, work ethics- can aid education, health, welfare programs
a compact disk on which a large amount of digitized read-only data can be stored.
Supportive Face
This type of face taps into our desire for INTERDEPENDENCE and the need to be desired by others and belong to a desirable group. It is positive.
Word Games (Common Propaganda Techniques) Glittering Generalities
associating something with a \"virtue word\" and creating acceptance and approval without examining the evidence
What are some mass merchandisers for the Contemporary industry?
Best Buy, WalMart, Target
Sales and marketing
In which career area can a person be profitable when entering television?
Extended Parallel Processing Model (EPPM)
-Low Threat: no response to msg (rarely processed)
-High Threat:
a) if efficacy is high, ppl control the danger & protect themselves (outer-focused & away from solution)
b) efficacy low: ppl control fear & ignore msg (inner-focused)
Societal vs personal rules
the server and the customer conform to the rules society while the father and son interact based on personally established rules
Know the 3 implications of the new communication technologies
1. Narrowcasting- refers to the programming that’s designed to target a specific segment of the media audience2. Speed & volume of information transferred- technology has increased the amount info transferred along with the speed of it being transferred3. Increasing visual society- the number of images is increased by computers, faxes, scanners, etc. The visual capabilities of the new technologies have had a powerful impact on how the media present news and other information.
Some feminist scholars worry that standpoint theory
Underestimates the role of language in expressing one's standpoint
To maintain patient privacy when faxing a medical record the health care worker should do what?
have the patient sign a release of information form and complete a cover letter (any order)
7 critical components of research (statistical) studies
1. What is the source of research or funding?2. What was the nature of the contact between the researcher & the participants?3. Who were the individuals studies & how were they selected?4. What was the exact nature of measurements or questions asked?5. What was the setting in which measurement were taken?6. What are the differences in group being compared in addition to the factor of interest?7. To what extent were the claimed effects explained?
Radio Transmission
Cell Phone Service
Region Taboo
North vs, South
total saami population
100,000 people (about)
Generalizes results, quantitative results, statistics, singular (objective) reality.
Creating schemas that over-generalize attributes of a specific group
Tardive dyskinesia
Involuntary, repetitive facial, tongue, or limb movements that sometimes occur as a side effect of certain medications
If the doctor's perceived caringness and competency are both low, the patient will feel this way about the doctor.
one of three orientations toward conflict assumes that any conflict; assumes that in any conflict one person wins and the others lose
Dialectical Process
Societies and their communication practices change through dialectical process - where each influences the other in a constant tension
Description of what occurred. Names what took place in thought or deed-part of Pentad
Relating to studies in which researchers actively engage with participants (in the field)
anything that interferes with accurate transmission or reception of a message. See also physical noise, physiological noise, psychological noise, and semantic noise.
Pitfalls of websites
-lack of technological resources-limited by design and graphics-preparing internal users
Mythic communication is unable to imagine anything alien, novel or other.
productivity through people
positive and respectful relationships in workers
Perception check
A message that reflects your understanding of the meaning of another person’s nonverbal behavior
software that accesses web sites and web pages
conversational narcissism
focus on personal agendas and self-absorption rather than a focus on the needs and ideas of others
the opposite of speaking impromptu; the speaker pays close attention to a prepared text and commits it to memory
memorized presentation
Starch Readership Service
aka Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) Starch; branch of Starch Roper, one of the oldest & largest survey research companies in the world; interview 75,000 consumers a year to track readership; (*effectiveness = exposure)
communication competency
the ability to communicate with knowledge skills and thoughtfulness.
psychological state
a combination of psychological and emotional variables.
what section includes the narrative and the investigative actions taken by the officer and must address the elements of the crime?
the body
Scale questions
questions that require responses at fixed intervals along a scale of answers
of, pertaining to, marked by, or favoring reaction, esp. extreme conservatism or rightism in politics; opposing political or social change.
a meeting to discuss or exchange ideas and opinions
integrating stage
stage in building a relationship when you and your partner's personalities seem to become one
performance review
review or critique of an employee's work and job performance
social decentring
cognitive process in which we take into account another person's thoughts, feelings, values, backgrounds, and perspectives
movement of hands and arms during the speech as a means of emphasis
Equity theory
proposes that people are motivated to seek social
equity in the rewards they receive for performance
bar graph
bars of varying lengths to compare quantities or magnitudes-vertical/horizontal
If a patient cannot understand the spoken language, they have a right to what?
an interpreter
Communication models
offer a graphic means of explicating an abstract process such as communication
Goffman argued that what we think of as our personal identity (our "self") is an interactive phenomenon that we ritualistically perform on a daily basis
A record of a message that can be analyzed by others. for ex. book, film, etd
CONCERNED WITH THEIR PUBLICTRUTH: all decisions driven by money
extended I language
brief preface to a feedback statement, intended to communicate that you don't want your listener to take your message in an overly critical way
the notion that every story is told in a particular way that influences how readers think of the story
What is allegory?
An entire text that is metaphorical/ symbolic (Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings)
what is downward communication?
messages flow from boss to manager.

very brief, need to know basis.
a person who deserts a party or cause for another.
Identification of Alternatives
One of the 4 functions of effective decision making. Includes positive and negative biases towards looking for different solutions.
Disposition Theory (and how it explains humor)
-We enjoy seeing:
a) Good things happen to ppl we like
b) Bad things happen to ppl we dislike
-We hate seeing:
a) Bad things happen to ppl we like
b) Good \"\" \"\" dislike
-w/ humor in entertainment: we laugh @ misfortunes of disliked others
What are the top magazines?
1. AARP magazine/ Bulletin2. Reader's Digest3. TV Guide4. Better Homes and Gardens5. National Geographic
sex and media - MAGAZINE
increase sex content over last three decades
film issues with television
people stayed in to watch tv instead of go out to see filmsthey moved to suburbs
A web site that indexes world wide web information in a specific field
Veritcal Search Engine
3) Effects of viewing food ads
- Food commercials may have positive or negative effects, but more likely negative
According to Mead, humans have the unique capacity to
take the role of the other
When was the post Civil War boom?
260 magazines in 18601800 magazines in 1900
what are 4 goals of world health organization
1.Promote health
2.Relieve pain and suffering
3.Curing illness
4.Avoid premature death
information processing
Jukeboxes emerged in
logical and convincing
actually doing the roles
Thomas Edison
Who invented the phonograph?
print or broadcast
often has greater reach
implications for managers
multiple channelsfeedbacksimple languageactive listeningconstrain emotionsuse grapevine
John Huston
Who directed the Maltese Falcon?
state in deterioration of relationship when no safe topics remain, communicatin slows to a standstill
Any transmission vehicle or device through which communication may occur.
Intercultural Communication
communication between members of distinct social groups.o Not just between foreign cultures
Lab Experiments
Designed to assess causal relationships- have these criteria:
		Correlation: When one changes, so does other.
		Time Order: First one, then other.
		No third Variable Cause
	Random assignment to groups. Manipulate key variable.
		Pros: Shows causality. Research control. Low cost. Easy replication.
		Cons: Experimental bias. Artificial situation.
media's role in providing knowledge (allows relationships with objects not directly known)
95% of homes had TVs
Late 1960s
Persuasion for Burke, was a communicators attempt to get the audience to accept his or her view of reality as true.
The 1990s are characterized by the rise of what kind of music?
The process of putting our thoughts and feelings into words and nonverbal cues.
a brief salute to a momentous occasion
perceptual constancy
the desire to perceive experience exactly as we have perceived it in the past
simple conflict
conflict that stems from different ideas, definitions, perceptions, or goals
expert power
power derived from having expertise and information that can influence the behavior of others
Apple's 1984

Drones moving to listen to Big Brother on big

Pseudo event not ad not movie

Made super bowl the ad bowl

a prescribed guide that indicates what behavior is obligated preferred or prohibited in certain contexts.
Components of content?
-(Semantics) meaning of language conveyed through words and combinations of words
•Denotative-literal (“wear shoes that fit”)
Critical Political-Economic theory
media economics and technology concentrate ownership-results in commodification of content and audiences-diversity available info increases-public interest is subordinated to private interest
the study of verbal and nonverbal signs that can stand for something else, and how their interpretation impacts society
A grand or flamboyant manner; verve; style; flair.
means they have no physical lines or wires.
people oriented listener
someone who is comfortable listening to others express feelings and emotions
relational de-escalation
movement of a relationship away from intimacy through five stages; turmoil or stagnation, deintensification, individualization, separation, and post-separation
Rhetorical Vision
A combination of fantasy themes that have chained out and hung together to form a large-scale drama that, in turn, offers people a broad view of things
use of time that emphasizes doing one thing at a time, giving attention to deadlines and schedules, and using time efficiently
the use of positive coping statements instead of negative self-talk
proactive imagination
a bias that results from the relation of both the outcome and study factor (exposure or characteristic) with some third factor not accounted.
all of the things that surround us, such as land, water, air, and trees
what is common method of communication that may be used for standardization companies?
(of a coin, medal, or postage stamp) issued to commemorate a historical event, to honor the memory of a personage, etc.
Pioneer Species
plants and animals that are first to colonize a newly exposed habitat; mosses or lichens
Schein's onion model..
component analogies
Artifacts: outer layer, visible, easily accesible
values: inside layers, must "peel away" outer layer to see
Assumptions: very center of onion, hardest part to see
long-term maintenance attraction
degree of liking or positive feelings that motivate us to maintain or escalate a relationship
Why people resist change
Change violates the personal compact between
workers and the organizationIncludes job tasks such as job tasks,
performance requirements, evaluation procedures, and compensation packages

How many main points are there in a farewell speech?
what is a family consisting of two parents and no children living in the home called?
Nuclear dyad.
guttenberg press
the _______ ______ was a huge boost in print advertising
theory of cognitive dissonance
The theory of persuasuion that states that attitudes and behavior become inconsistent with one another.
physical noise
any stimuli outside of a sender or a receiver that interfere with the transmission or reception of a message. Also called external noise.
tracheo-esophageal shunt (TEP)
A device that directs air from the trachea to the esophagus for esophageal speech.
Who usually uses personal rejection in conflicts?
The partner with the "upper-hand".
those activities of daily living that help individuals manage their lives, such as cooking, shopping, paying bills, cleaning house, and using the telephone.
instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs)
Baxter and Montgomery are convinced that personal relationships
Are indeterminate processes of ongoing flux
What is (a) deliberative or political speech/ situation?
Future, concerned with the future, questions of policy/ action
How do we cope with identity crisis?
1) Become depressed, grieve_ 2)Live a lie_ 3)Re-define ourselves
what does the first level of a community assessment address?
The first level addresses information about structure, 2.composition
3. interest
Are men or women more romantic in their concept of love?
Men. Believe in love at first sight, love can overcome anything.
Los comestibles
att bevisa
to prove
another term for AAE
that one’s own culture and subculture are inherently superior to other cultures
interpret, judge, and practice communication wisely according to Aristotle.
international communication
communications b/w persons representing different nations
discrete happenings
Communication as a Process
Belief that represents particular worldview
proactive consumers who reject most traditional advertising and use multiple sources--traditional media, internet, product rating magazines, recommendations from friends in the know--not only to research a product but negotiate price and other benefits
organization and arrangement of ideas and illustrations
interpersonal communication
the relationship level of communication
sembrar arboles (accent a)
to plant trees
physiological indicators
track physiological activity to measure an outcome (i.e. lie detector test)
rhetorical proofs
three types of persuasive appeals-nature of the message-nature of audiences feelings-qualifications and personality of speaker
Vocal Hygiene
Proper care of the voice
communication of thought by words; talk; conversation:
Frederick Remmington
Which illustrator was employed by Hearst and was responsible for the images of the Phillipine War?
Explain the intra-psychic phase.
Magnifying partner's behaviors, assessing alternative options. May last for years.
relating an incident that takes an unexpected turn at the end
the protocol of informality that marks electronic communication
Tribal Age
-Cultures were considered oral comm. was verbal/ reciting information- Most people couldn’t write - Information was local people didn’t travel so if you didn’t know many people, you wouldn’t know their information- People didn’t travel- Information was more temporary because you would have to memorize the information
Who a person is; composed of individual and social categories a person identifies with, as well as the categories that others identify that person with.
the most important points in a presentation; indicated by Roman numerals in an outline
offer a graphic means of explicating an abstract process such as communication
What age group does not always communicate with words, and therefore necessitates that you pay attention and respond to their body language?
Interactive models
models stressing feedback and exchange (ex: schramm interactive model)
Text and message can be used synonymously
dental "d"
used in hindi in northern india, pronouced with the tounge pressed firmly behind the upper front teeth.
Database software
allows users to enter, retrieve, and update data in an organized and efficient manner.
the number of topics we disclose about ourselves
formative research
Identifying target behaviors is a role of what sort of research?
complementary relationship
relationship in which power is divided unevenly, with one partner dominating and the other submitting
Semantic Differential Scales
Measures meanings people ascribe too. 1 word response options. Like a 7 point scale do you Love----------Hate that person
selective exposure
the tendency to expose yourself to information that reinforces,rather than contradicts,your beliefs or opinions
a systematic approach to selecting and carrying out a series of actions to achieve a goal.
planning process
Assertive Communication
style is interaction that takes in account the feelings and needs of patient, yet honors the nurse's rights asa ind.
bioterrorism preparedness response involves what roles for the PHN? (3)
1.Disseminating information to the public

2.Surveillance for bioterrorism effects

3.Participation in evaluation of the effectiveness of response to a specific bioterrorist incident
to grant or give, as by favor, graciousness, or condescension:
what are sectors
the disks storage locations , pie shaped sections, small arcs.
One of the two types of norms. These are stated and/or written and consciously agreed upon.
Denial (defense mechanism)
When a person refuses to acknowledge the validity or reality of something that is obvious to others.
informal role
also called a behavioral role; a role that is developed spontaneously within a group
. General treatment approaches for language disorders?
•Stimulation-providing an adea language learning environment (young kids, may work at their home, their own environment to stimulate language in a familiar place)
Consists of the best features of the chronological and functional resumes
Combination Resume
The Beatles
Who is the top selling band of all time?
What does MASER stand for?
MASER – Microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
Sans serif
type of font that does not have lines at bottom and top
Media Institution theory
focusing on the workings of the media as organizations
Explain Stoner's "Risky Shift" phenomenon. What lesson should we learn from Stoner?
Groups were previously thought to be more conservative, but Stoner found that they actually take more risks than individuals. Comes from diffusion of responsibility. We need to be careful in groups b/c it happens subconsciously.
first contact to seek services
japanese female speakers use this to sound more polite and refined
the honorific previx "o-" to nouns
prevention of the initial occurrence of a disease or injury. Ms B does not have the disease. example education, immunizations, teaching to stay away from the disease, family planning, environmental protection, fitness classes
What does the Cultural school believe?
That each company has its own culture, some better than others (tight-knit, shared values, rituals, etc.)
What is the Uses & Gratifications model?
Use media to satisfy various emotional or intellectual needs
What is the function of the TWT collector?
The function of the TWT collector is the high voltage potential terminal used to attract the electron energy. Also called the plate.
Fruit vendor
att presentera
to introduce
Bill Gates
Who invented Microsoft?
systematic explanations and predictions of phenomena
to stray from the subject
the need for social contact
arbitrary labels or representations such as words for feelings concepts objects.
According to cultural studies, communication is a unique discipline that should remain separate from other academic disciplines within the overall structure of the university.
trevligt att träffas
nice to meet you
statistical information about the age, race, gender, sexual orientation, educational level, and religious views of an audience
meaningless sounds or phrases which disrupt the flow of speech
think that one's own culture, traditions, assumptions are superior
content dimension
involves information being expressed explicitly
Argumentativeness 271
willingness to argue controversial issues with others
society is influencing media content (culture)
a destructive fire, usually an extensive one.
Where was television seen for the first time?
a blended emotion, a combination of the surprise and joy coupled with a number of positive feelings such as excitement, amazement, and sexual attraction
transformational leadership
process of influencing others by building a shared vision of the future, inspiring others to achieve, developing high-quality individual relationships with others, and helping people see how what they do is related to a larger framework or system
speech-thought differential
the difference b/w thinking and speaking rate
Mode of conveying a message, including vision, hearing, and touch.
also called secondary groups; groups formed for the purpose of completing tasks, such as solving problems or making decisions
relationship-oriented groups
1st Amendment
Freedoms of speech, religion, press, assembly and grievances
social networking
we all know what that is
TRUTH or fiction: bisexual women are no more likely to be diagnosed with psychiatric disorders than heterosexual women.
ben franklin
- published Pennsylvania Gazette, most influential newspaper in the colonies - 1731 established one of the colonies’ early libraries - wrote poor Richards almanac - 1740 published the magazine: the general magazine
not the same across the board, a feature of culture
Symbols used by a speech community to represent objects, ideas and feelings
Who argued that preaching is the most challenging form of rhetoric and the most genuine test of eloquence because it aims at the profoundest and most difficult changes, addresses the most diverse audiences, and involves the most varied ways of going wrong
visual dominance
a measure calculated by comparing the percentage of looking while speaking with the percentage of looking while listening
Print Age
- Invention of the printing press tends to this age - Allowed us to mass produce information - Impact on government, religion - Information moved rather slowly still but could reach more people - Not big impact on comm.
Social Science Approach
Contemporary term for the behaviorist approach.
assimilation goal
the marginalized group attempts to fit in with the dominant group
all factors internal and external to a client that constitute the context in which the client lives and that influence and are influenced by the host and agent-host interactions.
Pitfalls of media lists
-inaccuracy-an inneffective media list will cost an org. both reputation and revenue
the process by which you learn the rules and norms of a culture different from your native culture
a building or indoor area for parking or storing motor vehicles.
Wide area network
A network that covers a large geographical area, such as one that connects the district offices of a national corporation.
barriers of effective intercultural communication (6)
1. culture shock (reverse)2. emphasizing differences over similarities3. assuming similarities4. over-generalizing5. viewing cultural norms as static6. viewing culture through an ethnocentric lens (negatively judging aspects of another culture by the standards of ones own culture)
pelz effect
subordinates want a boss who will bat for them
what you expect to achieve by your message in the days, months, or years ahead
main points
What component of a computer processes the input and performs the operations of the computer by following instructions in the software?
central processing unit
Most common preemployment test used to judge the competency or specific abilities needed to perform a job
Job Skills Test
social learning theoryaccording to WATSON
stimulus leads to a responsefor psychology to be a science it must be observable.
Superordinate Goal
A goal that can only be attained if the members of two or more groups work together by pooling their efforts and resources.
Questions of Conjecture 240
ask whether:something will or will not happenonly the future holds the answer
Simple random sampling
Every unit in the sampling frame has an equal chance of being selected
Role of Scribner's Magazine
-First to run full page ads-First to go out and solicit ads from people, asking people to advertiseOther magazines soon followed
The process known as encoding refers to?
Changing ideas into symbols/words/ gestures.
Eye contact or gaze
How and how much we look at people with whom we are communicating
What is a speech (phonological) disorder?
Problems with sound production and use of sound patterns when compared to their peers.
what are the 2 critical perspectives on content?
critical analysis of media and marxist approaches
The purpose of thick description is to
Create a better understanding of what it takes to function within a given culture
a way of life developed and shared b a group of people and passed down from generation to generation
CULTURE -clothing, language, customs, family expectations, social roles, food)-learned, not innate
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