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root directory
Terms Definitions
Absolute reference
Relative reference
What are entities?
Main landing page filename
height: 300px;
he/ight: 295px;
HTML 4.01
Websafe font styles
arial, verdana, comic sans
Tag for email address links
<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Amy's Email</a>
It's used to group together elements/tags so that the whole group can be styled (using the dot selector).
body{background-color: magenta;}
What are css Descendent Selectors? Give an example.
What is the class attribute used for?
What XHTML tag defines the beginning of a paragraph ?
Deprecated tags
No longer supported by the latest standards
What does HTML stand for?
Hypertext Mark Up Language
Which set of http response status codes indicate a server error?
The 500s.
What's an html comment?
<!--what ever-->Although there is something about whether youoo need the -- at the end, before the > which I don't understand.
Which set of httjp response status codes indicate success?
The 200s.
The start tag includes the end tag forward slash, e.g.
Main HTML tags for building a page
&lt;HTML&gt;, &lt;HEAD&gt;, &lt;BODY&gt;
Give an example of an html element with an attribute using the correct syntax.
<body bgcolor="magenta">
is no good, instead you must use...
<input type="checkbox" checked="checked">
What are attributes ?
Attributes are properties an element can possess and are included in the opening tag of the element. An attribute consists of an attribute name followed by an attribute value i.e. <p> class="greeting" <p/>.
What is the correct tag for creating a horizontal line across the page in XHTML 1.0?
&lt;HR /&gt;
CSS attribute for setting an image in the background.
background-image: url('image path');
What are tags ?
Tags are coded symbols that separate and distinguish one portion of content from another while also informing the browser of what type of content it is dealing with.
<p class="example reference">
I assume in this example that it's not possible to have classes with spaces in them, so how would you do this with multiple values that contain spaces???
The DOM maps out an HTML page as a ... of ....
unordered list <ul>ordered list <ol> definition list <dl>
deprecated lists are <menu> and <dir>.
What are HTML tags ?
Tags are encoded markers that indicate the function and purpose of the text they mark up.
What is an element ?
Twin tags and everything between them forms a complete element, and elements are the basic building blocks of an XHTML document. In XHTML all elements require a closing tag.
It'll expand to fit it.
The DOM (Document Object Model) is an ... for HTML.
It makes it span more than one column.
Are xhtml id attributes unique?
What is XHTML 1.0 Strict ?
Most strict flavour of XHTML - deprecated features are forbidden and rules must be followed exactly.
How are tags marked up ?
Tags are surrounded by angle brackets ( < and > ) to clearly distinguish them from ordinary text. The first angle bracket marks the beginning of the tag, is followed by the tag name and is closed by the second angle bracket.
What is the portable benefit of relative URLs ?
Relative URLs keep file references short and portable - you can move an entire site without changing many file paths.
... as a hierarchy of nodes.
What are css ID Selectors? Give an example.
Write out the html for a paragraph tag with a class attribute, any old text and some text emphasised.
<p class="myclass"> any <em>old</em> text </p>
h1 through to h6. h1 being the largest.
What are the important current versions of HTML and XHTML?
Which list element gives a bulleted list? How do you add items to the list?
Unordered lists are bulleted ul, you add items using li.
Older browsers want a space before the / but fuck that.
How are html validation errors displayed in Dev Studio?
Why should you separate content from markup ?
It allows both parts to become stronger and more adaptable. Changing a stylesheet redesigns a whole site.
Do attribute values have to be quoted in XHTML / HTML ?
Quoting of attribute values was optional in HTML but is required in XHTML Strict.
Are tags case-sensitive in HTML / XHTML ?
Tags are case-sensitive in XHTML but not in HTML.
What does ../ stand for ?
A relative URL for a destination in the directory above the given file. Each ../ is a 1 level up directive.
What is a hostname ?
The name of a site from which the browser (client) will retrieve the file you request.
The code is underlined with a red wavy line and errors are displayed on the errors tab. During a build the validation it claims to be doing appears not to be for well-formedness etc.
[Note that intellisense only provides information on tags etc that are valid for the current validation source.][There is also the pane when building the solution - what's going on with that?]
What attribute MUST the <html> tag have defined in an XHTML document?
It must hav an xml namespace attribute - xmlns, with the value ''
How do you handle ampersands in an XHTML document?
You have to replace it with -ampersandampsemicolon everywhere it is used. Or the numner version of the escape character -ampersand#38semicolon
There are at least two ways.
1.You can give each li list element in the list a value of 'left' for its float property. This'll put them on the same line but the bullet point or list number will overlap with the preceding element text so you need to get rid of the bullet thing. Setting the display property to 'block' or 'inline' will do this for some reason. There are other ways.
Styles the html elements with the given id.#bla{ padding: 40px;}
What are inline elements and how must they be used?
What is a block level element ?
A block level element is one that contains a significant block of content that should be displayed on its own line, to break apart long chunks of text into manageable portions such as paragraphs or lists.
Do all attributes need a value in XHTML / HTML ?
In HTML some attributes don't require a value, but all attributes must have one in XHTML - minimising attributes isn't allowed. They must also be lowercase in XHTML.
How many flavours (DTDs) are there for XHTML 1.1 and how does it differ from XHTML 1.0?
Only one - based on 'strict'. Frames and style markup are not available.
It appears in the title bar of the browser and these days also as the tab title.
Search engines use the title when displaying the results of a search.
What is an (X)HTML element and what do they usually consist of?
An element consists (usually) of an opening tag, some optional attributes,some content, and a closing tag. Elements can contain any number of further elements,which are, in turn, made up of tags, attributes, and content.
<p align="center"> bla de bla </p >
You shouldn't do it this way - HTML should not be used for styling purposes. Use CSS instead.
What is a leading slash in a relative URL interpreted as ?
Almost all webservers interpret it as the root directory.
They have to be nested within a block element or else the document isn't syntactically correct. This is true for xhtml1.0 strict and 1.1. html. xhtml transitional allows them outside.
What are the four html tags that relate to tables, excluding those that exist for styling purposes only?
Why is a browser or user agent known as a client ?
Because it is the thing requesting and receiving service.
What is a div element/tag used for?
A div is used to mark out a block of content. Of itself it doesn't do anything but it can be styled using css and the styles will be inherited (I suppose) by the tags/elements it contains.
It marks text as inserted, sort of the opposite of del.
What is the title element used for in an (x)html page?
How do you apply more than one value to an attribute for an element in (X)HTML?
If you have two styles say one named example, the other reference then you can apply them both to a paragraph element like this...
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