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first menstrual cycle
Physiological changes during transition period of fertility to infertility
Part of a population.
outside nervous system and skin
external genitals of the female.
the testis contains seminiferous tubules, in which ______ happens.
an injectable contraceptive injected four times a year under the skin
surgical removal of breast lump
Mucous membrane lining the uterus
gender schema theory
children organize information according to cultural ideas of masculine and feminine
attachment where you're uncomfortable being close to other
avoidant attachment
folds of tissue in the vagina
infection of central nervous system, can cause brain damage and death
the restricted period within the ovarian cycle when females of some species are sexually receptive "heat"
Area immediately adjacent to the opening of the vagina.
the rim of the penile glans
amniotic fluid
fluid in the amniotic sac
medical abortion
contains mifepristone and misoprostol. mifepristone prevents the cells of the uterine lining from getting the progesterone it needs to support a blastocyst, embryo cannot survive and is expelled from the uterus, can be taken up to 9 weeks into the pregnancy
intrapersonal scripting
deals with theinternal and physiological sttes thatlead to sexual arousal.

they enable people to give meaning to heir physsiological responses.

(pounding heart, erection, or vaginal lubrication)
Trumpet-shaped open end of the Fallopian tubes
Skin between the vaginal entrance and the anus
intimacy that involves being able to communicate on the same level
Alfred Kinsey
studied sex with surveys and investigations
pain or discomfort before or during menstruation
sexual arousal in response to unusual stimuli such as children or other nonconsenting persons, nonhuman objects, or pain or humiliation
sperm constitute _ percent of the volume of the ejaculate
located between the labia minora its tissue is erectile. the glands of the clitoris is partly covered by fold of skin called the prepuce or clitorial hood the primary erogenous organ of the women. it secretes smega.
In uncircumsized males, a loose fold of skin that covers part of the glans.
Correlation Coefficient
A statistic that expresses the strength and direction (positive or negative) of the relationship between two variables.
Kegel exercises
serise of exercises that strenghten the muscles underlying the external female or male genitals
a substance that is toxic to sperm
squeeze technique
(used to treat premature ejaculation) man is brought manually to a full erection, just before climax, he squeezes his penis with thumb and forefinger just below the corona, after 30 seconds of inactivity, the partner arouses him again and repeats the squeeze technique, the couple using this technique can continue 1-20 minutes before the man ejaculates
malignant tumors
cancerous mass, does not remain localized, it invades nearby tissues and disrupts the normal functioning of vital organs
Refractory period
after orgasm, the male typically enters a refractory period in which no amount of additional stimulation will result in orgasm. Women generally do not experience a refractory period.
Emission Stage (1)
prostate, seminal vesicles, & upper part of vans deferens (ampulla) contract-> seminal fluid goes into prostaic part of urethral tract (urethral bulb)
Aversion Therapy
Reduces the frequency of maladaptive behavior by associating it with aversive stimuli
A highly coiled tube located on the edge of the testis where sperm mature
Umbilical Chord
formed during the fifth week of embryonic development
serial monogamy
while in relationship, the partner are monogamous when relationship ends, partners move on to another
actions of sexual nature that may or may not put an individual at risk for HIV and other STDs
What are the Fallopian tubes?
(Female) Also called "oviducts" these contain cilia which make movement possible.
which causes the most harm to a developing fetus: drinking, smoking, or limited prenatal care?
T or F a newborn girl's ovaries contain all the egg cells she will ever possess?
depo provera
hormone injected every 12 weeks, very effective form of birth control, stop eggs from being released each month, thickens the mucus near the cervix and blocks the sperm, can be used by women who cannot take estrogen, reduce menstrual cramps and anemia, protect against ovarian cysts, protects against endometrial cancer, can use by breastfeeding, starting six weeks after delivery. can be used by women who require medications for seizures.
side effects: irregular intervals between periods, longer menstrual flow, spotting in between periods, no bleeding for months at a time. does not protect from stds
A family of male sex hormones secreted by the testes in men and the adrenal glands in both women and men.
Ectopic pregnancy
a pregnancy that occurs when a fertilized ovum implants outside the uterus, moost commonly in a fallopian tube
sexually explicit material
material such as photographs, videos, films, magazines, and books whose primary themes, topics or depictions involve sexuality that may cause sexual arousal
Atypical sexual interests
sexual interests not typically shared by most people in our society. Includes paraphilias defined above & other interests such as cross-dressing, obscene phone calls, zoophilia, necrophilia, klismaphilia (enemas).
he licking of the anal region (rimming or tossing salad)
Seminal Vesticles
Structures lying next to the urinary bladder that secrete a component of semen into the ejaculatory ducts
What is the best position to get pregnant?
Missionary (man-on-top)
31. Which ethnic group has the highest rate of rape victim?
Native American Women
Sexual Literacy
A complex set of abilities needed to access, comprehend, critically evaluate, and effectively utilize the mainstream sexual systems of culture for personal, interpersonal, and communal development. Involves the ability to both gather and construct meaning from sexual information and make it comprehensible for the whole person In all aspects of life.
culture with a lot of sexual activity AND a lot of anxiety about sex
the Mehinaku
culture family structure polygamy
Islamic families from west africa practice polagmy - do not freely admit this in the US. both wifes sometimws live in the same house
Penile Strain Gauge
A device for measuring sexual arousal in men in terms of changes in the circumference of the penis.
sexual assault
a term used by criminal justice system to describe forced sexual contact that does not necessarily include penile-vaginal intercourse, and so does not meet the legal definition of rape
what is masturabtion influenced by
education, ethnicity, religion, and age with eucation as aparticularly strong factor
Four categories of sexual disorders
1) Desire
2) Arousal
3) Orgasmic
4) Pain
30. What are the sexual aggressive motors in regards to acquaintance rape?
Desire for powerDominationPowerSexual gratification* Sexual MotiveIt is not uncommon for the perpetrator to perceive no harm is done
the ____ is under conscious control while the ____ is under autonomic control
external anal sphincter...internal anal sphincetr
human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)
a chemical secreted by the developing placenta, can be used as an indicator of pregnancy because it shows up in the urine
sexual compulsivity and addiction
accoring to carnes, people who engage in atypical sexual behaviors are manifesting outward symptoms of a process of psychological addiction in which feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness, & worthlessness are temporarily relieved through a sexual high (unlike alcohol & drugs). 4 stage process of addiction: preoccupation, ritualistic behaviors, sexual act and despair.
What does bondage and discipline refer to?
How is dominance and submission different?
B & D- physical/psychological restraints to enforce ownership from which both participants derive sensual pleasure
Difference: in bondage, one person has more control and gives out the commands and in submission there is a consensual exchange of power
Protestant reformation emphasized this about sex
valuable in marriage, not just for procreation
What is the introitus?
This is the the entrance to the vagina.
sex flush
a pink or red rash that can appear on the chest or breasts during sexual arousal
What is prostitution?
Identify the different types of prostitution, or venues for sex work, and their status in the world of prostitution.
engaging in sexual acts in return for money or drugs and does so in a promiscuous, fairly non discriminating fashion
Different types of prostitution
- call girl
- brothel
- in call services
- massage parlor
- out call services
What is the epididemis?
(Male) It links the testes to the Vas deferens and stores the sperm.
What is the sociological approach on "abnormal sexual behaviors"?
the problem of cultural dependence is explicitly acknowledged, might define deviant sexual behavior as a sexual behavior that violates the norms of society
 this approach recognizes the importance of the individual’s interaction with society and of the problems that people must face if their behavior is labeled ‘deviant’ in the culture in which they live
What is a way to detect pregnancy?
By conducting a chemical test that detects HCG, secreted by the developing placenta, approximately 2 weeks following a missed menstrual cycle.
Hegar’s sign: Softening of the uterus just above the cervix, which can be felt during a vaginal examination. In addition, a slight purple hue colors the labia minora; the vagina and cervix also take on a purplish color rather than the usual pink.
Describe how AA 12 step programs are being used to treat people with sexual variations
- the appropriate treatment for people who engage in uncontrollable, inappropriate sexual patterns or people who are addicted to their particular sexual practice
- combine cognitive restructuring, obtaining support from other members who have the same or similar problem behaviors and enhancing spirituality
What is the foreskin of the penis?
The hood of the clitoris is homologous with this structure.
How does AIDS effect men and women worldwide?
What is pediatric AIDS?
AIDS has been mostly just men in the past but is now turning to women; women need more recognition in research
HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death for U.S. women between the ages of 25 and 44
Pediatric AIDS is children with AIDS.
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