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Terms Definitions
Pertaining to legal proceedings
Amber-colored Microtainer tubes are used to collect specimens for _______________.
Increased _______________ values may be caused by forcing blood from a syringe into an evacuated tube.
_______________ is the classification for a patient who is not allowed to have food or water for a specified time.
When using laboratory computer systems, phelbotomists are concerned with the __________ and __________ of data.
Manufacturers of evacuated collection tubes guarantee the integrity of the anticoagulant and __________ in the tube until the __________ date. The term _________ is used to refer to packages of evacuated tubes that are manufactured at the same time.
The _______________ and _______________ should be removed immediately if a patient begins to faint during the venipuncture.
Tourniquet and Needle
Prior to collecting blood from _______________ veins, physician approval is required.
_________________ is the most important consideration when collecting a blood culture.
Aseptic Technique
_______________ is the program established by a healthcare organization to gauruntee appropriate patient care.
Quality Assurance
Variables or precesses that occur before the collection of a sample.
Electrical stimulation of soluble salt ions used in the collection of sweat electrolyte specimens
The ____________________ provide documentation of the correct handling of urine drug collection specimens.
Chain of custody
The amount of anticoagulant is decreased when collecting coagulation tests from a patient with __________, or when the patient's __________ is greater than 55%.
The initial blockage of vascular puncture by platelets.
_______________ Hg is the pressure at which the blood pressure cuff should be maintained when performing a template bleeding time.
Incorrect collection of blood from a patient who has had a mastectomy can result in the patient developing lymphedema, lymphostasis, or ________________.
_______________ is the time patients are most likely to be in a basal state.
6 A.M.
Processes that occur before the collection of a sample of blood.
The best choice of equipment for venipuncture form a geriatric or pediatric patient with small fragile veins is a __________ gauge needle and a _______________ with a syringe.
Normal changes in blood constituent levels at different time of the day
Failure to perform duties according to acceptable standards.
Evaluation of records shows an increase in complaints concerning delays in collection of timed specimens and turnaround times. A possible corrective action would be to schedule _______________ at peak collection times.
Additional phlebotomists
A phlebotomist with a question concerning the specimen type or method of collection _______________.
Procedures Manual
Clot-promoting substance such as glass particles, silica, and celite.
The butterfly would be primarily used to collect blood from the __________ of a patient.
A physician questions the low bilirubin result on a jaundiced baby. This discrepency may be do to exposing the specimen to _______________
The bili light/light
A bleeding time that continues for 15 minutes should be _______________.
Specimens would not be rejected by the laboratory for clots in a _______________ top tube.
Specimen collected when a serum drug level is highest
Medical care that does not meet a reasonable standard and results in harm.
Risk management department develop policies to protect employers from _______________ loss, identify potential risks to _________________ and _______________, and evaluate changes to improve _______________.
Financial/Healthcare Professionals and Patients/Safety or Risk
Which of the following pieces of equipment is located in the central processing area? A. Microscope B. Blood gas analyzer C. Differential stainer D. Centrifuge
D. Centrifuge
The process in which a person donates a specific blood component and the remainder of the blood is returned to him/her is called _______________.
The __________ is the part of a syringe that is withdrawn after the vein is entered.
When organizing equipment at the patient's bedside, it is important to have __________ readily available.
Additional evacuated tubes
__________ is likely to be caused by prolonged application of a tourniquet.
T or F - Elevated bilirubin levels are seen in neonates with underdeveloped livers.
When collecting blood from a patient with a very edematous right arm and a large hematoma in the antecubital area of the left arm, the phlebotomist should collect the specimen from _______________.
Below the hematoma
A blood specimen for DNA analysis to determine paternity is considered to be a ________________ specimen.
Legal (Forensic)
A phlebotomist who makes a suggestion that shortens the turnaround time for tests ordered by the emergency room is contributing to ____________________.
Continuing quality improvement
A small ampule of transport media is present in throat swab collection kits. The purpose of this media is to keep __________ __________ during transport.
Bacteria alive
Bracing the hand holding the needle assembly against the patient's arm prevents __________.
Excess needle movement
How will an infant with a falsely negative PKU test be affected?
Severe mental retardation
T or F Telling a child it will not hurt is acceptable when performing venipunctures on a pediatric patient.
Which of the following would disqualify a person from donating blood? A. Temp of 98 deg. B. Weight of 200 lbs C. BP of 140/85 D. Hemoglobin of 11.0 gm/dL
D. Hemoglobin of 11.0 gm/dL
T or F - The feathered edge of a blood smear should not be sued for microscopic examinations.
The distribution of a CSF specimen in tubes labeled #1, #2 and #3 should be: #____ to hematology, #____ to chemistry, and #____ to microbiology.
#3, #1, and #2
What should a phlebotomist do when encountering a comatose patient with no ID band?
Ask the nurse to band the patient
The amount of blood collected from a person donating a unit of blood is between __________ and __________.
405 and 495 (or 400 and 500)
/ 51

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