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Terms Definitions
Philidelphia Inquirer
negotiate some resolution
the rhythm of speech
Opposition from the audience
Daily circulation of newspaper
54 Million
1888-Experimented with radio waves
Guglielmo Marconi
High Power Distance Culture
value hierarchy
Estimated percentage of the universe of TV households turned to a program at once and expressed as a percent
Use/Abuse of Language
Words have >1 meaning eg. church
explicit and implicit rules implemented, perpetuated, and understood by all group members
Shared rules
17. According to Weber, traditional, bureaucratic, and --------------- are three kinds of authority.
rational/goal oriented love, to meet your needs
the most concrete, specific, and objective meaning of a word (like dictionary definintion)
Halo Effect
associate positive qualities with attractive people - society nicer to prettier people
Program/Commercial Discrimination
Young children (under 5) cannot distinguish commercials from surrounding programs
􀁹 They could accurately identify commercials only 53% of the time (about the same as chance). Many programs use Bumpers
􀁹 brief announcement placed between the program and commercial break
"We'll be right back after these messages"
These often do not help
􀁹 too brief, look too much like adjacent programming
commercial finance companies
organization that make short-term loans to borrowers who offer tangible assets as collateral
Listening Barriers
Prejudgment is the most common barriers to listening. It involves jumpingh to conclusions while closing your mind to additional information. We all need assumptions to live by. Some people listen defensively, viewing every comment as a personal attack To protect their self-esteem, they distort the messages by tuning out anything that doesn't vonfirm their view of themselves. Some barriers can be race, religion, career, social standing, economic status, gender, or group orientation
explains how specific words and combinations of words are regulated and provide guidelines for how words are grouped together and used. (explain language functions)
Regulative rules
group of individuals about whom we wish to make conclusions
Powerful effects model
-Propaganda-dissemination of a belief, doctrine, cause, or info intended to mold public opinion.
Asynchronous Communication
-communication where all parties to not need to be present (email, text, blogs, etc.)
unfilled pause
silence period when vocal activity stops during the spoken utterance
task avoidance
engaging in excessive socialization to postpone or forestall working on the group project
Applications of Content Analysis
-Studying Media
-Studying Nonmediated Communication - (conversations/facial expressions)
-Studying Manifest content - physically present and countable content
-Studying Latent Content - author's intention in what was said or written
a barbarous or uncivilized state or condition.
Which major movie company was first to share programming with television
physical characteristics 
what you perceive because of your physical characteristics 
ex. see dust if in a short persons house
P.D.F Approach
When composing and e-mail the P.D.F. approach is best. (Purpose, Details, and Follow-through.)
The process of how space affects the communication process
Social Comparisons
How we rate ourselves relative to others
People will forget much that they learn. They tend to retain information that supports their attitudes and beliefs. This is called ________. a. selective distortion b. selective attitude c. selective retention d. perceptual vigila
Answer: c
Empathetic Listening
-listening to feel what the other person is feeling-ex: helping a friend
psycholinguistic silence
pauses related to the encoding and decoding of speech
a situation marked by a sense of urgency(imperfection, something’s out of whack…something you have to respond to or else something bad will happen) ex: there’s a fire in a dorm
1. the social value of the facts published
2. the depth of the article's intrusion inot ostensibly private affairs
3. the extent to which the party voluntarily acceded to a posistion of public notoriety
to move or go with short, quick, irregular movements from side to side:
AOL TIme Warner
The top grossing magazine is people owned by _____ _______ _______
communication apprehension 
is defined as "an individual's fear or anxiety associated with real or anticipated communication with others" 
how many TV sets in U.S. by 1951
10 million
Reasons for measuring effectiveness
1. Avoid costly mistakes.
2. Evaluate alternative strategies
3. Increase advertising efficiency (make better decisions)
Interpretive theory says that human action ________.
is based on choice.
maslow's hierarchy of needs
self actualization, love and esteem, belonging, security, basic needs (air, water, food, sleep)
What is climate?
-the environment, the feeling you get off of the group
-the factors that allow you to have the felling about your group
-how do you know if you're getting along?
-how did you end up with that climate?
What are the CARU guidelines?
Children't Advertising Review Unit of the Better Business Bureau-- self-regulatory program as advertisers closely adhere to industry guidelines to avoid future government involvement. Evaluates advertising directed to children aged 12 and younger that runs on network and cable TV and in print.
What are the 3 major parts of a speech?A. Introduction,Outline, BodyB. General Purpose, specific purpose,thesis statementc. introduction,body, conclusiond. speaking, working, comparative outline
Introduction,body, conclusion
Second level of agenda setting
the selection of attributes for thinking (\"how to think about it\")
Super Saturation
access to other people - not as much control over info we disclose to others
First digitally recorded album was?
Bop Till You Drop (1979), Ry Cooper.
Genesis vs. Gospel of John
Genesis attributes the creation of the world to God but Gospel of John attributes the creation of the world to Word itself.
What are the five basic marketing practices used in schools?
Direct advertising to students in school; providing free products in schools; privatization of school lunchrooms; fundraising activities for school orgs (gift wrap, cookie dough); Channel One
What did this do for Pornography
it created interest and drove the field
Axiom 2 Levels of Comm
Basic idea - "any communication implies a ______ and thereby ______ the relationship"
Basic idea - "any communication implies a commitment and thereby defines the relationship"
Physical trespass
Masculinity Culture
values winning
Community press
-1100 dailies-1200 non-dailies
Where was Senator McCarthy from?
both nonverbal and verbal communication methods are ---, are guided by rules, and reflect culture. --- is perceived to be more believable
Mania Love
posessive, jealous, highly emotional
organizational system within the brain
In what year were CDs invented?
Boundary Spanner
consistently monitoring the groups environment to bring in and take out info relevant to the groups success
Objects that affect communication Ex. clothes, jewelry, a car
The selecting, combining, and trimming of sounds and visual images
Internal consistency of the message- clarity of claim, logic of its reasons, effectiveness of its supporting evidence. (logical appeal)(credibility)
a specific person, personality, or phenomenon that exemplifies a set of characteristics (you may have an idea of a perfect teacher, idea of a biker)
- tentative statement describing the relationship between two or more values that predicts an outcome.
When was the world wide web created?
how you feel about yourself
ex. are you okay with being short
The continuous shifting of a program to a different audience
the process of delivering a product or service directly to the consumer
Collective Intelligence
Collective Intelligence is the idea that audience members come together to combine their knowledge of a particular subject to help answer unanswered questions. “Survivor Sucks” is a work of collective intelligence to spoil the popular TV series “Survivor”. Essentially, the website allowed people to pool their knowledge and resources together to figure out who was going to win the next season of “Survivor”.
Viral Marketing
-Spreading news about media through online word of mouth.
media convergence
Technological merging of content in different mass media. When newspaper or magazine articles can be found online
Communicative Meaning
connect with speaker to understand from their standpoint
structure of a deductive argument. Ex: all men are mortal. Socrates is a man. Socrates is then a mortal
analyze the date in a factual situation to think what feels right
The top 40 format is associated with _______
Time Shifting
Recording of a television program for playback at some later time
tend to make sense of our perceptions by examining the situation around them 
_____ will probably be a useful reference book if your speech deals with geography:a. a general encycopediab. an atlasc. an almanacd. a periodical
an atlas
libel per se
falsely written accusations (such as labeling a person a "thief" or a "swindler") that automatically constitute libel
What is direct marketing?
Direct marketing includes activities that target a specific audience using one or more media for the purpose of soliciting a response by phone, mail, Internet, or personal visit.
• Direct marketing builds and maintains an ongoing, one-on-one relationship.
Social learning theory
-Albert Bandura- Bo-bo doll studies-- Adults hit the doll then children-3 steps to engage in social learning1-we extract info from situations we observe2-we use those observations to create rules about how things are3-put rules into action and regulate ourselves according to those rules
Circuits that use SHF
Automated Digital Networking System (ADNS)
Plain Old Telephone System (POTS)
Defense Red Switched
phatic communication
a way of acknowledging something (Hey what's up!)
Reciprocal Concession
not complying because you've given me something but because you've conceded something so i have to concede something
combating confirmation bias
1. seek disconfirming info and evidence
2. vigorously present disconfirming evidence to the group
3. play devil's advocate
4. gather allies to help challenge confirmation bias
○ Deductive Pattern
● States claim o position explicitly
● Subsequent statements or support are designed to support the initial claim
● Disagreement with another position is assumed
● The reasoning is usually quasilogical a logical inference and casual
What filming technique was developed during I Love Lucy?
The three camera technique
Fiction vs. Nonfiction =
Willing suspension of disbelief (to accept its world as plausible) VS. Attempt to instill belief (to accept its world as actual)
A word can have a number of meanings to different people
double system
Audio is recorded on a separate device (tape, chip, hardrive)
○ Metacommunication - conversations about __________.
§ An immediate problem that mathematics doesn't have: __________
○ Metacommunication - conversations about communication
§ An immediate problem that mathematics doesn't have: we use the same expressive system for both Comm & meta comm
the idea of lots. You can deploy your copia of ideas at the right time to attack and persuade.
watchdog function
keeping track of those in power on behalf of those who are powerless
The Beatles
Who is the top selling band of all time?
Outcomes affected by media
-Changing people (getting them to do certain things or believe certain things)-changing society (getting a group of people, community or even nation to change, immediately or over time)-changing organizations, including local, state/provincial/prefecture, or even national governments
SHF - Super High Frequency Range
3 Ghz - 30 Ghz
Renton v Playtime Theaters
wash state supreme court upheld that SOBs couldnt be within 1000 feet of alot of stuff. allwoed to have relaxed scrutiny if designed to decrease the negative secondary effects of SOBs, such as increased crime rates, decreased prop values, decreased quality of life, considered content nuetral and must prove that the zoning law
1. serves a substantial gov interest
2. does not completely ban all SOBs in the municipality
When making a proposal what do you need to bring to the table specifically (7)?
your film/video statement
the background and need
approach, stucture, and style
equipment list
creative staff
Digital comm is especially important to humans because it is able to convey information about... (2 things)
---Able to convey info about tense(past present,Time binding)
---able to convey info about objects
What are the 6 Gestalt Laws?
The Law of Proximity
The Law of Similarity
The Law of Symmetry
The Law of Good Continuity
The Law of Simplicity
The Law of Experience
● Competence in Intercultural Argument
○ The ability of an arguer to function in a manner that is perceived to be relatively consistent with the needs, capacities, goals, and expectations of individuals from one cultural environment while satisfying one’s own needs, capacities goals, and expec
The four majors in the current music industry
Sony/BMG (includes the CBS and RCA catalogs), EMI (British), Warner (time-warner), Universal (owned by comcast).
recognize it
-uncritical thinking
-conclusions about the unknown based on the know
-guesses varying by degrees from educated from uneducated
-drawn from previous experiences, factual data, and predispositions
Stages of Conflict
latent conflictemergenceescalationde-escalationresolutionreconciliation
early hand-cranked record player introduced by the victor company.
Hicklin rule
long-standing obscenity standard based upon whether a book or other item contains isolated passages that might deprave or corrupt the mind of the most susceptible person
all-truistic, giving, selfless, no strings attached love, love that parents have for children
-study of an entire population
instrumental music with a steady, syncopated beat.
This means the willingness of individual members on a team to set aside their personal opinions and go along with everyone else even if everyone else is wrong. It may be caused by an outspoken member with his/her own agenda, a short deadline, or for some, just being part of a team. The result can lead to poor quality decisions, ill-advised actions, and unethical actions. (Enron's behaviour.)
ad that participates with the program
Your textbook suggested that Starbucks might consider a ________ strategy. This strategy would allow the company to start up or buy businesses outside of its current products and markets. a. market penetration b. diversification c. mark
Answer: b
form of communication from the marketer to customer (persuade, maintain relationships, promises, entertain - ULTIMATE GOAL = SALES
stages of relationship development
initiating, experimenting, intensifying, integrating, bonding
information overload
impedes critical thinking, promotes indecisiveness, info bulima, ADD
What percent of American Homes have cable?
confirmation bias 
plays a role in public speaking
nonverbal cues can cause a misunderstanding. For instance, the "thumbs up" gesture in the United States means "good job" but in Australia the same gesture is considered insulting. This is due to:a. lazinessb. scrpitw
cultural barriers
Public relations (definition)
a management function enabling organizations to achieve effective relationships with their various audiences through an understanding of audience opinions, attitudes, and values
What does a creative platform include?
Target Audience
Support (reason to believe the claim)
Mandatory Requirements
-Director of 10 commandments-Came to BYU for a devotional
Blockbuster movies
interpretive theory approach is_______.
based on inductive reasoning.
Monitoring Spiral (Analyze)
watching performances and making notes
obscene material is not protected - according to the average modern person if the majority of the material is seen as lude than it is obscene
Proprietary research
commissioned by an individual for personal or private use. organizations use consultants for internal or operational effectiveness.
Which of the following is an example of german expressionism
Percentage-of-completion method
recognizing revenues and expenses on a job, order, or contract in proportion to the costs incurred for the period/total costs expected to be incurred,
to prohibit from taking place; a court enjoins an act by issuing a special type of order known as an injunction
hostile questions:a. encourage a certain responseb. should not be tapedc. reinforce the intereviewer's agendad. an usually ethical
reinforce the intereview'ers agenda
Creel Committee
committee on public info, formed by pres. wilson during wwI, support the war effort
This is a way of reducing financial risk by promising to return the product if the consumer is not happy. Or you will provide a free service that would make the product work in a satisfying manner.
-77% of adults are reached by broadcast daily of 122 minute average-90% of consumers listen to some form of audio media per day
Radio use
materials used by the arguer to convince the audience that his/her claim is sound (evidence, motivational appeals)
the support
acceptance speech
a brief statement made upon the receipt of an award, gift, or special honor
Selective Attention
chose what parts to pay attention to
Having to chose from more than one thing (problem)
rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds or words:
Ted Turner was involved in...
WTBS (1976), The first superstation
What factors have increased advertising control in the 1990s?
Weaking of television and newspapersThe stance toward advertising and media taken by the federal gov.
Communications Act of 1934
Act of Congress creating the FCC
Al Moline and his staff have decided to use target marketing to reach their sales goals. Identify their three steps (in order) to target marketing. a. market positioning, market positioning, market segmentation b. market segmentation, target
Answer: b
Licensed brands
selling the right to apply a brand name, logo, or image to manufactured product
Peripheral Route
is this someone likable? do they have power? Could be convinced by these cues - not long lasting
fan function
the idea that fans apply folk culture to mass culture, and utilize their influence as consumers to take mass media products and create DIY versions that dictate the future of media
The movie Goodnight and Good Luck was about...
Army vs. McCarthy
What is the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning?
Unlike deductive reasoning, Inductive reasoning is not designed to produce mathematical certainty
Martha object's to george's attempt to "get the guests" by talking about nick's reasons for marriage. Why does she object?
She objects to "get the guests"… it is not within the rules of their game/system.
Consensus is not
A vote of any kind, a representation of each persons priority or preference
What unfortunate economic lesson did TV learn from the 1990 season?
Innovative content in the new competitive environment doesn’t work.
What did the LBJ Commision on pornography conclude?
LBJ didnt find anything wrong
preference for procedure order
the need or desire to follow a clear, linear structure during problem solving
Why Advertise to Children &
More than ¼ of the US population is under age 19
Do children spend money?
Where does innovation inn TV come from, if not from content?
It comes in the innovative ways that television can be subservient to advertisers.
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