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Terms Definitions
twist-lock receptacles
_________________________ provide secure, safe connections as long as they are not immersed in water (333)
The desired climbing angle (494).
75 degrees
Device that facilitates the connection of hoselines of different sizes to provide an uninterrupted flow of extinquishing agent. (647)
Salvage Cover
Waterproof cover to protect unaffected furniture or areas. 
electrocution hazard
hybrid vehicles have high-voltage cables and components that represent an ______________________ for rescuers (353)
means to either restore or replace that which is damaged or worn out. pg 478
Process of evolution that changes a liquid into a gaseous state
rapid intervention crew. 2 or more fully equipped personnel and immediately avaliable firefighter to stand by outside of the hazard zone to enter and rescue firefighters inside. p.792
When check air supply?
 Start shift
5-10m during work
2-3 min during egress
Life safety used in water rescue. 19/16 to 3/8 inch.
hydraulic pumps
Manual _________________ can provide a limited amount of power in the event the hydraulic unit fails (335)
Fly Section
 Upper sections of extension or some combination ladders; the section that moves. pg 472
rings and watches
remove jewelry including ______ and __________
Higbee Indicators
Notches or grooves cut into coupling lugs to identify by touch or sight the exact location of the Higbee Cut. (641)
foam solution
Mixture of foam concentrate and water before the introduction of air. (pg. 735)
Building Code
A body of law that determines minimum standards that buildings must meet in the interest of community safety and health.
the ability of a substance to conduct an electrical current
a portable cable winch operated by a manual ratchet lever (343)
Pompier Ladder
Scaling ladder with a single beam and a large curved metal hook that can be put over windowsills for climbing. pg 475
Portion of a coupling that serves as a point of attachment to the hose. (640)
Pressure Loss
When a nozzle is above the fire pump
pre-entry considerations
1. fire behavior indicators2. potential emergency escape routes3. forcible entry requirements4. identifying hazardsp. 766
Common Toxic Gases Associated with Fire
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Hydrogen Cynide (HCN)
Search Line System
A primary search system for searching large or complex areas that are smoke filled (p312-313)
Lean-to Collapse
When one outer wall fails while the opposite wall remains intact. The side of the floor or roof assembly that was supported by the failed wall drops to the floor, forming a triangular void underneath. (Pg.363)
Folding ladders (Attic ladders)
They have hinged rungs allowing them to be folded so that one beam rests against the other. pg 476
Class B foams
Used to prevent the ignition or to extinguish fires involving combustible liquids. Manufactured with either synthetic or protein base (or a combination). (pg. 736)
external condition - no apparant damagehose/nozzle - in placeweight - feels though it contains agentpressure guage - in operable range
When inspecting an extinguisher immediately before use, check the following: (250)
stabilize the vehicles involved
after scene assessment, and before any other extrication activities are begun, rescuers must _________________________________________________ (350)
site preparation, safety, prerequisite training, water supply, training plan, fuel, and ventilation
Key requirements of live fire training evolutions are:
master stream placement
should aim stream at so it enters the structure at an upward angle and allow it to deflect off the ceiling
Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)
Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC)
Two or more fully equipped, and immediately available, firefighters designated to standby outside the hazard zone to enter and effect a rescue of firefighters inside, if necessary.
May perform limited fireground duties.
RIC/RIT is a CAL-OSHA requirement
Ladder placement for Rescue
Place the tip of the ladder just below the windowsill.
pg 484
three main use for master stream
1. direct attack, 2. backup, 3. exposure protection. p.769
Lowering an extraordinarily heavy victim down a ladder (507)
It may be necessary to use two ladders and two rescuers side by side.
Victim Removal - Emergency Move Conditions
There is fire or danger in the immediate area
Explosives or other HazMat's are involved
It is impossible to protect the fire/accident scene
It is impossible to access other patients who need immediate life-saving care
The victim is in cardiac arrest and must be moved to a different area (i.e. CPR on a firm surface etc)
OSHA defines a confined space as having the following characteristics;
*Large enough and so cofigured that an employee can bodily enter and perform assigned work. *It has limited or restricted means for entry and exit. *It is not designed for continuous employee occupancy. (Pg.366)
what three knots are used to hoist a pike pole and what end of the pike pole should be facing up
Knots used: one clove hitch( near the butt end) and two half hitches( one in the middle and one near the top)Have the head end facing up when hoisting
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