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Medium soft
Fast, rapidly
flutter tongue
classical solo
vocal piece
Four Last Songs
con amore
with tenderness
ram's horn trumpet
from the sign.
Classic Period
starts in 1750
Al fine
To the end
Mezzo piano
(mp) medium soft
Virudent omnes
Leoninus, 12th c.
Debussy considered Wagner's music dramas to be ponderous and tedious
Dance suite
Collection of misc. dances
To increase the speed gradually
The distance between two pitches
Milton Babbitt wrote
Ensembles for Synthesizer.
Books African American for Vaudeville
A singer who complains as singing
Extreme dynamics
used to reflect emotions and mood
Romantic Era
Drum Group
(Traditional Lakota Music) Large Northern Plains style playing, men all around 1 drum, each with 1 stick all playing together, various techniques, dancers coordinated with the DRUMMING instead of the singers; 5-15 men
multi movement work for solo instrument, or instrument with keyboard accompaniment
more than one performer in unison
Louisiana Creole refers to Americans of various racial descent who are descended from the Colonial French settlers of Louisiana known as French Creole, in addition to African Americans, and Native Americans [2] before it became part of the United States in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase with claim to the Creole culture and Creole cuisine. Unlike many other ethnic groups in the United States, Creoles did not migrate from a native country.[3] The commonly accepted definition today is for the community whose members are a mixture of mainly French, [[African, and Native-American heritage. There is general agreement that the term "Creole" derives from the Portuguese word crioulo,[4] which means a slave born in the master's household. [5] This means creoles are generally decendents of slaves. Some may not have each ethnic heritage, and some may have additional ancestries.
slow; in a broad, dignified style.
possible (presto possibile: as fast as possible)
interval between two tones in which the higher tone has twice the frequency of the lower tone
Music by Shastakovich the music did not have any function.  You are only concerned with form and structure.  
Pine Ridge
large lakota reservation in south dakota. lowest life expectancy of any community in north america.
Sounds that blend well. (Release of tension)
the manner in which notes are played
 String Quartet no. 4 1927
_______ uses everyday characters and middle class values. _______ would use spoke dialogue, simple songs, and things like sight gags and slap stick comedy
Comic Opera
a gradual, steady increase in loudness or force.
10. The white artist who covered Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally"
Pat Boone
tristan chord
wagner famous chord, signifies lack of resolution
Progressive Tonality
Attributed to Mahler. Every Movment is in a different key, as opposed to keeping the entire work in a different key. Mahler the first movement was in C minor the final movement was in E flat which is use of progression. In certain pieces Mahler composes in Key's progressively never comes back to the orginal key.
sign is used to indicated a shortened or separated style of articulation
1964 film MFL
faithful ot the stage version film 
only a single song is switched
all 21 songs are kept
A slight slowing down or speeding up of the tempo is called
How loud or soft the (sound) music is.
remix of 2 or more recordings that creates a new one
Ben Polluck (1903-1971)
Among the first white large dance bands.
Sweet sound
Commercial but improvised
"Deed I Do"
The first beat of Vibhag (Section of a Tala) that are neither Sam (First, emphasized beat) or Khali (Unemphasized beat)
octatonic scale
scale of 8 alternating half and whole steps
incomplete cadence
a resting point where the music feels like it must continue on
What European rock group has had the biggest influence on rock music in America?
The Beatles
an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.
Chance music (indeterminate music) –
a compositional technique whereby a composer does not control all the details of a composition, allowing the performer to make creative choices through improvisation or other means of selecting sounds within the structure of the composition
Cultural relativism (1 answer)
can’t assume your culture is better than a less technological one, everything is relative
music in the Middle Ages
church was center of musical life; woman not allowed; no instruments; Gregorian Chant
When the third of a triad is the bass, what inversion is it?
First inversion.
According to the lecture on Girls or Grrrls, what are the three images portrayed of women in music?
Virgin, whore and Earth Mother
What qualities does a dramatic soprano voice have?
Takes on heavier and darker hue of a mezzo or a contralto it generally is a big voice with very full medium and low tones.
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