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platt amendment
made cuba a US protectorate
Webster-Ashburton Treaty (1842)
Established Maine's current northeastern boundary with Canada following the Arostook War, also contained clauses for the suppression of the slave trade and the mutual extradition of criminals.
eliminated two classes of weapon; allowed inspection of military installations
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (1963)
barred atmospheric testing
Platt Amendment (1902)
made Cuba a U.S. protectorate
kyoto accords
international climate treaty; 2001, US doesnt sign
Oregon Treaty
Divided Oregon Country between United States and Canada
Kyoto Accords (1997)
international climate treaty;; 2001 U.S. does not sign
Camp David Accords (1978)
President Carter helped negotiate Middle East peace agreements between Jordan and Egypt and Israel
Korean War settlement (1953)
stalemate−Korea remained split with demilitarized zone between North and South
oregan treaty
divided oregon country between the US and canada
Treaty of 1818
Secured American fishing rights along Newfoundland and Labrador and established the US-Canadian border at the 49th parallel. Great Britain and the US agreed to joint occupation of the Oregon territory for 10 years.
Adams-Onis Treaty
Spain gave Florida to the United States
Treaty of Paris (1898)
ended Spanish-American War; Cuban independence, U.S. acquires Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines
Pinckney's Treaty (1795)
Spain allowed Americans to travel freely along the Mississippi River and settled Florida boundary disputes between U.S. and
INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty (1987)
eliminated two classes of weapons; allowed inspection of military installations
treaty of versailles
ended world war 1; german reparations and war-guilt clause; league of nation, US doesnt sign
Treaty of Greenville (1795)
Confederacy of 11 Native American tribes gave up claims to their lands in the southeastern portion of the Northwest Territory (modern day southern/eastern Ohio) in exchange for a one time payment of $20,000 and yearly payments of $10,000. Indians would retain the right to hunt in the ceded territories.
ended the American Revolution with England
Treaty of Paris 1783
Treaty of Paris (1783)
Ended the American Revolution with England
Treaty of Ghent (1814)
ended the War of 1812 with England
Treaty of Paris (1763)
ended the French and Indian War between England and France
treaty of greenville
ended the battle of fallen timbers; 12 indian tribes agreed to give up their land that consisted of most of present-day ohio and indiana to the US gov't
potsdam treaty
ended world war 2 in europe; carved up and disarmed germany; eliminated nazis; punished war criminals
Treaty of Paris 1763
Ended French and Indian War, France lost Canada, land east of the Mississippi, to British, New Orleans and west of Mississippi to Spain
Treaty of Versailles (1918)
Ended World War I; German reparations and war-guilt clause; League of Nations, U.S. Does Not Sign
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
mutual defense pact among U.S., Canada, and ten Western European allies
ended the War of 1812 with England
Treaty of Ghent 1814
Gadsen Purchase (1853)
Gave U.S. more land that had been northern Mexico; completed the acquisition of land that makes up the present-day borders of the continental U.S.
GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) (1948-1995)
lowered barriers to international trade; 1994, created World Trade Organization
Adams-Onis Treaty (1819)
Spain ceded Florida to the US and gave up its claim to the Oregon territory. The US assumed $5 million in claims by Americans against Spain. Treaty was negotiated by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams.
Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo (1848)
ended the war with Mexico; U.S. acquired control the Mexican Cession
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848)
Ended the war with Mexico; United States acquired the Mexican Cession.
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
U.S., Canada, and Mexico drop all trade barriers
NAFTA (nroth american free trade agreement)
US, canada, and mexico drop all trade barriers
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