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Terms Definitions
careful and responsible
tense and moody
the psyche's decision maker
social and lively people
psychological study of handwriting
Katrinka habitually makes nasty, hostile comments about her teachers. Freud would have suggested that her behavior illustrates the powerful influence of the
Freud emphasized that unresolved childhood conflicts often lead to
Twelve-year-old Cawley demonstrates a strongly masculine sense of self-identity even though he was raised without a father or father sebstitute. This fact represents the most serious threat to ______________ theory of personality
inconsistencies in personality and traits
how consistent a test is
something caused by psychological factors
Freud believed that __________ were the "royal road to the unconscious."
Mrs. Sunstedt believes that parents should accept and try to understand their children's feelings and should honestly disclose their own inner feelings to their children. Her approach to parent-child interaction was most explicitly recommended by
Which theorist emphasized that an individual's personal growth is promoted by interactions with others who are genuine, accepting, and empathic?
While attending college, Saeb impulsively and carelessly spends all his time and money on "wine, women, and song." Freud would have suggested that Saeb shows signs of a(n)
weak superego
According to Freud, children develop unconscious sexual desires for the parent of the opposite sex during the
While Professor Gomex was going through a painful divorce, he tended to create unneccessarily difficult tests and gave his students unusually low grades. A osychoanalyst would be most likely to view the professor's treatment of students as an example of
Carl Rogers suggested that the _______________ is a central feature of personality
factor analysis
stat that analyzes correlational responses on personality tests
reciprocal determinism
people influencing each other's behavior
lexical approach
the language spoken effects personality
growth mindset
intelligence is developed not innate
triarchic model
analytical, practical, and creative being the 3 types of intelligence
When 2-year-old Matthew was told he would get no dessert until he finished the food on his plate, he threw his plate on the floor in a temper tantrum. Freud would have suggested that Matthew was unable to resist the demands of his
Parents who disquise hostility toward their children by becoming overly protective of them are very likely using the defense mechanism of
reaction formation
Although Eduardo has repressed his own homosexual desires, he is distressed by a false suspicion that many men frequently stare lustfully at his body. According to psychoanalytic theory, Eduardo's thinking best illustrates
Freud believed that certain troubling symptoms could be traced to painful unconscious memories. This led him to suspect that these symptoms resulted from
psychological processes
The defense mechanism by which people disguise threatening impulses by attributing them to others is called
Abraham Maslow studied the lives of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Eleanor Roosevelt in order to understand the nature of
Survivors of traumatic events, such as rape or attempted murder, are often haunted by persistent and vivid memories of thei experience. This most clearly serves to challenge Freud's concept of
Freud suggested that slips of the tongue illustrate an incomplete
Freud would hve suggested that an excessive fixation is most likely to contribute to
unshared environmental factors
different environment i.e. sibling living in different homes or parents living separately
test bias
test favors a group of people
oral stage
stage of psychosexual focused on mouth
nomethetic approach
approach to personality that has general laws on everyone's behavior
intelligence quotient
IQ test used to measure intelligence
latency stage
psychosexual stage in which sexual feelings move into the unconscious
genital stage
psychosexual stage in which someone starts showing interest in the opposite sex romantically
anal stage
psychosexual stage that focuses on toilet training
The pleasure principle is to the ____________ as the reality principle is to the ___________.
id; ego
For several months after he lost the job he held for nearly 20 years, Mr. Ullomi frequently lost his temper and suffered periodic crying spells. His behavior is most clearly an example of
Rona was asked by her psychotherapist to describe what she saw in 10 ambiguous inkblots. Tona was most likely responding to a(n) ____________ test.
Thematic Apperception
Carl Jung referred to a shared reservoir of memory traces from our species history as the
collective unconscious
Byron is always looking to others for advice, approval, and affection. According to the psychoanalytic perspective, Byron is most likely fixated at the ___________ stage.
Carl Jung emphasized the importance of
the collective unconscious
Shared environmental factors
sharing the same environment. i.e. siblings, or parents and offspring
neo-freudian theories
theories derived from freud, but based on personality growth instead of sex
penis envy
little girls want to have a penis
Boris does not like chemistry, but he has chosen it as his college major simply to prove that he is just as smart as his father, who is an outstanding chemist. A psychoanalysit would be most likely to suggest that Boris suffers from an unresolved
Oedipus complex
No matter how long and hard Lerae studies, she always feels she hasn't studied as much as she should have. A Freudian psychologist would suggest that Lerae shows signs of a
strong superego
Contemporary psychodynamic theorists are most likely to disagree with Freud's assumption that
sexual drives are central to personality development
Carl Rogers emphasized that a positive self-concept is promoted by
unconditional positive regard
In suggesting that the mind is like an iceberg, Freud was most clearly emphasizing the importance of the
Incremental validity
the extent to which a test contributes information that is out of the ordinary
P.T. Barnum effect
tendency for people to accept high base rates as accurate
Rorschach Inkblot test
projective test of 10 symmetrical ink blots
fluid intelligence
capacity to learn new ways of solving problems
face validity
how well a participant can see the validity of the test
being all you can be and want to be
Carl Rogers referred to an attitude of total acceptance toward another person as
unconditional positive regard
A boy's sexual desires for his mother and feelings of hostility toward his father constitute what Freud called
the Oedipus complex
locus of control
the amount of control believed to be had on events
According to Freud's theory, the ego
is the executive part of personality
According to Freud, the unconscious is
the thoughts, wishes, feelings, and memories, of which we are largely unaware
Freud's theory of personality has been criticized because it
offers few testable hypotheses that lalow one to determine its validity
The major reason for criticism of the Rorschach test is that
only a few of the many Rorschach-derived scores have demonstrated validity
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