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Internet Explorer
Terms Definitions
Oct 1957
USSR launches Sputnik
information-search services, such as Netscape's Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer that offer detailed organizational maps to the Internet
Instant Messaging: a real-time Internet communication application (While chat
involves many users simultaneously, IM is one on one.)
Boolean Operators
And, Or, and And Not
a company that provides internet connections for a fee
sending particularly annoying email ; unwanted/ unrequested email
a software program that allows Internet users to interact with, navigate, or “browse”
parts of the Internet (examples of popular browsers include Netscape and
Internet Explorer)
gaining illegal or unauthorized access to a computer file or network
host node
any computer that is directly connected to the network
a standard for short distance wireless networking, enabling users of notebook computers and other devices connect to the internet in cafes, hotels, airports, and parks
What does CRC stand for?
Cyclic Redundancy Codes
Define amplitude modulation.
Amplitude modulation varies the amplitude of a carrier in proportion to the information being sent. The carrier goes on ocillating at a fixed requency but the amplitude of the wave varies. ONLY the amplitude of the sine wave is mdified.
a mocking imitation of someone or something, usually light and good-humored; lampoon or parody:
chat software
a type of Internet-based application that enables groups of people to get together in
a chat room and converse in real time through typewritten messages
movement from one web page to another web page using links, previous, or next buttons
needed to one-up the USSR, this would be a computer network that was the origin of the internet...Vint Cert was the \"true father of the internet\"...engineered to connect computers, not allow scientists, mathmeticians, and military to share resources
Describe half duplex transmission.
Half duplex transmission allows transmission both ways, but not at the same time. Only one side can have the talking stick at a time, like in a walkie talkie.
the rules of etiquette that apply when communicating over computer networks, esp. the Internet.
i-PARENT Board
a group dedicated to raising public awareness about Internet safety issues, particularly among parents
Samuel Morse
Morse code is a format of Binary communication
internet keywords
a browser feature that gives you web search results when you type part of the url in the address bar
world wide web : part of the internet
Describe data representation.
Syntax of data items that are exchanged, specific form used during transfer, translation of integers, characters, and files between computers.
What are the two mail access protocols?
What's differential manchester encoding?
Like manchester encoding, but relies on relative transitions, rather than absolute ones.
search engine
a software program that allows one to perform searches on the Internet
What does "data communications" mean?
Data communications refers to the study of low level mechanisms and technologies used to send information across a physical communication medium, such as wire, radio wave, or light beam.
So if phase key shifting is limited, what else can we do to increase the data rate?
Quadrature amplitude modulation.
What is a communication protocol?
A communication protocol specifies the details for one aspect of a computer communication, including actions to be taken when errors or unexpected situations arise. A given protocol may specify details such as voltage and signals or high level things suc
Define wavelength.
The length of a cycle as a signal propagates across a medium.
Describe simplex mode.
It's a channel where the data only goes in one direction. Broadcast radio or TV is like this.
What are the characteristics of HTTP?
Uses text control messages, transfers binary data files, can download or upload data, incorporates caching
What are the characteristics of SMTP?
Stream paradigm, uses textual control messages, only transfers text messages, allows a sender to specify recipeints, sends one copy of a given message.
What are the four major HTTP request types?
A communications channel is classified as one of three types. What are those types?
Simplex, Full duplex, and Half duplex.
Describe the transport layer of TCP/IP (Level 4)
These protocols provide for communication from an application program on one computer to an applicaton program on another. These include the maximum rate a receiver can accept data, mechanisms to avoid network congestion, and teniques to insue that all d
Define Phase
How far the start of the sine wave is shifted from a reference time.
What's interesting about digital bandwidth?
Fourier analysis of a digital signal produces an infinite set of sine waves that grow to infinity. In short: A digital signal has infinite bandwidth.
What does a negative decibel value mean?
The signal has been attenuated.
Describe the physical layer (Layer 1) of TCP/IP.
These protocols specify the underlying transmission medium and associated hardware, all electrical properties and radio frequencies and signals stuff lives here.
What's important about differential manchester encoding?
It works even when two wires are reversed.
What does a server side socket call look like?
socket, bind, listen, accept, send/receive, close.
What does the HTTP request GET do?
Requests a document, server responds with status and a copy of the doc.
What time elapses between samples for the PCM encoding used in the telephone system?
The telephone system samples at 64k bits per second, so the time elapsed between samples is .000016 seconds, roughly.
What is the bandwidth of an analog singal?
It's the difference between the highest and lowest frequency of its components.
Describe how the focus of the internet has shifted.
The availability of high speed computation and communication tech shifted the focus of the internet from resource sharing to general purpose communication.
How does socket inheritance work in multithreading?
Each new thread that is crated inherits a copy of all open sockets from the thread that created it.
What is a public network?
A public network is owned by an ISP and offers services to subscribers.
How does the hardware implementation of CRC go?
CRC hardware is a shift register with xor gates between some of the bits. The shift register operates once per bit and xors some of them and when the whole input has been shifted into the register, the value in the register is the CRC.
What is a private network?
A network is private if use of the network is restricted to one group. (May include circuits leased from a provider.)
What is the orbit of a medium earth orbit satellite and what is it used for?
Elliptical, primarily used to provide communication at the poles.
What are the characteristics of a client application?
Starts after the server app, must know what server to contact, initiates contact whenever communication is needed, communicates with server by sending and receiving data, may terminate after interacting with a server.
What does Nyquist's theorem tell us?
Sample a signal at least twice as fast as the highest frequency that must be preserved.
How does a client identify a server?
By an identifier for the computer on which a server runs (IP) and the port.
Aside from using more signal levels, how could you incrase the amount of data that can be transferred in a given time?
You coud, you know, SEND IT FASTER. That is, you could decrease the amount of time that the system leaves a signal at a given level.
What does a modem do with regard to signal?
A modem converts digital data into modulated analog signals and reconverts the modulated analog signals back into digital data.
How has sound data being sent across the internet evolved?
alert sounds to human voice to audio clips to high fidelity audio.
What is the advantage of phase shift keying?
The ability to represent more than one data bit at a given change.
Most of the socket functions are self explanatory, but what is bind?
Bind will bind a socket to a port number so that a service can run on it.
How has the data being sent across the internet evolved?
text to graphics to video clips to full motion video
If the maximum frequency audible to a human ear is 20kHz, at what rate must the analog signal from a mic be sampled in converting to digital?
sampling rate= 2 * fmax. Our fmax is 20khz. 2*20k=40k. So sample 40,000 times per second.
What about row and column parity? How does it work?
When you add up the parity both down and across, you can zero in on the problematic bit, which can be corrected if there's only one of them. This will also catch errors in which two or three bits have changed, even if it can't correct them, opening the way to ask for re-sending.
What does Nyquist's theorem do in this case?
It tells us that there is a bound on the maximum rate at which data can be sent without considering the effect of noise.
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