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Computer program
Terms Definitions
_____________ is the typographic alignment setting of text or images within a column to align along both the left and right margin.
a group of 8 bits
A computer _________ is an electronic device that interprets instructions and performs requested operations.
Within databases, files are comprised of groups of _______ which contain multiple ______ that store different types of information about a subject.
records, fields
true or false: today's laptop computers can perform more calculations per second than the ENIAC, and enormous machine occupying more than 1,800 sq. ft. and weighing more than 30 tons
A programmable, electronic device that accepts data input, performs processing operations on that data, and outputs and stores the results
______ are sets of formatting choices that include colors, fonts, and effects that were selected to work well together.
The ______-______ thesis states that "if there is an algorithm to do a symbol manipulation task, then there is a Turing machine to do that task." This thesis implies that Turing machines define the limits of _____________. In this view, if a Turing mach
Church-Turing, computability
_____ is a spreadsheet program, which is a type of applications software.
Information Processing Cycle

Input—entering data into the computer.
Processing—performing operations on the data.
Output—presenting the results.
Storage—saving data, programs, or output for future use.
In executing a software program, the __________ control mechanism represents the default case, occuring automatically if there are no other types of control mechanisms.
true or false: USB can theoretically connect up to 127 peripheral devices
What is software?
computer instructions or data (programs, which come on hardware – disks) that tell the computer what to doSoftware is divided into two categories:Systems softwareApplications software
The process of presenting the results of processing
What is an extension that is a Microsoft Excel 2007 Document Spreadsheet?
When you enter text, Word uses a feature called _______ to automatically wrap text to the next line.
The term "___________" refers to a computer that is physically connected to a network. The term "____" is used to refer to any device that is connected to a network, including printers, servers, and workstations.
workstation, node
a data structure that stores all the information about a regular file, directory, or other file system object, except its data and name.
__________ is the term used when a computer processor begins executing another instruction before the current instruction is completed.
A _____ helps to increase productivity by combining several command keystrokes into one or two keystrokes. A _________ is a set of instructions for performing a particular task.
macro, procedure
An _____ is a unique value that allows a database to access information regarding an individual record.
A _____ is a program consisting of recorded keystrokes that can be called on to execute those keystrokes to accomplish a task. These programs can be run within other programs, such as spreadsheet programs, to save time by automating repetitive tasks. T
its part of the disk-drive mechanism and transfers data between the computer and the disk
read/write head
the part of the microprocessor that tells the rest of the computer how to carry out a program's interface
microprocesor chip
The instructions that are used to tell a computer what it should do.
Application Software
Programs that enable users to perform specific tasks on a computer.
______ can be added in the Tabs dialog box.
The ______ _________ is an embezzlement technique through which a Trojan horse is used to embezzle by transferring very small amounts of money from large numbers of accounts. ________ _________ is a technique used to uncover embezzlement by examining s
salami technique, computer matching
A ____ is a connection point in a network, either a redistribution point or a communication endpoint (some terminal equipment).
An ______ of a program is a feature linked to many other parts of the program, but which is not related to the program's primary function.
the electircal data roadways through which bits are transimitted
buses (or bus lines)
What is hardware?
The physical pieces of a computer that you can see are referred to as hardware.
The bar located at the bottom of the windows desktop that sontains the start button, task buttons and the system try.
An ________ modem is a circuit board that plugs into one of a computer's expansion slots. ________ modems connect to the computer via an external port. A ___ modem is a type of modem that emulates a fax machine.
internal, external, fax
___ and _.__ are types of wide area networks.
PDN, X.25

(Numeric keypad)
When the Num Lock key is on, these keys are used to enter numbers as with an adding machine.
When the Num Lock key is off, the keys act as navigation keys using the alternate markings on each key.
A _____ __ ____ (POS) terminal manages the selling process by a salesperson-accessible interface. The same system allows the creation and printing of the receipt. The system can update inventory while calculating the sale.
Point of Sale
What are the characteristics of Analog devices?
Analog information is mechanical, nearly infinite in precision, but limited in accuracy.
Jack St. Clair Kilby
a Nobel Prize laureate in physics in 2000 for his invention of the integrated circuit in 1958 while working at Texas Instruments (TI). He is also the inventor of the handheld calculator and thermal printer.
Machine Language uses what to represent data?
Machine Language uses numeric codes to represent data
A DIMM, or dual in-line memory module, comprises a series of _________ _______ ______ ______ integrated circuits. These modules are mounted on a printed circuit board and designed for use in personal computers, workstations and servers. The main differenc
dynamic random access memory, electrical contacts
What is access time?
The time a program or device takes to locate a single piece of information and make it available to the computer for processing
What is a byte?
Byte = a series of 8 bits, used to represent anything more complex than merely two values. A byte represents any number between 0 and 255.
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