Intro to Computer Science Final Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Analysis-Collecting dataAlgorithm- uses algoriths to create stepsinterfase- uses pseudo code to write programsmaintenance- never ends
Larry Kildall
co-founder of ORACLE
Short-range decisions that apply specific programs and plans necssary to meet stated objectives are called ____ decisions.
This contains specific information within a record.
What is PARC's?
A xerox research facility
Computer Forensics
Specialty that employs computer systems and techniques to gather potential legal evidence
This includes both enlarging and reducing the size of a graphic.
Half adders
computes the sum of 2 bits
Having the knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses is know as being ____.
Computer literate
Digital Home
Having an appropriate computer and digital devices that are all connected to a home network
Context-Sensitive Command
A command associated with activities in which you are engaged; often activated by right-clicking a screen item.
Means to press and release the primary mouse button.
A blinking vertical line and indicates where text will be inserted.
Insertion Point
This porvides consistency in design and color throughout a presentation in PowerPoint
Design Template
A computer that stores and provides access to a database is called a(n) ____.
database server
Affective Computing
Computing that relates to emotion or deliberately tries to influence emotion
Positioning the tip of the pointer in the center of an icon or other screen object.
To remove the window from the screen without closing it. Minimized windows can be reopened by clicking the associated button in the taskbar.
Computer Icon
An icon that represents the computer on which you are working, and that provides access to the drives, folders, and files on your computer.
To back up files and store them somewhere other than the main hard drive.
Alignment in which the paragraph is flush with the right margin.
Right Aligned
This command moves a folder and permanently removes it from its original location.
Move Here
What is the alto?
first personal computer created my xerox
A complete operating system that works on a desktop computer, mobile computing device, or notebook computer is called ____.
stand-alone operating system
Reduce the size of a file or combine several files into one.
Edit Mode
A Windows mode that enables you to change the name of a file or folder, and works the same in all Windows applications.
Title Bar
Displays the program icon, the name of the document, and the name of the program. The minimize, Maximize/Restore Down, and Close buttons are grouped on the right side of the title bar.
Removes a file from the hard drive and places it in the Recycle Bin.
Delete Files
This is shown at the bottom of the screen and has the Start button, Taskbar button area, and notifications.
A dynamic program - such as a clock, a stock market ticker or a weather window - that displays on the desktop, usually in the Windows Sidebar.
This is a unique number given to only one record.
Unique identifier
A number on the left side of the grid identifies the rows.
Row Heading
Radio Frequency Identification Tab (RFID tag)
The use of an object applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves
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