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Terms Definitions
La pobreza
An ideal schema
Objective vs. Interpretive
to irritate; annoy; provoke:
having resources, information, and attitudes that lead to action to achieve a desired goal
traditional family relationship
share a lot
self-disclosure becomes more common, less formal relationship
Deliberate or conscious neglect; negligence; delinquency.
why we use symbols (inform, persuade)
Goal Setting
Establish criteria to evaluate alternatives
does it make sense? have enough time?
Communication is three things:
Inescapable, irreversible, complicated.
identifying two unacceptable options and assuming that htey are only alternatives
false dilemma
the process of translating your thoughts into words
Changing the subject, frequent interruptions, or seeming to be too busy affects communication by:
creating barriers
denotative meaning
dictionary meaning of a word
clear, transparent, or pellucid, as water, crystal, or air:
unmarried to married sex ratio
32 - 1
definiton by classification
"dictionary definition" constructed by first placing a term in the general class to which it belongs and then differentiating it from all other members of that class
The art of discovering all available means of persuasion - Refers to PERSUASIVE COMMUNICATION
imposing consistency
We overestimate the consistency and constancy of other’s behavior.
one of eight questions to determine topic merit: can the problem really be _______?
Marxist Approaches
	Media contain images favorable to the ruling class that owns the media.
	Audience uncritically consume these images and adopt this favorable view.Critical Perspective on Media Content
communication as the root of the conflict between the african american customers and the korean immigrant retailers
collection of methods, skills, and activities necessary to determine whether a service is needed, likely to be used, conducted as planned, and actually helps people,
program evaluation
Pitfalls of Media Kits
-getting reporters to review!-budget-PDF file is most effective
showing others how you regard their message
the elevation or exaltation of a person to the rank of a god.
Stance indicators
clues used to infer what another person's attitude-his or her stance- is likely to be
what is exposed in public should be felt in private
One of the 4 categories of norms. These are the appropriate behavior regarding your role in the group.
sunk cost
An investment or loss of resources that cannot be recouped by current or future actions.
specifies procedures that allow one to experience or measure a concept
operational definition
Elaboration Likelihood Model
-explains persuasion by likelihood of a person to elaborate
-2 routes:
1) Central: careful thinking (stronger, lasts longer, more predictive)
2) Peripheral: without careful though
-2 factors affect elaboration: motivation & ability
negative face
our desire that others refrain from imposing their will on us, respect our individ. and our uniqueness, and avoid interfering with our actions or beliefs.
Nativist approach theory?
Children are equipped with a “Language Acquisition Device”-LAD
Name 4 environmental factors
1. geologic- water2. biologic- rodents, animals, plants3. socioeconomic- climate, natural resources, housing, education status
Speaking impromptu
with little or no preparation, used when someone wants you to say a few words about something, people will sympathize with you if and only if you're somewhat clear with little vocalized pauses
Benjamin Franklin
Who was the first person to use illustrations in newspaper ads
hypothetical illustration
example that might happen but that has not actually occurred
group output
The endpoint or final product, can be different for different types of groups (e.g. performance, decision, project completion, etc.)
individual role
a role that focuses attention on the individual rather than on the group
Post-Meeting Reaction (PMR)
a questionnaire designed to assess the success of a meeting by collecting written reactions from participants
True or False: a hit must be confirmed before an officer arrests a wanted person or recovers a missing person or stolen property.
spiral of silence
why people become unwilling to express what they perceive to be a minority opinion
Characteristics of modern advertising- Repition
Belief in repetition things become familiar to us and that familiarity becomes comforting and we begin to make choices based on that familiarity. That you will default into buying them
used to measure the meaning an item has to an individual; bi-polar adjectives are used: pleasant vs. unpleasant
semantic differential scales
If you phrase a question so that the patient will answer "yes" or "no" it tends to do what to communication?
end communication
Douglas Kellner argues that during the Gulf War, the media
All of the above
Know the difference between advertising and public relations.
- Advertising is any form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, and services usually paid for by an identified sponsor. - Public relations serves a management function. It literally deals with the functions of the public. PR firms plan strategies and are concerned with public image
What do theory X managers believe?
in the traditional structre, control, money approach to increas work productivity.
1) it is dynamic2) it is unrepeatable and irreversible
what are i.e. of things that can cause osteoporosis
2. alcohol
3. long-term corticosteroid use; 4.hypogonadism;
5.organ transplantation;
6.celiac disease
7.pancreatic insufficiency
8. chronic liver disease
9. diabetes;
11. psychotropic drugs



Mass Comm



is mediated form of communication. The source of
the message in communicated through a print channel, an electronic channel,
digital channel, and these channels are between the message and the audience.
Not direct communication like interpersonal. The audience has little or no
control from where the source is coming from. The source is anonymous to the
audience. It is the most expensive form of comm. doesn’t really allow immediate feedback
What are the two main problems with Aristotle's Rhetoric?
Audience is seen as passive (focuses only on speaker) and does not address importance of situation (context and situational factors greatly affect power of speech/ speaker)
Pastry shop
att argumentara
to argue
Ted Turner
Who founded WTBS?
Terminal Values
external desirable values
persuasive and powerfu; in speech
the deliberate psychological process by which we receive, understand, and retain aural stimuli
The source of a message
Barthes labeled the ideological baggage that signs can carry as
hälsa från någon
to pass on greetings
main idea
key points of the speech
the relationship stage during which communication is at a standstill
lack of understanding, wording issue, simple conflict
communication competence
both effective and appropriate. ability to achieve one's goals in an acceptable manner. competence is situational, can be learned
Family Medical Leave Act-unpaid leave for up to 12 weeks-company size = 50 + employees-if: family member is sick, you're really sick, maternity leave, family going to serve duty
To combine research efforts:
meta analysis, traingulation
the final resolution of the intricacies of a plot, as of a drama or novel.
Griffins 3 views of theory
Socio-Psychological Traditon- communication is interpersonal interaction. Rhetorical Tradition- communication as artful public address. Critical Tradition- Communication reflective challenge of unjust discourse
What was the solution to electric communication and the central control hub?
minor premise
specific statement about an example that is linked to the major premise; the second element of a syllogism
public communication
communication defined to inform or persuade audience members
Interpersonal variables
Factors that impact a reciever's interpretation of a message, such as a biases.
Pertaining to the belief that moral behavior varies among individuals, groups, cultures, and across situations.
the nonword sounds and nonword characteristics of language such as pitch volume rate and quality
vocal cues
a comparison of two unlike things using the words \"like\" or \"as\"
indicating someone is indebted to you, so they must conform to their request
A diabetes client group has successfully lowered their insulin needs through a combination of diet and exercise.The nurse designs an overall group diet plan for the group to follow.This is an example of what kind of prevention?
tertiary prevention
William Gibson coined the phrase “cyberspace” in his 1984 book Neuromancer Gibson on cyberspace: “an expression of the hippie ideals of freedom and self-expression” also credited with the word cyberpunk
american model
objective, the truth wins, let people decide what they believe, libertarian
Self esteem
Your over all evaluation of your competence and personal worthiness
Who wrote one of the first treatments of rhetoric in the vernacular and also began to give serious attention to emotional appeals
"you" messages
a response that places blame on another person
state of nothingness to a state of something-creating an attitude, belief or behavior where nothing previously exists -example: who you are going to vote for? "nobody, haven't thought yet" -> then you want to shape their opinion on who to vote for
Role Expectations
The expectation that one will perform in a particular way because of the social role they occupy. (when you get pulled over, you have an expected role to play, and if you don't play that role correctly the police officer may get the wrong vibe, and arrest you)
within-group diversity
the presence of observable and or implicit differences among group members
failure to act as an ordinary, prudent person; conduct contrary to that of a reasonable person under a specific circumstance.
Pitfalls of newsletters
-limited success if hastily produced and careless-budget constraints-can appear biased
signals that serve as stimuli for a receiver
a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web regarded as a single entity, usually maintained by one person or organization and devoted to a single topic or several closely related topics.
Consumer to consumer (C2C)
Involves one consumer selling directly to another.
high context cultures/characteristics (2)
1. verbal communication is often ambiguous and meaning is drawn from contextual cues, not explicitly stated (voice, facial cues)2. china, japan, south korea, taiwan (asian countries)
social exchange theory
ppl make relational decisions to get the most reward for the least cost
self-centered functions
behaviors that serve the needs of the individual at the expense of the group
What term refers to the total of all the ideas, beliefs, values, attitudes, and objects that a group of people possess and their customs?
A delivery style in which a speaker delivers a speech with little or no planning or preparation
Impromtu Delivery
nodes and links - as you think of one thing, you're primed to think of another ...... ideas and cognitions are linked together.
Tit for Tat (TFT)
A bargaining strategy that begins with cooperation, but then imitates the other person's choice so the cooperation is met with cooperation and competition with competition.
Claims of Conjecture 279
-suggests that something will or will not happen
what is horizontal communication?
message that flow between people fo the same status or rank.
What effects did these mishaps have?
-Media outlets now regularly have delays, so there’s about a 5 second delay while watching things like football games.-removal or entertainers or shows from the air because they dont want to run the risk of getting fined-regularly the case now that certain songs do not get played between 6am-10pm. for fear the lyrics will be construed as sexual or profane.
In demonstration speechs, speaking slowly...
Helps the listeners to follow the speech
eight b a b i e s is a lot
What is the thyroid cartilage?
forms the front and sides of the larynx
elaboration likelihood model (ELM) of persuasion
theory that people can be persuaded by logic, evidence, and reasoning, or through a more peripheral route that may depend on the credibililty of the speaker, the sheer number of arguments presented, or emotional appeals
Muted group theory has been criticized because it
Is difficult to prove the assumption that men are trying to control women
A common reason for a person to lose a job is because of what?
failure to be a team player
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