Communications Midterm 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
contains ads
unsolicited commercial e-mail
without contents; empty:
female leadership
relational, cooperative, democratic.
Bill Gates
Who is created Microsoft?
print or broadcast
allows for more information processing
written disadvantages
time consuminglack feedbackwrong interpretation
inherently relational
interpersonal communication takes place in a relationship, it impacts the relationship and defines the relationship
Ben Harris
Who wrote the first newspaper?
first stage in deterioration of relationship then the beliefs, attitudes,and values that distinguished you from your partner come to dominate your thoughts and commnunication
Which adapter category includes people who are adventuresome and ready to try new things?
Know aerobic listening
- includes 4 skills:1. Concentrating2. Acknowledging3. Respecting4. Empathizing
Gabriel Tarde
(Early 1910s) Important Precursor Study
	Studied effects of reading about crimes.
		Publicity lead to ‘copy-cat crimes’
		Does reading about punishment deter people from committing similar crime?
sociologist - dynamics of group communication (sweetbreads guy)
When did Radio go commercial?
Roaring 20s
For interactionalists, what is required for the self to develop
Social Interaction
What is the top internet service provider?
Is the degree of liking or attractiveness in a relationship
the repetition of a consonant sound (usually the first consonant) several times in a phrase, clause, or sentence
an assumption with varying degrees of accuracy
conflict triggered by a lack of understanding and miscommunication
a coordinated small group of people organized to work together to achieve a specific common goal
Nike and Michael

Most recognizable athlete 

Flies with sneakers

Hype the athlete, not the product 

A message phrased to show we understand that our feelings belong to us and aren't cause by someone else.
Behavioral Approach Theory?
Language is learned, conditioned behavior
Content analysis cons
incomplete picture (limited to categories), no evidence of media effects
the study of the origin, nature, method, and limits of knowledge
coincidence (n)
two or more things occurring together at the same time by chance
System software
consists of programs to control the operations of computer equipment.
statement about what a term means or how it is applied in a specific instance
uncertainty reduction theory
theory that claims people seek information in order to reduce uncertainty, thus providing control and predictability
Social formation
The meaning process of individuals in a society, as influence by their class positions
small group communication
the transactive process of creating meaning among three to fifteen people who share a common purpose, feel a sense of belonging to the group, and exert influence on each other
leaders who take almost no initiative in structuring a group discussion
autocratic leaders
application of a test to people who are as yet asymptomatic for the purpose of classifying them with respect to their likelihood of having a particular disease.
a community that is in the countryside
rural community
A community health nurse has set up evening workshops on money management and budget strategies in conjunction with a local clinic, which serves a large homeless population. What level of prevention does this represent?
that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief; proof.
Ecological Niches
sum of species use of abiotic and biotic resources in its environment; how organisms fits into the ecosystem
ontological security
the feeling that i can express my agency without fear of consequences
-sense of comfort/knowing what to expect
-capacity to practice within a specific social domain
-high level of security translates into high level of competence, understanding routine processes and enacting them
reward power
power based on a person's ability to satisfy our needs
Systemwide rewards
rewards that apply the same to all people within
an organization or within a specific category or department
When you use a quotation from someone who is not widely known, you should put?
Name, Qualifacations.
A community health nurse is evaluating the effectiveness of a new training program for day care providers. After gathering data about the program, the next step is to:
Interpret the data.
Usenet in 1979
What was the second type of internet in what year?
-mini story
-target or butt
Jokes in the humor genre of entertainment require:
communication apprehension
A fear or an anxiety pertaining to the communication process
Visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA)
A method of hearing assessment in which a child is rewarded for localizing to a test signal through the use of moving toys and/or flashing lights.
Who receives more psychological benefits from a marriage and why?
Men, because wives are a support system for them. Women do most of work in relationship and domestically, so they are getting less back than men.
examination of the level of client and provider satisfaction with a program.
evaluation of program effectiveness
The relational dialectics approach has been criticized by
Baxter and Montgomery themselves, who agree with charges that the theory lacks prediction or explanation.
What is a figure of speech?
Conveys meaing by comparing one thing with another (that has a familiar meaning)

USED FOR: emphasis, freshness of expression, clarity
What are the side effects for each gender of being raised in a patriarchal society?
Men- false sense of superiority. Women- false sense of inferiority.
A community health nurse is configuring the morbidity rate for breast cancer within a group of factory workers. The nurse would need to know the:
Number of cases of breast cancer among these workers.
What is the key to passive aggressiveness?
If you are pegged as villain, then you lose and victim wins.
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