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Terms Definitions
extended family
participant chooses condition
Voice and body movement
to secure or guarantee:
verbal and nonverbal responses provided by an audience to a speaker
personality traits
indicidulaistic- maker better decisions not in a group.
proposing assistance or conformity with your view, you might make a promise
Enter your back text here.
stages of intimate relationship
COMING TOGETHER initiate..experiment..intensify..integrate..bondCOMING APART differentiate..circumscribe..stagnat..avoiding..terminating
Founder of the interactional theory.
learned system of knowledge, behavior, attitudes, beliefs, values, and norms that is shared by a group of people
feeling what listeners feel and knowing what they think
active listening
involved listening with a purpose
The computer components include the keyboard, central processing unit, disk drive and monitor with display screen. These are called what?
specific ways scholars collect and analyze data
to render utterly perplexed; puzzle completely.
the 2 primary inputs are:
keyboard and mouse
common ground
similarities between a speaker and audience members in attitudes, values, beliefs, or behaviors
sub-stage of the acquaintance stage of relationship development, in which interaction is routine, and basic information is shared.
thin slicing
Observing a small sample of someone’s behavior and then making a generalization about what the person is like.
buzzwords or phrases that are devoid of specific content
Bernard Berelson
Attempted to generalize media effects on public opinion
	Five variables in generalization: There is evidence that..
		Some communication
		on some issues
		on some people
		under some conditions
		have some effects
people struggled to form their personal identities in the house because of the dialectical tensions: private life v. public lifethey were able to construct a different identity through group communication
Dialectical tensions
Meaning is defined through ____ ______.
media discourse
The determination of how material is arranges on a page in eathier portrait of landscape style. On a "8 1/2 x 11" size paper, portrait orenitation has the short side of the paper on the top, landscape has the long side of the paper on top.
Particular others
important people in an individuals life whose opinions and behavior influence various aspects of identity
able to read and write; knowledgeable; educated
marked forms
reveal what speaker believes to be atypical, unusual, or uncertain
"Dot-com" boom
began in 1998 resulting from low interest rates which increased the start-up capital amounts for entreprenuers to start their business online
One of the 2 types of structures. These have to do with formulas for action.
blended family
two adults and their children. because of divorce, separation, death, or adoption, the children may be the offspring of other parents, or of just one of the adults who is raising them
bias can enter through mistakes in observation, data recording, mathemetical computations, and interpretations
experimenter bias
Cognitive Dissonance Theory
-when attitude and actions become inconsistent, the result is anxiety
-attitude change occurs to resolve anxiety
 -attitude and actions must align 

the study of signs and symbols in relation to their from and content.
What is content?
How we convey meaning with words
secondary preventoin examples
adminster ppdtest and counsel for HIVnotify partners and trace contacts
Bar graph
A graph that uses vertical or horizontal bars to show comparison among two or more items. (Showing differences in statistics among race for example)
Leo Burnett
Who made the Marbolo Man and Pillsbury Doughboy
target audience
a specific segment of an audience that you most want to influence
Realistic Group Conflict Theory
A conceptual framework arguing that conflict between groups stems from competition for scarce resouces, including food, territory, wealth, power, natural resources, and energy.
Turning point model
a model of relationship development in which couples move both toward and away from commitment over the course of relationship
people who have thoughts that are inconsistent with the majority will not speak out; the minority can never become the majority
spiral of silence
what is the primary purpose whether dealing with victims, witnesses, or subjects?
to gather information
Network TV Affiliates
NBC, ABC, CBS big three television networks then added number 4 Fox
Shifts in advertising- Shift from description to promotion
Description- set of factual information. Promotion- Words that are used to promote the product and to get us to buy it once so we'll continue to buy it the rest of our lives. No longer trying to fill existing needs, but create new ones.
full-service research supplier participates in:
the design of a studysupervises data collectiontabulates the data and analyzes the results
Cultural diversity refers to the blending of many people from different cultures who are involved in a like activity or setting. Name four differences that might be exhibited.
gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, dress, politics, diet
(any four of the eight, in any order is acceptable)
What term is used to explain how we may limit our thinking by unintentionally filling in the blanks such as assigning a gender to a neutral noun
Default assumption
What does non-verbal communication involve?
Body language, eye contact, and facial expression.
when is direct supervision most useful?
in companies of about 12-50 people
-the bosses still have power of all decisions!!!
French and Raven's Power Bases
Sources of social power in a group, including one’s degree of control over rewards and punishment, authority in the group, attractiveness, expertise, and access to and control over information needed by group members.
What is advertising
Try to get people to feel good about a product and buy it



Selective exposure



means that there’s a tendency among receivers of
mass comm to choose comm. that confirms our own opinions, own values, owns
attitudes. You may choose to get all of your news from Fox and avoid others
like CNN. Why? Because the way that fox does it is most comfortable for u and
it agrees wit wat u believe
What does "loading the dies" or "tipping the scale" mean?
Not being even when it comes to the pro/con speech.
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