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Terms Definitions
three dimensions
The Codex
francois rabelias
benedictine monk
Italian for study
Benvenuto Cellini
Cosimo I
The Mandrake
By Machiavelli
niccolo machianelli
wrote the Prince
Italian word for room
Self-governing political units centered upon an urban area; during the 15th and 16th centuries, they took on various forms of government, including republics such as Venice and oligarchies such as Milan
Conversion of St Paul
Pauline Chapel, Vatican, Rome
Andrea del Verrocchio
Doubting Thomas
commissioned by the tribunal of the Mercanzia for their niche
bought from the Guelf Party
Orsanmichele, Florence
painted classic scenes with nudes
~rebirth of art and learning
Lorenzo Ghiberti
1378-1455 Sculptor, author, metalworker; North bronze doors of the baptistery of Florence Cathedral (1403-1424) ; East bronze doors of the baptistery of Florence Cathedral, AKA Gates of Paradise(1425-1452); worked mostly in bronze
Mongol Yoke
Khanate of Russia=Golden Horde
Mary Magdellan
Donatello, 1455
expression of suffering, hair becomes part of the garment. Blue eyes as well asp elements of old age and instability
cast in wood and guilded
Italian Renaissance Style
John Tetzel
sold indulgences in Germany
Filippino Lippi
Vision of St Bernard
commissioned by Piero del Pugliese
Church of Le Campora
c. 1485-90
Pope Sixtus IV
Built the Vatican Library
devoted to
educating young, influencing princes, faith/ reconverting protestants
short pieces between acts; typically in a comedy; meant to remind audience of the power of the court, associating aristocracy with legendary mythological creatures; musical; often incorporate the court onstage; led to court patronage of set design; short pieces depicting mythological tales; often thematically related to the full-length works they accompanied; popular in 16th century, disappeared in 1600s
a writer who wrote in vernacular
Dante Alighieri
inspired to write in italian
An Italian Renaissance seating unit with arms and a back of the same height
after Baroque: curved rather than straight; Spanish Steps
Pieter Brueghel
paintings showed everyday peasant life; used to critize the intolerance and cruelty he saw
What language do Renaissance writers use?
The Lamentation
1498, Michelangelo
expressed with hand and her face cast down, pyramidal composition, veins in hands and feet, the folds of the dress create the weight needed to support the weight of the dead body, Face much smaller.
Italian Renaissance Style
A term describing "poetic" art, notably Venetian Renaissance paintings, which emphasizes the lyrical and sensual.
painters who developed their own distinct their own distinct style
Giulio Romano
Wedding Feast of Cupid and Psyche
Sala di Psiche, Palazzo del Te, Mantua
commissioned by Federigo Gonzago
Ottoman Empire
overthrew Byzantine empire, scared Italy into city-state wars, bordered Europe closest to Venice
1518 - 1594 Jacopo Robusti; nickname means "little dyer"; major works "The Miracle of St. Mark" & "Christ Before Pilate"
nature of protest
criticism involved protest over meothods of renaissanace popes
"Eccerinus" was the first tragedy of the Renaissance (Mussato)
"the prince"
by Niccolo' Machiavelli, examines the imperfect conduct of human beings. The book explains how a ruler can gain power and keep it in spite of his enemines.
focus on spreading nature of the individual
A type of arabesque that includes animals, birds, or human figures
room with open colonnades along one side i.e. the Vatican by Raphael
William Shakespeare
Popular playwright of the Northern Renaissance. Portrayed personality and human emotion in timeless plays
Ivan III
Great, married Princess Zoe (greek princess from Constantinople), claimed Russia as the third Rome
Baldesar Castiglione
(1478-1529) Directed his writing to the public life of the aspiring elite; wrote "The Courtier"
Hospital of the Innocent
1420 Brunelleschi Florence, Italy
round arch series, for illegitimate children, round depiction of little child, develops law of correspondence, round arch repeated and applies cannon of proportion. secular.
Italian Renaissance Style
the use of shading to enhance naturalness in Renaissance painting
banking society 15th century due to the Medici family
secular studies of classical texts in Italy, not anti-religious, Grammar, rhetoric, moral philosophy, history, Cicero influential classical writer
Baldassare Castigilione
1478 - 1529; humanist and papal diplomat; wrote "The Book of the Courtier"; emphasized the study of classical languages/literature
leonardo de vino
universal man , engineerer than painter ,
3 Unities
1. Time - 24 hour period - audience won't believe anything more
2. Place - anywhere you can go in 24 hours - a better play doesn't go anywhere
3. Action - Aristotle's - no subplots
^^ Foundation for Neoclassical ideas
~ it was about a group waiting for the plague to pass
~mocked the middle ages
Giotto di Bondone
successful painter of frecoes and portraits of religious figures
Dante chair
An X-shaped folking chair with the X-frame going from side to side on both the front and back.
single scale
one system for determining the sizes of figures and/or objects in a work of art used consistently throughout—e.g. if a one-foot figure in the work of art stands for a six-foot man in the real world, this size relationship is consistently applied throughout the work (thus, all objects and/or figures "make sense" in comparison to one another)
Standard of living
measurement of the quality of life
Sistine Chapel
Pope Julius II hires MichelAngelo to decorate ceiling and lunettes, 9 scenes of Genesis
Pope Paul III michelangelo makes fresco of Last Judgment on rear wall
What characterizes this idea?
-studied classical texts, history, literature, philosophy
-more portraits being painted
The Signoria of Venice was the supreme body of government of the Republic of Venice
Allegory of Spring
1475 Botticilli
commissioned by the Medicinever entitled named later, looked at from right to left, various levels the month of the years rep as women, mercury with september clothing has flames of love, garden with 350 diff. types of flowers all symbolic of love, fertility, venus of the land/ humanity. Fiorenzia (to bloom) spring, florence means spring, to educate children in Medici family as well as turn Florence into new athens (rebirth), halo effect around central women.
Italian Renaissance Style
flying machines used to bring in or out heavenly bodies
Lorezno Chiberti
1378 - 1455; created the bronze doors of the Florence baptistrey ("The Gates of Paradise"
Pope Pius II
1458 - 1464 devoted humanist deticated to preservation of ancient Roman structures
north german princes support
polictical and economic reasons (get church property)
the prince by machiavelli
political theorist that believed in having a kind demeanor but being cutthroat behind the scenes
 Influence of Commedia
 Stock characters
 Modern clowns and physical actors
recessed space in wall meant to hold a statue/ornament
How long did it take Ghiberti to complete?
27 years
The Feast of Herod
Donatello, 1425
depicts the dance of seven veils as well as the head of John the Baptist upon a platter.
For Baptistry in Florence about John the Baptist
guilded bronze
Italian Renaissance Style
"The Book of the Courtier"
1518 by Castigilione; presented the rules of gentlemanly behavior, with focus on Greek/Latin, able to write, speak well, entertain, etc.
oppositon of protestan movement
no humanists joined it , criticised luther
String courses
A row of masonry of a different color of material or on a different plane used to visually identify on the exterior the various interior levels of a building
Pico della Mirandola
(1463 - 1494) Wrote "Oration on the Dignity of Man" in 1486; believed that people could perfect their existence on earth because humans were divinely endowed with the capacity to determine their own fate
Structure of Intermezzi
1 before show, 1 between every act, 1 at end of show; series of 6 - entirely spectacle-driven and allegorical; generally wordless
Blind Windows
An area of a wall that has the outline and moldings of a window but without an opening or glazing
"universal man." or a "Renaissance men."
A man who excelled in many fields
big major nono of Louis V
should never had consented to the ruin of Venice, venetians powerful, they could've kept attacks back
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