Journalism Vocabulary Flashcards

Terms Definitions
the story
consumer publications
Time, Glamour
Invented the printing press
Definition: Generalized beliefs about a group that are widely held within a particular culture. Stereotyping can occur through either exclusion or inclusion of certain groups of people from media contentsTypical stereotyped groups of people: Women, Elderly, Racial / Ethnic minoritiesEffects: Limit personal growth / Depersonalize / Justify unfair conditions in society / Limit social interaction
Philosophies of:
-The Need For Newspapers
material, considered of secondary importance, used to fill out a column or page
Media effect
Scope: individuals, institutions, and society as a wholeLevel: exposure, perception, attitudes, and behaviors
selecting facts that support the argument.
advertising style
-plain talk: using natural/simple language
-tall-talk: making large claims about your product
a representation or image, esp. sculptured, as on a monument.
severe in manner or appearance; uncompromising; strict; forbidding:
the day shift of a newspaper
language that appeals to the five senses; creating pictures with words
5 source documents
checks, sales invoice, receipts, calculator tapes, memoramndums
general synopsis of the most important facts of the story.
third-party advocacy
-most widely used PR scheme
-experts are taken literally
-people blindly believe them
-experts represent PR people
an apartment in or a building connected with a church or a religious house, in which the sacred vessels, vestments, etc., are kept.
a movable barrier, usually on hinges, closing an opening in a fence, wall, or other enclosure.
an employee of a newspaper who separates copy into takes to facilitate printing
spot news
the latest news, reported immediately, or news that occurs unexpectedly
words that sound like they are spelled and create aural imagery like fizz and whirr
a form tht describes the goods or services sold, the quantity and the price
anonymous source
source whos name is changed or omitted in story to avoid sensitivity
An element of news that includes people or events with which the audience can identify; stories that are just interesting
passive people meters
use cameralike device and computer attached to top of TV set in Nielsen homes and uses Pattern Recognition technology to record viewing and viewer info -- supposed to be operational by 2000
a gradation or variety of a color; tint:
a member of a newspaper staff who processes news and prepares copy, usually from information telephoned in by reporters.
release copy
an notice or announcement issued in advance for publication or broadcast, bearing a release date, or the copy it contains
Cinema Verite
"film truth." A term applied to the documentary films in which there is a truthful live encounter between the filmmaker and the films subject
A radio program that vividly described an invasion of the Earth by aliens, resulting in mass panic among the listeners on Halloween Eve of 1938
War of the Worlds
This element appears a the top of the page of a newspaper and includes the papers name
radio act of 1927
government gained control of the airwaves
a thin strip of type metal or brass less than type-high, used for increasing the space between lines of type.
time copy
written material set in type and held for future use
Top 2 companies in individual media industry
Music: Sony, BertelsmannCable: Comcast, AOL Time WarnerRadio: Clear Channel, Infinity (Viacom)
libertarian theory
idea that people who are given all the info on something will be able to decide what is true and false and make good choices
jump line
a line of type identifying the page on or from which a newspaper story is continued
Rating and Share
Rating: % of homes tuned to a program at the time of measureShare: % of homes tuned to a program among homes actually using TV sets at the time of measure
Impact of 1996 Telecommunications Act on cable industry
Allow a telephone company, a long distance carrier, and a cable company to enter one another’s market. Also allowed local television or radio station owners and newspaper owners to run a cable company in the same local market.
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