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no orthodox
common era
early venecular
Jewish "lore"
use some traditions
Called God "El".
rosh hashana
new year
meal after passover
the 3 Jewish books
Jewish place of worship
jews living in judea
The Jewish circumcision ritual.
Rosh Hashanah
Jewish New Year
worshipping an image or idol
Scared writings of Judaism, Traditions, Main book
an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC by maccabee rebels
gifts given 9 candles
an "observer" of the Commandments.
religiouse teachers who later interpreted the code
(Judaism) a Jewish festival (traditionally 8 days) celebrating the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt
"one attached"
a wandering soul that has possessed a living being.
emphasized observation of biblical rules, focused on hebrew worships
means tradition, especially the medieval mystical tradition of which the Zohar is the central text
the collection of ancient rabbinic writings on Jewish law and tradition (the Mishna and the Gemara) that constitute the basis of religious authority in Orthodox Judaism
Worship wear
-Kippah: skull cap
-Tallith: prayer shawl and had a numerical value of 600 so with strands and knots makes 613 which represents mitzvot( commandments of the Torah)
Tefillin: Shema in box worn on head and arms( 7 strands of leather)
teacher; the ordained spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation
the skullcap worn by devout males
What is God called in Hebrew?
Reincarnation or metempsychosis into a different body in the next life, according to the doctrines of the Kabbalah
7 weeks after passover. agricultural holiday commemorates reciept of the 10 commandments. 1-2 days long
From a Greek root meaning “assembly.” The most widely accepted term for a Jewish house of worship.
Hypothesis that there were four authors of the torah. J author wrote Genesis, E wrote exodus, P wrote leviticus and D wrote dueteronomy
cyrus the great
king of Persia 558?–529: founder of the Persian empire.
Literally, "hear"; the name for Israel's fundamental confession of faith.
Hebrew for "mass destruction" this is another term sometimes used for the holocaust
Moses Maimonides
God, prophets, law, judgment, messiah, resurrection
what year did jewish gain their independence
the person who helped free the Israelites form slavery in Egypt
3 main forms of Judaism
Orthodox, Reform, Conservative
anti semitism
hostility toward jews and judaism; ranges from attitudes of disfavor to active persecution
Day of rest (Friday night till Saturday night)
Israel and Judah
Problems - idolatry, adultery, oppression of poor, religious formalism.
the persecution of Jews by German Nazis 1933 - 1945, resulting in the murder of 6 million.
Reform Judaism
Judaism marked by ongoing development in relation to historical and geographical context; women can be rabbis; emphasis on Ethical Monotheism and social justice (the Prophets)
What does Passover celebrate?
God sparing the Jews
About Sabbath/Shabbat?
Sundown Friday until Saturday night. Includes synagogue service. Certain activities are prohibited while others are encouraged.
divine…3 assumptions: 1) there is a god; 2) certain people (prophets) thru whom god speaks; 3) a message
kosher (kashrut)
Dietary restrictions observed by the Jewish community; refers to food that has been ritually cleaned and prepared according to the laws of the Torah.
70 A.D.
Destruction of Second Temple in Jerusalem (Johannah ben Zakkai)
Name for God as revealed to Moses
In biblical times, the hill in Jerusalem where the temple stood as God’s dwelling place, by extension, the land of the Israelites as the place of God’s favour, in modern times the goal of the Jewish migration and nation-state settlement.
skull cap
a small, brimless close-fitting cap, often made of silk or velvet, worn on the crown of the head, as for religious functions.
bat mitzvah
a solemn ceremony, chiefly among Reform and Conservative Jews, that is held in the synagogue on Friday night or Saturday morning to admit formally as an adult member of the Jewish community a girl 12 to 13 years old.
Those Jews who come from Europe, especially eastern Europe
The spiritual head of a Hasidic community.
language that is read from the right to the left
the legal part of jewish religion that was developed in rabbinic writings; became part of the gemarah which is part of the talmud
high god, father god - name means god
Hasidic Judaism
Orthodox Jews, dress the way people did in the 18th century
a form of Judaism that arose in eighteenth century eastern Europe and emphasizes mysticism, a personal relationship with God and the community, and the leadership of the zaddik
10 Commandments
The laws of the Jewish people- provides a code of morals for Jews
Jewish legal decision and the parts of the Talmud dealing with laws
What percent of the US still practices Judaism?
What is the Hebrew bible called
Tanakh, or Torah
About New Year/Rosh Hashanah?
Symbolizes death/renewal. Occurs of first of month of Tishri.
Pittsburgh Platform
- 1885- expresses ethic in Reform Judaism- said Jews have a role in shaping what Judaism looks like in the modern world
Most important event in the history of Judaism; departure of Hebrew slaves from Egypt under the leadership of Moses.
When was the death of Solomon?
(10th c. BCE)
Built the First Temple so God's laws could be carried out
The language spoke by many central and eastern European Jews in recent centuries; though it is written in Hebrew characters and contains some words derived from Hebrew, it is essentially German in its basic structure and vocabulary.
solar day
the interval of light between two successive nights; the time between sunrise and sunset:
Hoshana Rabba
"The great Hossanna" the seventh day of Succoth, on which prayers are said for a good harvest cycle
King David
The 2nd king os Israel. One of Israel's powerful kings.
U.S. and Israel
Following the Shoah, the centers of Jewish life moved to...
Pray 3 times a day (morning, noon, and evening)
In synagogues
first of the three kings ; had success in driving the Philistines out of the central hills of palestine; portrayed in the bible as a tragic man
sephardic jews
-one thought to exist in mythic land of Sephar which is thought to be Spain
-language=spanish mixed w Hebrew
Bar Kokhba Revolt
- 132-135 CE- Roman ruler established a place in Jerusalem for Jews to rebuild Temple- when Hadrian left, Jews rebelled for \"the freedom of Israel\"- Romans fought back, demolishing cities, withholding food, eventually winning- changed city's name from Judah to Syria
conservative judaism
a branch of judaism that attempts to blend the best of old and new Judasm
Geonic Period
(500 to 1800 CE)

Rashi - France. edited version of the Talmud that has come down to modern times. Commentaries on the Bible and the Talmud

Rambam - Egypt. a.k.a. Maimonides. Religious scholar and Physician. Commentary on the Mishnah, Mishnah Torah, Guide to the perplexed

Ramban - Spain. a.k.a Nachmanides. Talmud scholar of great importance

Rabbi Joseph Caro -- Spain. Shulhan Aruch -- code book of Jewish Law

Israel ben Eliezer - Baal Shem Tov -- the "Besht" -- Hassidic practice. Irrationalist or Kabala
the first son of Adam and Eve, who murdered his brother Abel. Gen. 4.
The part of the oral Torah which is law.
The belief in one and only one God is known as...
what scriptural book resulted?
the cannon of the land of Israel
A person whose mother was a Jew or who has converted to Judaism.
the star of david
the six pointed star that is also called the shield of david and is believed to have been davids personal emblem
Oral Torah (Oral Law)
The laws God gave Moses at Mount Sinai, which were memorized and passed down orally to successive generations of rabbis.
Why do observant Jews avoid pronouncing the divine name? How is the name written?
Worshiping their God so deeply and constantly, observant Jews the avoid pronouncing the divine name because they consider it too holy to be spoken by human beings. The name is written YHWH, but pronounced Yahweh (Hebrew had no vowels). However, when they come across the name while reading the Bible, they say "the Lord" instead of the actual name.
The five books of the Torah are
a. traditionally believed to have been revealed directly by God to Moses
b. the central statement of Judaism's religious laws
How did Abraham and Moses act as leaders of the chosen people?
They acted as leaders because god gave them a difficult task but they accepted the challenge.
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