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Terms Definitions
official change?
dividing districts "odd-shapedly"
No slavery
Amendment 13
Amendment 19
Woman Suffrage
State slogan...
Land of Lincoln
White Anglo-Saxon and Protestant,
reject a bill Congress proposes
Lt. Governor of Illinois...
no one
How many articles are there?
How is the President elected?
Article 7
Ratification of the Constitution
Who appoints the federal judges?
Mayflower Compact
established tradition of direct democracy that remained strong in New England (1620 Plymouth)
There are ______ Representative districts in Illinois. We live in the ______ district, and our State Representative is ___________ _________.
David Leitch
defends states form attack from foreighn countries
Senators are in the .... branch
George Washington
elected president of the Constitutional Convention.
4 years
the term of a President?
Senate has what age requirement?
30 years
_______ are rules of conduct that citizens must follow.
purpose of government
provides stability, makes laws, provides services, and keeps order
Number of states that sent delegates to Philadelphia to fix the Articles of Confederation.
A delay tacitc used in the senate
Supreme Court
who can declare a law unconstitutional?
Great Compromise
Agreement worked out at the Constitutional Convention where states population would determine representation in lower house and equal representation by state in upper house of legislature.
state government
under the Articles of Confederation, which government had more power, state or federal government?
True/False - the President must be born in the United States?
3rd Amendment
Can't lodge troops in private homes
Amendment 6
Right to a Speedy, Public Trial
The freedoms included in the Bill of Rights in the First Amenment.
1. _____________
2. _____________
3. _____________
4. _____________
5. _____________
ruling in an earlier case that was similar (example)
The U.S. flag dates back to the...
Revolutionary War
Patrick Henry
Wanted to keep the Articles of Confederation.
sates of 13 needed to vot on constitution
What is Aricle I about in the Constitution?
How many justices are on the Supreme Court?
if a bill is appoved by Congress, where does the bill go next?
How many senators are there in the U.S.?
amendment 1
what amendment says that we have freedom of the press?
Amendment 8
which amendment says there is no excessive fines or bails?
popular sovereignty
the idea that people are not controlled by others and being independent against tyranny, people can change or abolish their government
Virginia Plan
-written by Edmund Randolph and james Madison
-called for powerful, central, three branched gov.(legislative, executive, and judicial)
-bicameral legislature with one house elected directly by people, the other chosen by officials
-large states given more representation than smaller states
-legislative branch to have power to choose exectutive(president would be elected for 7 years
Which Amendment protects the rights of the accused to have a prompt trial with unbiased jury, and lawyer representation?
Amendment 6
The first ten amendments to the Constution are called the _______ ___ ______________.
Bill of
In an impeachment situation the House of Reps does what?
brings the charges
Articals of Confederation
What was the first document called that governed our country but was too weak and had to be rewritten?
In our system of Checks and Balances who has a lifetime appointment?
Federal Judges
Override Veto
In the process of law making what power does the Legislative branch have over the Executive branch?
27 amendments
how many amendments have been added to the Constitution?
Legislative Branch
The main job is to make the laws
Vice President
if the President dies in office, who becomes the President?
amendment 2
what amendment says we have the right to bear arms and own a gun?
double jeopardy
person cannot be tried for the same crime twice
How long does Senate members have to be U.S. citizens?
9 years.
What writing did Hamilton, Jay, and Madison compose in favor of the Constitution?
The Federalist Papers
first paragraph of section 9
slave trade. never mentioned it specifically
Guarantees the right to a jury trial in a civil case
Amendment VII (7)
Where are the Enumerated Powers of Congress?
Article 1 Section 8
Line Item Veto
Power of executive branch to veto a part of a bill presented by Congress, without vetoing the whole bill.
James Madison
who is known as the Father of the Constitution?
checks and balances
A system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other branches in order to prevent abuse of power
What are the 3 branches of government?
Legislative, Executive and Judicial
Which amendment states: The right to bear arms.
Amendment II (Amendment 2)
Amendments can be proposed by
2/3 vote of each house of Congress
Selective Service
what must males at the age of 18 years old register for?
1st Step of Presidential Election
People vote during the state primaries and caucuses to choose a leader from each party
What is the main duty of the judicial branch?
To interpret laws
In which body is the jucicial power of the United States vested
the Supreme Court
How can the president check the Judicial Branch
Appoints judges on the supreme court
census every 10 years
How do we know the population of each state?
Who is the main officer of the House of Representatives?
Speaker of the House
How old must a member of the US Senate be
30 years old
elected by the voters of the state
How do senators get their offices (become a senator)?
What are the duties of the Senate only?
1. Approve president's appointments 2. Approve treaties 3. Jury in impeachment trials
What is the Premable, and what does it list?
the introduction, lists the major rules for the nation
the governor of the state will call for a special election
What happens if a representative dies in office, or for some other reason must vacate their office?
Why is the Constitution is called a "living document"
Changed by amendments & applied to our times
Make sure no one branch or person was too powerful
The system of Checks and Balances was established to .....
How do you pass an amendment? be able explain the process.
There are two ways to propose a new amendment.
1. Proposed by a 2/3 vote of each house of congress
2. Proposed by a national constitutional by at least 2/3 of state legislature.
There are then two ways to ratify (or accept) an amendment.
1. ratified by at least 3/4 of the state legislature.
2. ratified by a specially called convention in at least 3/4 of the states
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