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Terms Definitions
Negative Campaigning
Military illegally bombed, caused scandal in the Nixon Administration
Dharma Bombs
Written by Jack Kerwak
Vietnam Communist. Soviet Union People
Viet Minh
declared themselves Communists. Vietnam Independence League.
Executive Privilege
Nixon failed at claiming this
Nixon resigns and Ford takes over,
Clinton's Second Term
Disaster in every aspect,
Were switching to being republicans over issues like abortion
Tactical Level
concerned with success of mission-safety of soldiers
Buddhist uprisings
Mass uprising against the buddhists
Secretary of State that heavily influenced foreign policy during the Nixon Administration
Cuban revolutionary that brought communism 90 miles from our shores
Fidel Castro
Green Berets
Army Special forces-sent to vietnam, trained the south vietnamese to become like the US army
Reagan ordered US troops but wouldn't allow them to load their guns. Hezbollah drove a truck full of C4 and rammed it into marines killing 274.
General Groves
testified against Oppenheimer with the chevalier incident
Black section of LA-goes up in flames-34 dead. Huge disturbance for LBJ
Betty Friedan
A feminine Mystigue-claimed women were in a concentration camp and preventeed from knowing who women were.
Hermann Goring
successful pilot during WWI, suppossed to be success to Hitler, tried to assasinate him
Jack Kerwak
On The Road-famous with Jack Cassidy.
derogatory term used after sputnik to show it was against American culture
Daniel Ellsberg
worked for Research and Development corporation and CREEP(committee to reelect the president
Draft. 9% favored a draft. From 1965-1973 1 million+ joined the army on the basis of conscription. By 1970, 39% were drafted and only 22% were signed up.
Strategic Level
assign the missions and instate universal policies-concerned with success of war/theater/campaign
Silent Majority
Coined by Richard Nixon-referred to the silent conservatives in the country that were not causing problems. Helped him gain support greatly.
led to the downfall of nixon. Committee to ReElect the President. Broke into the DNC headquarters at the Watergate building and bugged it.
Rachel Jackson
Wife of Andrew Jackson, labeled adulterous and bigamous.
Evil Empire
Reagan's endearing term for the USSR
politics of reality, how something is, not how it ought to be. Dislike nixon personally, but served as secretary of state.
Winston Churchill spoke out against the Soviets taking satellite nations by calling it....
Iron Curtain
This heart-throb rebel bridge the African American influenced blues with the white mainstream
Elvis Presley
Nixons Secret bombings of this country sent americans out to protest
During the Saturday Night Massacre, Nixon fired 3 people for refusing to fire his special prosecutor
Achanald Cox
Brady Bill
restricted the sale of guns and assault rifles.
Vatican II
called by Pope JPII, the 23rd ecumenical council in Church History. There were 216 electors. Members of the council debated issues and differences of opinion.
Miranda Clause
you have the right to remain silent-requires police to recite the rights of a suspect-created under the 4th amendment
Rodney King
beaten by police officers on camera. Caused many riots.
China Syndrome
the meltdown that occurred at a nuclear powerplant
Pierre de Fronce
socialist who agreed to leave Indo-China after the battle of Dienbienphu
Port Huron Declaration
created the manifesto of the SDS(students for a democratic society). Didn't believe in communism but communalism(sharing and harmony). Relied heavily on music.
Conservative Egalitarianism
How reagan responded to accusations of transferring wealth from the poor to the rich.
President Webb
Served on the tribunal and announced the verdict
JFK Administration
Oppose communism, keep up with the truman doctrine
Ivy Mike Test
Test of the Hydrogen Bomb-more powerful than the bombs dropped on hiroshima
Dixie Crats
Became republicans in 1968 and voted with Nixon. Nixon consulted with Strom Thurmon, Jesse Helms and Richard Russel. Nixon sold them on the idea of patriotism and smaller government.
Recognition of the State of Israel
May 14, 1948
Hood v. Casey
1992, provided rules which abortion providers must provide of a persons age.
American School of Theoretical Physics
Founded by Robert Oppenheimer.
Policy to pledge support for free peoples resisting communism was the
Truman Doctrine
American public soured on Vietnam by this failed Vietcong offensive
Tet Offensive
This former white house counselor told the Watergate committee that Nixon was involved in the cover up of the Watergate Scandal from the beginning
John Dean
Clark Clifford
Took over as Secretary of State after McNamara left
Timothy Leary
Turn On, tune in, drop out. Advocated LSD and other psychadelics
Vietnam Independence League
Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. were made up of communists and non communists. Wanted to create a coalition of the viet minh
Berlin Wall
Soviets built this as a result of Check Point Charlie
War on Korea
Maggie Higgins book about the Korean War
Camp David Accords
Jimmy Carter brought Anwar Sudat and Menachem together. Begin to make an accord of peace between israel and egypt. Sudat was murdered after he made this agreement by the Muslim Brotherhood
the Ugly American
how JFK based his foreign policy. American shouldn't think that they own the place.
George Wallace
Ran against Nixon and was a threat. Appealed to the working white class in the South. Was a segregationist and eventually shot.
Office of Economic Opportunity
attempt to stimulate the poor, backfired by radicalizing activists. The Fed. ended up paying radicals to attack govt. institutions OEO was underfunded and could not provide what LBJ had promised.
Gideon v. Wainwright
criminals get free legal counsel if they cannot afford it
Nixon v. NYT
intended to prevent the NYT from publishing information related to national security. Made nixon extremely angry with the press.
International Military Tribunal
were concerned with trying those in conspiracies. There was a judge and attorney general from each country involved.
Profiles in Courage
Book by JFK-becomes a bestseller. How politicians face situations opposed by their constituents
Reagans Objective
to dismantle the new deal and great society as much as possible
Iran Hostage Crisis
brought down the carter admin. So called students took the US embassy over and kept people for 444 days in Tehran, Iran. The hostages were finally released.
J. Fred McDonald
Behind the Television in the Red Menace
Elijah Muhammed
Created the Nation of Islam in America with members who were criminals. Believed in total separation of races. Started murdering and eating their own children and murdered Malcom X, when he said that white folks were not as bad as he had thought.
The Korean was started when
North Korea invaded South Korea
The debate between Nixon and Kennedy was important because..
First televised debate
Boris Yeltzin
his policy was to convert the USSR to being an ally rather an enemy.
Doctrinal/Political Level
doctrine is a statement of the role of the military; economic restrictions, culture, priorities and threats determine the doctrine of a military.
Franz Von Papen
ambassador to turkey, but was loyal to the nazi party
Contract with AMerica
Set out to enact term limits, reform welfare, lower taxes, lower spending, etc. Helped the republicans win the house and gain seats in the senate
Robert McNamara
forced out of office and went to work for the world bank.
Civil Right;s leader shot in Memphis on April 4, 1968
Martin Luther King Jr.
Walt Whitman and David Thoreau
Living out in the woods-how the beatniks paralleled their lives
Age of Liberation
Caused a sense of loss in 1974 because of cultural revolutions in the 1960s
Television in the Red Menace
J. Fred McDonald wrote it. Used the high viewership of Americans to influence the culture.
The U.S. supported the French in Vietnam because
needed French support for Marshall Plan
The purpose for the massive bombing of Vietnam
Bring Vietnam to negotiating table
Aid to Families with Dependent Children
Money that was paid to single or divorced mothers if there was no males in the house, paid by the kid.
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