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Radiocarpal joint (RC)bones?
Midcarpal jointconfiguration?
convex on concave
what nerve innervates the FCU?
Radio Ulnar Joint configuration?
convex on concave
what muscles supplement MP flexion force and ab and adduction at the MP joints during a grip?
during lateral prehension, these muscles help extend the fingers
lumbricales, ED
this apparatus prevents bowstringing of the flexor tendons
flexor apparatus
Arthrokinematics of wrist motionsUlnar Deviation
30% Midcarpal70% RC
Extrinsic Dorsal Wrist ligaments
Extrinsic Dorsal Wrist ligamentsRadiotriquetralRadiolunateRadioscaphoid
this carpal bone articulates with the scaphoid, capitate, trapezium, and the second metacarpal
which way does the pisiform move during ulnar deviation and flexion (due to the pull of the FCU?)
this extrinsic ligament of the wrist (which is part of the palmar radiocarpal ligament) guides scaphoid kinematics; it goes across the waist of the scaphoid so it dorsiflexes and volarflexes around this ligament
how many degrees of medial angulation is the articular surface of the radius in at the wrist?
At what joint does radial deviation movement occur primarily?
what nerve innervates the adductor pollicis?
ulnar nerve
what range of radial deviation is allowed at the 2-5th MP joints?
efficiency of the finger flexors with the wrist flexed is only __% of that with the wrist extended
what other carpal bone does the pisiform function with?
during active finger extension, what muscles stabilize to prevent excessive wrist extension?
wrist flexors
these muscles are rich in sensory organs to balance flexor and extensor tension; and suppress flexor tension to correct clawing
what carpal bone bridges across the midcarpal joint, making it more susceptible to injury?
what type of muscular activity occurs during precision handling?
what shape are the dorsal interossei muscles?
in the cylindrical grip, what finger intrinsics are relatively silent?
Wrist functionkinematics?
allows for changes in orientation of hand relative to forearm
an injury to what nerve would cause atrophy of the hypothenar muscles?
an injury to what nerve owuld cause loss of the lumbricales, causing inability to completely actively extend IP joints of middle and index fingers?
what side of the hand does more sliding occur at the intermetacarpal joints?
if there is marked weakness of this muscle, you may develop a hyperextension deformity of the IP joint of the thumb
most commonly during function, the thumb is in what two positions?
adduction and flexion
the flexor tendons of the fingers cross the MP joint at what type of angle?
ulnar angle
to test the integrity of this muscle, you would see if someone could lift their thumb off the table
at the medial side of the midcarpal joint, what shape are the capitate and hamate?
what is the range of flexion allowed at the thumb IP joint?
at the lateral side of the midcarpal joint, what shape is the scaphoid?
what muscle is active during making a fist to slow down MP flexion so the FDP and FDS can flex the IP joints before using up their excursion?
if there is a positive ulnar variance at the wrist, are there higher or lower compressive forces at the joint?
what carpal bone is the most commonly fractured and is most slow to heal?
the capitate is firmly attached to the base of what metacarpal?
what is the shape of the proximal segment at the IP joints of the fingers?
what is the normal range of wrist flexion motion?
the axis of rotation for RD, UD, flexion and extension goes through what carpal bone?
this long intrinsic ligament of the wrist is an inverted V, and controls the scaphoid
palmar intercarpal
which muscle has a larger moment arm at the PIP, FDP or FDS?
the Immobile joint of hand consists of:
TrapezoidCapitate2nd MCP3rd MCP
Hand performance depends on coordinated action of _______ + _______ muscles
Hand performance depends on coordinated action of EXTRINSIC + INTRINSIC muscles
at the MP joints of the 2-5th fingers, what shape is the proximal phalanx surface?
this muscle opposes the MC joint of the thumb, rotates the thumb into pronation
opponens pollicis
this muscle flexes the MP of the 5th finger and may assist in opposition of CMC of 5th finger
is there a tighter grip on the radial or ulnar side of the hand?
what type of joint is the lateral side of the midcarpal joint?
an injury to what nerve would cause a loss of wrist, finger, and thumb extensors?
the surface of the radius has articulations for what two carpal bones?
scaphoid and lunate
what type of joint is the 5th CMC joint?
2 wrist muscles that originate above the elbow are:
BracioradialisExtensor Carpi Radialis Longus
this injury is a stretch of the thumb UCL
Gamekeeper's thumb
this joint is also known as a zone of architectural transition between the two bones of the forearm and the 5 metacarpals
what type of joint are the 2nd-5th MP joints?
condyloid, biaxial
what are the five ligaments that provide support/stabilization to the scaphoid?
(1) radioscaphocapitate
(2) radioscapholunate
(3) scapholunate
(4) radial collateral
(5) V ligaments
in a mallet finger deformity, the extensor mechanism may retract, causing increasing tension on the central slip and creating a secondary deformity of what type?
swan neck (PIP hyperextension)
Radiocarpal joint (RC)type of joint?*s of freedomcapsule?configuration?
RC JOINTcondyloid2*s of freedomhas its own capsuleconvex on concave
In wrist extension, 3 motions occur:
1: capitate moves on scaphoid2: scaphoid moves on lunate3: scaphoid moves on radius
what position would you put the hand in to test the length of the interossei muscles?
flex IPs, extend MPs
thumb CMC opposition is a combination of what three movements?
(1) abduction
(2) medial rotation
(3) flexion
what are the four extrinsic ligaments of the wrist?
(1) dorsal radiocarpal
(2) palmar radiocarpal
(3) TFCC
(4) radial collateral ligament
what are the two components of the wrist joint?
(1) radiocarpal
(2) midcarpal
this instability at the wrist occurs when the lunate remains in a relatively volarflexed position due to injury of the lunotriquetral ligament
VISI (volar intercalated segmental instability)
what is the most stable arch of the hand (located at the level of the carpal tunnel)?
tranverse carpal arch
Loos packed position happens in wrist_______
Loos packed position happens in wrist FLEXION
what would be the presentation of a contracture of the FDP muscle?
flexion deformity of DIP joints
what are the four carpal bones of the proximal row?
scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, pisiform
what are the four extrinsic muscles of the thumb?
(1) APL
(2) EPB
(3) EPL
(4) FPL
what are five forces that contribute to alteration in the mechanical forces at the CMC Joint of the thumb?
(1) adduction and flexion during function
(2) insufficient function of APL, APB, 1st DI to stabilize CMC
(3) shortness and overuse of MP flexors and adductor of thumb
(4) weak EPB
(5) ligament laxity
what are the five ligaments that reinforce the capsule of the CMC joint of the thumb?
(1) strong UCL
(2) anterior oblique
(3) posterior oblique
(4) RCL
(5) 1st intermetacarpal
with the Thumb, the Trapezium is concave in the ______ plane, convex in the ________ plane
with the Thumb, the Trapezium is concave in the SAGITTAL plane, convex in the FRONTAL plane
T/FThe distal carpal row is a mobile row
Closed pack position happens in wrist ________
Closed pack position happens in wrist EXTENSION
what is the difference between pad to side prehension and other forms of prehension?
thumb more adducted and less rotated
what are the five extrinsic muscles of the fingers?
(1) ED
(2) EI
(3) EDM
(4) FDP
(5) FDS
for tendon gliding, during a hook fist, there is maximum gliding between what structures?
the tendons of the FDS and FDP
where is the axis of motion of the 2-5th MP joints?
through the head of the MCq
what would a contracture of the FPB muscle present as?
flexion deformity of MP joint of thumb
to test the length of the FPL, what would you do?
(1) extend thumb
(2) extend wrist
(3) slight UD
if short, IP joint will flex
in the capsular pattern of the CMC of the thumb, what motion is most limited, and followed by what other motion?
abduction most limited, followed by extension
Wrist consists of RC convex on concave joint, therefore, in radial deviation carpals move ________ on concave radius + radioulnar disk
Wrist consists of RC convex on concave joint, therefore, in radial deviation carpals move ULNARLY on concave radius + radioulnar disk
what two positions would the hand be in if the FDS was short?
(1) flexion of PIP if wrist extended
(2) flexion of wrist if PIPs extended
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