Core Concepts in Pharmacology 3 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
shortage of WBCs
loss of appetite
Propylthiouracil (Propacil) is usually administered to clients with a condition called _____.
ringing in the ears
drugs that relieve anxiety
condition caused by insufficient secretion of thyroid hormone
promotes the formation of clots
AKA: Beconase - VancenaseCLASS: intranasal glucocorticoidACTION: decreases local inflammation in nasal passageA/E: nasal irritation & bleeding
infiltration anesthesia
AKA field-block anesthesiadrug diffuses into tissue into tissue to block specific group of nerves in small area
drugs are injected into space overlying the dura materparenteral method of delivery
any physical, chemical, or biological factor that causes or promotes cancer
dwarfism & mental retardation caused by lack of thyroid hormone during infancy
prothrombin activator
AKA prothrombinasechemical that cells release when injured
ulcerative colitis
erosions in large intestinecombined w/Crohn's dx = inflammatory bowel disease
drugs given to dampen immune response
The important brain center responsible for unconscious repsonses to extreme stress is the:a. limbic systemb. reticular formationc. reticular activating systemd. hypothalamus
d. hypothalamus
intraperitoneal (IP)
RARELY USED IN HUMANSdrugs are injected into abdominal cavityused when fast absorption necessaryparenteral method of delivery
_____ are chemicals or factors that have been found to cause cancer or to be associated with a higher risk for acquiring the disease.
cancer of the blood characterized by overproduction of WBCs
releasing factors
hormones secreted by the hypothalamus that affect secretions in the pituitary gland
Crohn's disease
ulceration in the lower small intestinecombined w/ulcerative colitis = inflammatory bowel disease
helper T cells
lymphocyte responsible for activating most other immune cells (includes B cells)coordinates humoral & cell-mediated immune responsestarget of human immunodeficiency virus
local anesthesia
AKA sodium channel blockersloss of sensation to limited part of body w/o losing consciousnessblocks entry of sodium ions into cells of nervous system
reticular formation
network of neurons along entire length of brain stem connected w/reticular activating system
Which of the following drug delivery methods would most likely produce the fastest onset of action?a. intravenousb. intramuscularc. sublinguald. rectal
a. intravenous
The primary drug treatment for AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma is:a. mechloroethamine (Mustargen)b. floxuridine (FUDR)c. doxorubicin (Adriamycin)d. teniposide (Vumon)
c. doxorubicin (Adriamycin)
Cells in the thyroid gland that secrete calcitonin.-------------- -----
parafollicular cells
plasma cells
cell derived from B cells that produces antibodies
Diazepam binds to the GABA receptor, resulting in an opening of what kind of channel?a. sodiumb. potassiumc. chlorided. calcium
c. chloride
plant extract used to treat or prevent illness
Which of the following is not an expected adverse effect of chmotherapy with antineoplastic agents?a. alopeciab. nauseac. hypercholesterolemiad. leukopenia
c. hypercholesterolemia
diabetes mellitus, type 1
deficiency of insulin secretion by pancreasusually begins in early teens
Which of the following drug classes is most effective at relieving severe inflammation?a. NSAIDSb. systemic glucocorticoidsc. H2-receptor antagonistsd. COX-2 inhibitors
b. systemic glucocorticoids
folic acid
B vitamin that is a coenzyme in protein and nucleic acid metabolism

AKA folate
Antimetabolites act by:a. changing the structure of DNA in cancer cellsb. disrupting critical cell pathways in cancer cellsc. preventing cell divisiond. activating the body's immune system
b. disrupting critical cell pathways in cancer cells
A drug of choice for treating breast cancer is:a. carboplatin (Paraplatin)b. pentostatin (Nipent)c. epirubicin (Ellence)d. tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex)
d. tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex)
Drugs applied to the nasal membranes, eyes, ears, or reproductive openings are considered to be topical medications.True or False is not necessary to strictly associate the term topical with the skin because topical drugs may also be applied to the nasal membranes, eyes, ears, and reproductive openings.p33
What is the class name and most appropriate use for secobarbital (Seconal)?a. bendoziazepine for anxiety & panicb. benzodiazepine for short-term releif of insomniac. barbiturate for short-term relief of insomniad. barbiturate
d. barbiturate for short-term sedation
The client may move into or out of a deeper sleep at this stage. Heart rate and blood pressure fall; gastrointestinal activity rises.a. Non-REM Stage 1b. Non-REM Stage 2c. Non-REM Stage 3d. Non-REM Stage 4e. REM Sleep
c. Non-REM Stage 3
Which of the following statements is true regarding topical drug applications?a. For a local effect, it is necessary to keep drugs from penetrating the skin barrier.b. Liquids and liquid mixtures are the most effective physical compositions f
d. All of the above choices are correct.
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