adjectives Prepositions Flashcards

Terms Definitions
between, among
multi, multae
vicinus, -a
excited about
entusiasmado con
a, ab
by, from
jaloers op
jealous of
ignavus, -a
cowardly, lazy
neugierig auf
curious about (akk)
beeindruckt von
impressed by (dat)
dignus a um
worthy, deserving
noster, nostra, nostrum
our, ours
gespannt auf
in suspense about (akk)
to be successful in
having achieved success
be famous for
be widely known and esteemed
thanks to
used to say that something has happened because of somebody/something
to be good at
to be able to do something well
per (+acc.)
laetus, -a
free from
libre de
sorry about/for
lamentar, sentir
e, ex
out of
schuldig aan
guilty of
neidisch auf
envious of (akk)
überzeugt von
convinced of (dat)
primus a um
first, best
ob (+acc.)
on account of
prope rivum
near the stream
ad villam
to/toward the country house
bei + D
to be present
bei einer Sitzung ______ sein.
auf + AKK
Seit zwei Jahren ist Frau Steffens auf fremd Hilfe _________.
to be hopeless at
not able to do something well
to be capable of
to be ready and able to do smth.To have the necessary qualities
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