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Reduction step
Finally Block

		to add a finally block after 
		sequence of catch blocks
		in finally block executed 
			or not execution thrown
			or not required catch


		event, which occurs during the execution of a program, that
		disrupts the normal flow of the program's instructions

		an object
			the occurrence of unusual event 
			during program execution

Gigahertz (GHz)
One billion Hertz.

		region of memory used to temporarily hold data while it is being
		moved from one place to another 

Accurate information ______.
is error free
structured problem
an ordinary, routine problem
cd command

Changes the directorymkdir command 


descendant class of the class JComponent

Text File

		that consist of a sequence characters and have streams and methods
		to make the binary digits look like characters to your program and

______ uses fiver-optic cable to provide extremely high-speed Internt access to home users.
An interface through which external devices are connected to the computer.
Thin, round metallic plates stacked onto the hard disk drive spindle.
the transmission capacity of a communications channel
Microprocessor clock
sets the pace for
executing instructions
Machine language (000010000100) and Assembly language (ADD, SUB, LOAD, STORE) are examples of what language?
Low Level
history command

The 'history' utility allows you
		to use words from previous command lines in the command line you
		are typing. This simplifies spelling corrections and the repetition
		of complicated commands or arguments. 

A(n) ____ contains dadta about each file in a database and each field in those files.
A certificate ____ is an authorized person or company that issues and verifies digital certifiates.
Illuminated, tiny dots that create the images you see on a computer monitor. Pixels are illuminated by an electron beam that passes back and forth across the back of the screen very quickly so that they pixels appear to glow continuously.
Telephony Software
Software that, combined with the Internet, speakers, and a microphone, turns a computer into a high-tech phone and answering service.
Magnetic Media
Portable storage devices, such as floppy disks and Zip disks, that use a magnetized film to store data.
a piece of code introduced secretly into a system in order to corrupt it or destroy the data
allows a computer
to perform more than one type of service
An ordinary personal computer that is connected
to a network, or
A powerful desktop computer used for highperformance
Firewire ports are also called USB ports.
Data Abstraction
The separation of a data type’s logical properties from its implementation details.
A manager would have ___ pribeleges to member data in a discoundt warehouse database.
_______ is a common data type that consists of dollar and cent amounts or numbers containing decimal values.
Many e-commerce sites use ____ to determine customer preferences.
Data mining
One type of program that manages the sending and receiving of data between the front end and a database server is a(n) ____ script, which runs automatically as soon as users click a button to send or receive information.
Modem Port
A port that uses a traditional telephone signal to connect two computers.
Virtual Reality Programs
Software that turns an artificial environment into a realistic experience.
Zip Disks
A portable storage medium with storage capacities ranging from 100 megabytes to 750 megabytes.
relational database
organizes data in table format by logically grouping similar data into relations (or tables) that contain related data.
a program that enables a hacker to take complete control of a computer without the legitimate user's knowledge or permission
decision support system (DSS)
helps people make decisions by
directly manipulating the data, analyzing data from external sources,
generating statistical projections, and creating data models of a
variety of scenarios
UDP-User Datagram Protocol
An alternative data transport
to TCP used for DNS, Voice or
IP and file sharing
 Goals of System analysis
o Understand requirements for new systemo Develop a system concept
MP3 is a type of MPEG format, popularized by a free music exchange site called Napster.
Express the language progression
Machine language - first generation
Assembly langauge - second generation
High-level language (third generation)
const reference parameter
saves space and time, while protecting structure data that should not be changed
A(n) ____ server is a server outside a company's network that controls which communications ass into the compnay's network.
On a ____, such as that illustrated, all of the comuters and devices (nodes) on the network connect to a central device.
Star Network
A(n) ____ is a program with which users interact that generally has a more user-friendly interface the DBMS.
front end
A device used to tap or write on touch-sensitive screens.
Compute-Aided Design (CAD)
3-d modeling programs used to create automated designs, technical drawings, and model visualizations.
IrDA Port
A port based on a standard developed by the Infared Data Association for transmitting data. IrDA ports transmit data between two devices using infrared light waves, similar to a TV remote control. IrDA ports have a maximum throughput of 4 megabits per second and require that a line of sight be maintained between the two ports.
what your iphone will turn into if you try to hack into the system to make it compatible with other cell phone providers; once a software update occurs, the phone will no longer by able to work.
Utility software
kind of system software that is made to
help monitor and configure many of the parts of your
system, including the equipment, system software and
application software
a NIC on a network keeps track of which physical address corresponds to each logical address.
ANT Target

a set of tasks you want to
be executed

A ____ stores data about engineering, architectural, and scientific designs.
Computer-aided design (CAD) database
Most businesses use a standard, such as a ______, that defines how data transmits across telephone lines or other means.
EDI (electronic data interchange)
ALT key
One of the keys on a standard PC computer keyboard used in conjunction with other keys for shortcuts and special tasks.
Bit Depth
The number of bits the video card uses to store data about each pixel on the monitor.
transaction processing system
a system used to keep track of everyday business activities (such as sales of products).
MAN – metropolitan area network
public high-speed networks capable of voice and data
transmission within a range of about 50 miles
Who is a person or a thing that begins the execution of a use case.
 Primary Actor
The advantage of multidimensional database is that ____.
It can consolidate data much faster than a relational database
Cursor Control Keys
The set of special keys on a keyboard, generally marked by arrows, that move the cursor one space at a time, either up, down, left, or right. Other cursor control keys move the cursor up or down one full page or to the beginning or the end of a line.
WAN – wide area network
covers a large geographical area and usually have several
smaller networks within it that might use different types of computer
platforms and technologies. The Internet is the world's largest WAN
Users add new records to a file ______.
When they obtain new data
Use-cases are defined as a what followed by a what?
Verb followed by a noun like:• Create Account• Make Appointment• Withdraw Money• Register Courses
A database server is a dedicated server that ____.
Stores and provides access to a database
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Port
A port that can connect a wide variety of peripherals to the computer, including keyboards, printers, zip drives, and digital cameras. USB 2.0 transfers data at 480 megabits per second and is approximately 40 times faster than the original USB port.
When a program flages a deleted record, the record _____ process it.
Remains physically on the disk but is delted logicall because the program will not
object is an instance of a class in the same way that a ...
variable can be an instance of a struct
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