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United States Congress
Terms Definitions
proposed law
general assembly
Virginia's lawmaking body
at large
as a whole
Government projects that primarily benefit the district or state
Title IX
no discrimination in education
Length of terms for Senators
6 years
A procedure for terminating debate, especially filibusters, in the Senate.
has two members from each state
A division of territory, especially Congressional Districts
open rule
permits amendments from the floor
number of years for a Senators' term
special session
an extraordinary session of a legislative body, called to deal with an emergency situation
The tatic that allows Senators to speak for an unlimited amount of time.
Demographic Factor Group
Age, gender, or ethnic group
Implied powers
Powers of Congress not specifically listed in the Constitution but related to the powers which are listed
Someone who moves out of a country
conservative coalition
Southern Democrats who typically voted with Republicans until the mid-nineties.
Standing Committee
A permanent committee of Congress that focuses on a particular area
select committee
temporary committee to work on special topics
A person whose job is to present information and to persuade them to make changes in laws.
an act that betrays or endangers one's country.
Appropriations Bill
A proposed law to authorize spending money
Expressed powers
The powers of Congress that are specifically listed in the Constitution (you should know examples too)
an assistant to the party floor leader in the legislature
Votes which fall in line with party beliefs. Usually happens except in the case of matters of national urgency.
Party Whip
A Republican or Democrat in each house of Congress who tries to persuade party members to vote together on issues
pro tempore
chairman of the Senate, "for the time being";
pocket veto
occurs when congress is not in session and the President does not sign a bill in 10 days
a senate and house of representatives
consist of two houses
John Boehner
This person is the current Speaker of the House
interest group
group of people with common goals who organize to influence government
Organizational Theory
Members of Congress vote based on the need to please fellow members of Congress.
What is impeachment?
A formal accusation of misconduct in office against a public offical
Speaker of The House
The leader of the House of Representatives.
House of Representatives
The lower house of Congress in which states are represented according to the size of their populations.
closed rule
sets a strict time limit on debate and forbids the introduction of any amendments from the floor except those offered by the sponsoring committee
What to the House and Senate have to agree to in order for a bill to become a law?
Identical wording.
What do committees do?
The bill goes to them for approval before going to a vote by the members.
special powers for the house of representatives.
must start all bills for raising revenue (money); power to impeach public officials; choose the president if no presidential candidate receives enough electoral votes.
What does it mean to impeach?
to charge a high officer with a wrong doing
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