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In what
Christianity suffered its greatest defeat in which Asian nation
kabuki is a type of......
The american constitutional first ammendment prohibited the establishment of
national religion
What nation suffered the highest proportionate loss of any participant in World War I.
How many successful communist or socialist revolutions were there in Europe between WWI and WWII?
True or False
According to McDuffee the single most significant American theological contribution to the healthy growth and governance of the living church is the establishment and prohibition clause of the first article of the Bill of Rights amended to
True or False:
According to McDuffe's reading of Richard Dadd's fantasy painting, "The fairy Feller's Master Stroke," if we fail to awaken each day to take up the life God has given us in Christ, then we might as well waste away the scarce resources of t
Evangelical Christians look to _____________ for statements of authoritative truth about doctrinal teaching
the Scriptures
The primary response of Protestant Christians to the imperial reality of the nineteenth century was
Through immigration after World War I, Jews increased their presence in what territory once ruled by the defeated sultanate and caliphate at the Ottoman Empire?
All of the following countries in Europe were neutral during WWII except
True or False
No matter what the ideological nature of the Russian state, a strong, united Germany would always be seen as a danger to Russian interests
True or False:
The sufferings of the Chinese church under Communist rule had actually weakened the church, and caused it to shrink in size between the years 1949 and 1978.
After Roman Catholicism what Christian group is the largest in Latin America?
Pentecostal Protestants
Only the fissure caused by the Reformation matched the cultural and political split in Europe caused by what set of ideas?
which european country was the leader in developing and applying 15th century sailing innovations?
which european nation had the latest entry into asian trade?
The new politics of the nineteenth century was defined and driven by all of the following principles except:
a. dynasticism
b. individual as basis of political and social organization
c. nationalism
d. search for what was willed by those who wishes ou
a. dynasticism
The theology of Pope John Paul II (1978-2006) may best be described as_______________
Since the end of WWII (1935-1945), the predominant theme in international politics have been
Which of the following is the most dynamic spiritual movement in world Christianity?
Agricultural change is as the heart of the appearance of the industrialized socity as a new kind of society for humankind
If Spickard & Cragg were correct at least ________ percent of the world's Christians now live in Asia, Africa, or Latin America.
The shift from mercantilism to lissez-faire style capitalism strengthened most which of the following:
private business people
the tokuawa shogunate was a type of.......
military government
what was the easternmost city da gama reached?
According to Spickard & Craig, which of the following may best be described as the dominant trend of the twentieth century?
Third World nationalism
At the height of the Age of Europan Imperialism, during the long nineteenth century (up until 1914), what percent of the world's population lived in countries that were or had been parts of European empires
The dominant fact of the 19th century in Europe and North America was the
industrial revolution
why was zheng he important?
he led seven overseas explorations
The __________ is the essecne of the secular mindset and the hallmark of modern Wester life and thought
non-necessity of God
Mainline theological thinking of European institutional Christianity came to be characterized by all of the following except:
a. focus on human religious experience
b. solidarity with the world's poor and oppressed
c. personal relationship with Jesus l
c. personal relationship with Jesus leading to eternal bliss in heaven
Who said this: "We are involved in the black liberation struggle because we are also deeply concerned for white liberation. The white man will never be free until black man is wholly free, because the white man invests enormous resources to try to gain a
Desmond Tutu
whcih european countries had the most trading posts
india, portugal and england
The independen African church movement was defined by all of the following except:
a. appeared in Africa in late 19th century
b. by 1950 encompassed 25% of total African Christian population
c. expressed efforts by Africans to make Christianity indigen
d. denied leadership roles to non-European Christians
What single political decision more than any other sealed the eclipse of European power in international relations after WWII?
Hitler's declaration of war against America
All of the following contributed to the success of fascism in Italy and Germany except:
a. economic collapse and disillusioned nationalist aspirations
b. rejection of liberalism
c. strong support from Roman Catholicism
d. violent anti-Marxism
c. strong support from Roman Catholicism
Secular views of human nature include all of the following except
a. an autonomous rational self
b. individual as a product of cultural, social, and economic forces
c. people as the product of evolutionary process
d. see people as primarily fully cons
d. see people as primarily fully conscious rational beings
All of the following is true about liberation theology except
a. Biblical stories were read as mythological symbols for the struggle of justice and personal liberation
b. God calls Christians to active involvement with people who suffer
c. liberation d
c. liberation defined exclusively as freedom from oppressive social, economic and political conditions
According to Dietrich Bonhoeffer cheap grace means all of the following except:
a. grace is a docgtrine, a principle, a system
b. grace is forgiveness of sins proclaimed as a general truth
c. the love of God is taught as the Christian conception of God
d. an intellectual assent to the idea of grace is insufficient to secure remission of sins, with contrition required
All of the following were true of the city in the nineteenth century:
a. allowed for anonymity and less scrutiny by community leaders and members
b. disrupted traditional pattern of behavior
c. offered exposure to ideas of social change and reform
d. promoted religious devotion and increased church attendance
The revivals of the nineteenth century were
enormous in scale in both America and Europe
All of the following reasons justify recognizing the unique nature and unprecedented psychological and cultural effects of WWI except
a. deadliest war in the history of war up until 1914
b. first war to fully manifest the impact of modern science and te
c. no war of aggression of such magnitude before its outbreak had ever before been imagined, anticipated and predicted by so many
why was the caravel an important development in navigation?
it was able to sail against the wind
In the nineteenth century the further the development of Science took on mythological status in Europe for all of the following except:
a. growing public esteem enjoyed by science
b. increased self-confidence of scientists
c. shaped the way how people
d. there is no exception all of the above are true
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