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Samford Hall
Terms Definitions
College of Business
Harrison school or pharmacy
Walker Pharmacy building
The Lathe
-Used to manafacture cannons during the civil war, the lathe was being transported from Selma, Al to Columbus, GA, but had to be buried in Irondale, AL to precent union seizure
-After the war, the lathe was used by rolling mills of birmingham, Al, and they donated it to the university in 1936
107 Samford Hall
President, Dr. Jay Gogue
Toomer's corner
-Toomers corner is where the University campus meets the meets the city of Auburn
-Toomer's drug store is famous for their lemonades and limeades, and they are listed in Southern's living top 100 things to do before you die
Samford Hall 
-in 1859 the original samford hall was constructed as the first main building for the East Alabama male college. Known as "Old Main"
-Old main burned down in 1887, samford was rebuilt in 1888
Name of Auburn in 1899
Alabama Polytechnic Institute
How many halls are in The Hill?
Tichenor Hall
History: Named after Auburn's third president, a Confederate Army captainCurrent Use: House the department of communication and Journalism, Radio, Television, and Film.Interesting Fact: Once housed the collge of business
Science Center
History: composed of the Science center labs, science center auditorium, and the science center classroomsCurrent Use:
Lowder business building
Academic advising for college of business takes place here during camp
Name of Auburn in 1856
East Alabama Male College
Mary Martin Hall
Current use
-Currently houses Student financial services, the office of the registar, career development services, and womens initiative
Cater continued
-listed in the national rigistar of historic places
-the back steps are home to the call outs tradition of having the names of an organization's new members announced to the student body
-katharine creeped on the ladies and they were scandalous
-Currently houses Educational support services, the honors college, and the canter for academic career eccellence (cater center)
Broun hall
-Academic advising for the college of engineering takes place here during camp
VP of Alumni Affairs
Dr. Debbie Shaw, Alumni Center
Graves Ampitheatre
History: built as a campsite for farmers and 4-h youthCurrent Use: farm and 4-h conferences, plays, pep rallies, and community church services
Goodwin Hall
History: named for james and Virginia Goodwin who donated the money for the buildingCurrent Use: music department. band and choral auditions.Interesting Facts: in 2004, the AU marching band was awarded the Sudler Intercollgeiate Marching Band Trophy
Centennial gardens continued
First home football game, we played Georgia tech and won 45-0
-Auburn played it's first football game ever against the University of Georgia in Atlanta in 1892 and won that too, 10-0. First college football game played in the south
Katherine cooper cater hall
-1915, originally served as the president's home. Dr charles coleman thach was the first president to live here.
-Named for Katharine cooper cater, Dean of women from 1946-1976, and dean of student life from 1976 until her death in 1980. This building was both her home and office.
208 Samford Hall
Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mary Ellen Mazey
Telfair Peet Theatre
History: named after Telfair Peet. A former play director and english teacher.Current Use: houses the theatre department, seats 405 people, and was one of the first handicap accesible buildings on campusInteresting Fact: The theater department used to use the univeristy chapel and it said that it was haunted by a civil war ghost named sydney who now haunts the telfair peet theatre
Rbd continued
-The 3rd floor consists of the OIT and various group study rooms and areas
-the 4th floor is the quiet floor
-there are additional photocopy machines available on each floor. Mobile whiteboards are located on the 2nd floor.
Marriage and Family Therapy Center
Currently: family and youth counseling and education: training center for therapists, or these grad students with degrees in marriage and family therapy.
-therapists here are allowed to supervises visits for parents and their children that have been taken from them
What 4 offices/services are in Ramsay Hall?
1. pre-engineering programs2. Engineering Extension Service3. National Center for Asphalt Research4. Cooperative Education Program
Marriage/ Family Therapy Center (Glanton House)
History: named for Louis Phillips GlantonCurrent Use: Framily and Youth counseling and education
What is housed in the Athletic Complex, and who uses it?
-houses AU Athletic Department-student athletes, coaches, support activities
What is the current use of the Charlotte Lowder Student Athlete Development Center?
-Tiger Tutoring for Athletes-Academic Advising
What 2 departments are in the Wallace Center?
1. Department of Adult Education2. Department of Industrial Design
What is the current use of Cary Hall?
The College of Sciences and Mathematics uses the building for studies in biological sciences.
What 2 colleges use Rouse Life Sciences Building?
1. College of Agriculture2. College of Sciences and Mathematics
What is the name of the restaurant inside of the hotel, and why is it named that?
Ariccia Italian Restaurant is located inside the Hotel and is named after the International Campus of Auburn University.
Duncan Hall is the state headquarters of what?
The state headquarters for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, which is an outreach organization for the land-grant mission of Auburn University.
What style are the rooms in The Hill?
2 double rooms connected by a bathroom
What is the current use of Walker Pharmacy Building?
home to the Harrison School of Pharmacy
What department is housed in Telfair Peet Theatre?
It is home to the Theatre Department, as well as onstage productions and classroom instruction.
Graduate school
Hargis hall
College of human sciences
Spidle hall
Cater Hall
Executive Director of Educational Support Services, Dr. Nancy McDaniel
Foy hall
Currently: Houses a food court including restraunts such as mondo subs, salsaritas, the souther grill and wild greens
-Houses the first year experience office, photographic services, and the distance learning and outreach technology office.
College of Architecture, design, and construction
Dudley Hall
Thach Hall
History: Named after Charles Thach, AU's 6th president.Current Use: Houses the history and psychology departments and the auditroium is used for Freshman classes.Interesting Fact: Held the college of business until Lowder was built.
miller hall
academic advising for the school of nursing takes place here during camp
Where is Graves Ampitheater located?
behind Telfair Peet Theatre
Parker Hall
History: Named for William Parker, a former head of the Math departmentCurrent Use: classrooms and offices. math classes and physics labsInteresting Fact: Dr. Parker established the PhD program at Auburn
Spidle Hall
History: named for Marion Spidle, a previous dean of home economicsCurrent Use: Houses the collge of Human Sciences. Human sciences advising during CWEIntersting Fact: three departments in human sciences: consume affairs, HDFS, and Nutrition and food science
Haley Center
History: Named for Paul Haley who served on the board of trustees for 50 years and only missed one meetingCurrent Use: Houses colleges of education and liberal arts and the university bookstore. The top floor of Haley is Eagle's Nest, a lounge and observation deck that can only be accessed by Student Recruiter, WEGP, or authorized personnel. Tiger tables takes place on the first floor during CWE. Advising for the Collges of Educations and Liberal ArtsIntersting Fact: Tallest building on campus
Quad Residence Halls
History: originally known as the woman's quadrangleCurrent Use: All halls are co-ed except Lupton and Owen. the upper quad halls are for the honors collge. Upper quad: harper, Broun, Teague, and Little. Lower quad: Owen, Keller, Lupton, Lane, Glenn, DowdellInteresting Fact: Only about 50% of upper quad residents are in the honors collge
Toomers continued
-Granite steps from the back of Ross hall were recycled and used as planters around the base of the trees.
-Currently, after a football win it is rolled
-Only city in the country line with a budget line for removing toilet tissue
Early learning center
-AUELC is a lab pre-school serving children ages 3-5 in the morning and afternoon programs. IT is located in the center of campus right on the concourse.
Langdon hall continued
-Langdon hall is named for Charles carter langdon, a trustee of Auburn University frin 1872-1889
-Hoted classes, movies, commencement exercises, music performances, and pep rallies.
-Langdon hall was rolled on logs from its original location on North Gay street to where it stands today
VP of Student Affairs
Dr. Ainsley Carry, AUSC Suite 3248
Forestry and Wildlife sciences building
History: President William Muse recognized the school as an Auburn peak of excellence and they needed a buildingCurrent Use: School of Forestry and Wildlife SciencesIntersting Facts: built for 24 million dollars, over 4 million of which came from private funds
College of forestry and wildlife sciences building
forerestry and wildlife sciences building
Comer hall
-Has always been home to college of AG and also currently houses the department of ag economics and rural sociology and the offices of ag communications and international ag
Langdon hall
-Built in 1846 as the chapel for the masonic female seminary and moved to the Auburn University campus in 1883, Langdon hall is the oldest building in the city of Auburn not on its original site
-The building was originally made out of wood
-Before the civil war, langdon hall served as a location for a series of secession debates
Who is housed in Sewell Hall?
ROTC and other male students
Pat Dye Field at Jordan-Hare stadium
Named for Ralph "shug" Jordan, Auburn's all time winningest football coach, and Clifford Leroy Hare, a member of Auburn's first football team. 
-was opened and dedicated on Nov 30, 1939, at the auburn-Florida game (score 7-7)
What is the current use of Petrie Hall?
housed Department of Geology
What are two interesting facts about the James E. Martin Aquatics Center?
1. NCAA swimming and diving championship and US open were held here2. Olympic sized pool with 2 moveable bulkheads allow for varied distance training with simultaneous diving practice going on
What are two interesting facts about Samford Stadium at Hitchcock Field at Plainsman Park?
1. Features 30 ft "Green Monster"2. seats 4,096
What are 4 services offered at the medical clinic?
1. x-ray services2. massage therapy3. full lab4. women's healthcare
What is the name of the hotel?
The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center
What is the current use of Upchurch Hall?
Home to the Department of Animal Sciences.
Who is Petrie Hall named for and why?
Named for George Petrie who started football in 1892 and was the first football coach.
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