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Terms Definitions
make directory
OS Components
1. Kernel2. Device drivers3. Shell4. Utility programs5. Graphical user interface (GUI)
X-server controls what?
Graphical screen
shell command-set
set environmental variables
Specialized Client applications...virtual clientsda5'swindow frameswindow managers
Ans: Window Managers
hashed representations of user passwords are located in
The directory ____ provides information in the form of a tree structure on various hardware buses, hardware devices, active devices, and their drivers.a. /sys/ b. /proc/ c. /dev/ d. /mnt/
Ans: /sys/
RunLevel __ offers full networking capabilitis and starts graphical user interface?
file systems-inode
holds file information/unique ID, doues not contain file name
Software program that provides service for computer user
User Management Commands-groupadd
add new user group
Is syslogd automatically loaded on system startup?
This directory doesn't necesarily have to be on the same partition as the root./dev//etc//usr//lib/
Ans: /usr/p202
In Linux, the separation character between individual directory names is the ____ character. a. / b. \ c. d. _
Ans: _
Which command would make manual pages show in English?
User management commands- id
shows current user ID
what command is used to get information about a file or directory?
what LPD command and parameter displays the status of all printers on the system?
lpc status
Environmental variable that stores display name for your systemNAMEDEFAULTDISPLAYSYSTEM
Ans: DISPLAYpg 222
X-server config utility (text based)XFree86XF86Configxf86configxvidtune
Ans: xf86configpg 136
what other source of information on Linux can you use?
____ variables control the behavior of the shell itself and are only relevant locally. a. Environment b. Shell c. Control d. User
Ans: Shell
Which dir contains the how-to of Linux Doc Project in HTML format?
what command allows you to view the string portion of a binary file?
What is the fourth partitioln of the third hard drive referred to as?
what LPD command is used to remove print jobs?
What is a system-wide configuration file read by all shells that sets global configuration options? ~/.profile/etc/profile~/.bashrc~/.bash_profile
Ans: /etc/profilepg 217
Which of these desktops is the standard for SLES 9?twmGNOMEKDECygwin
Ans: KDEP 50
By default, the head and tail commands only show ____ lines. a. 5 b. 10 c. 15 d. 20
Ans: 10
____ is the default login manager in SLES. a. dm b. kdm c. gdm d. xdm
Ans: kdm
What dir are the help files located in for most installed apps?
what command can you use to view a binary file in octal format?
what command changes you to the parent directory of your parent directory?
cd ../..
What are the two most common bootloader programs for Linux?
What is runlevel 3?
Multi-User Mode, allows multiple users and networking but without GUI
what command and switch sends /etc/inittab to printer1?
lp -d printer1 /etc/inittab
what is the file that contains the settings for cupsd?
/etc/cups/cupsd.conf file
What if you want to copy files byte-wise/bin/cp/bin/dd/bin/vi/bin/cat
Ans: /bin/dd
You can check to make sure you are root by entering id or ____. a. whois b. who c. which d. whoami
Ans: whoami
The ____ command is used to copy files from one machine to another. a. rput b. rupload c. rcopy d. rcp
Ans: rcp
what must be running in order for programs to run simultaneously.
mechanisms (multitasking capability)
What is this command? apropos
used to search help manual pages
how can I view the contents of the file readme but in reverse order?
tac readme
what command do you use to see the syntax of the prompt?
echo $PS1
What is ntsysv?
ntsysv is a utility program that makes it easier to set and kill daemons at different runlevels
What dir is standard for integrating a file system? /dev//mnt//proc//sys/
Ans: /mnt/pg 202
To remove a program from control panel, you right-click the icon in the CP and then select _____Erase program nameDelete program nameRemove program nameEliminate program name
Ans: Remove program nameP 58
How do we search for files that contain certain patterns?locatesearchfindgrep
Ans: greppg 203ie 179
What is this command? reset
resets your terminal to use default terminal settings
when you use the more command, how do you display the next line?
press enter key
how do I get the info page on the whoami command?
info whoami
Where do you normally have a symbolic link to the /boot/grub/grub.conf file?
The link is /etc/grub.conf
what command will print /etc/file1 and /etc/file2 to printer1?
lp -d printer1 /etc/file1 /etc/file2
What do you have to enter, for security reasons when rebooting or shutting down the computer?sys passwordetc passwordroot passwordshutdown password
Ans: rootpg 54pg 204
Which of these files is the only one read when a non-login shell is started?~/.profile/etc/profile~/.bashrc~/.bash_profile
Ans: ~/.bashrcpg 217
To quit GNOME, select ____ in the GNOME panel. a. GNOME > Log Out b. Actions > Log Out c. Session > Log Out d. Terminal > Log Out
Ans: Actions > Log Out
are your local user-defined variables available to shell scripts by default?
No, shell scripts open in a subshell
What is the default boot loader when installing Fedora core?
GRUB is the default bootloader
How can I make a daemon called rondaemon to automatically start at runlevel 5?
Copy rondaemon into the /etc/rc.d/init.d directory, then make a symbolic link such as ln -s rondaemon /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/S99rondaemon
What is a kernel panic?
The Linux kernel gets into a situation where it doesn't know what to do next. When this happens, the kernel gives as much information as it can about what caused the problem, depending on what caused the panic.
what is a relative pathname
the path to a folder starting from the current folder
What information is contained in the MBR?
MRB contains location for the boot loader program
can each user specify their own default printer?
Yes, by adding the line default printername to .lpoptions file
Can you select different versions of the kernel during startup?
Yes, you can choose which version of the kernel to boot from
If you boot to runlevel 5, in what directory does it look for daemons?
Runlevel 5 looks in the /etc/rc.d/rc5.d directory
What do you type at the grub> prompt to view all commands that are available during the boot phase?
Type help to view all commands availabe during the boot phase
How do you change to a different runlevel?
type init followed by the new runlevel such as init 3
What are symptoms of a hard kernel panic?
1. Machine is completely locked up and unusable.2. Num Lock / Caps Lock / Scroll Lock keys usually blink.3. If in console mode, dump is displayed on monitor (including the phrase "Aieee!")4. Similar to Windows Blue Screen
What runlevels can you start and stop daemons if you type ntsysv without parameters?
You can only start and stop daemons in your current runlevel
Should you delete a log file or just clear it?
You should just clear it so you can save the rights and permissions given to that file
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