Linux System Admin II - Midterm Flashcards

Transmission Control Protocol
Terms Definitions
Which two processes are "super-servers"
Chpt 13A table consists of______
Well known ports are ports below
When using logrotate, usually the oldest log file is sent to _____
The kernel routing table can be modiefied with the ____ command.
The tool for tracking network connections is _____
netstat -natu
Non human accounts are referred to as?
Chpt 17-18When a single host supports multiple websites, each host is called a _____ host.
Chpt 14In the inittab file, what number goes in the blank to allow me to boot into the GUI?id:__:initdefault
Chpt 14A set of security scripts developed by Novell is called
Chpt 15Well known ports are ports below?
Chpt 13What does -j REJECT do?
drops __________?
Chpt 11An ipv6 address contains how many bits
Which of the following will set the SetUUID bit?475527551644s644
Which command list all the firewall rules
iptables -L
To forward packets from one int to another, the /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward must contain ______
Chpt 17-18What two files are needed to password protect a directory?
Chpt 15 To have two networks pass traffic "ip_forward" must be set to ___?
Chpt 14A program can be isolated in "jail" using what command?
Chpt 12 What must be written to /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward to allow IP forwarding between interfaces?
Time to Live Varies between 0 and ___
The system call that forms a jail for a given process is ____
Checking log files with a program that can look for errors is called
log parsing
Chpt14 What is the command to SetUID so the owner can read, write and execute and everyone else just read?
$chmod 4744
Chpt 15To kill a process you need its ___ or name
Chpt 22What command does the client use to mount a file system?
mount server:/mnt /home
In the routing table, what is the Metric
number of hops
The IP layer of the OSI model is layer __
Chpt 11 A netmask of allows how many ip hosts?
2 hosts4 total addresses
Chpt 17-18What two ports are used by FTP?
20 and 21
Chpt 11 What command is used to view the TCP header of a packet?
tcpdump -t
What does the following command do?$ echo "1" > ifcfg
overwrites a 1 to the ifcfg file
Chpt 12 What does echo `uname -r` return?
displays version of linux kernel installed - but you really only need to enter "$ uname -r", leave off the echo, it's unecessary
Chpt 13What does the following line do?:$ iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m state --state NEW -DROP
This will drop packets that originate from outside the firewall as opposed to sessions that originate from within
Chpt 14What is the purpose of logrotate?
archives old files to keep disk usage down
If the SetUID bit is set, what will ls -l show?
(* I tested this, and it actually came back different)

-rwxr-Sr-- 1 rygjones rygjones    0 2011-05-05 10:54
-rwsr--r-- 1 rygjones rygjones    0 2011-05-05 10:54
/ 36

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