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Two 28-foot parachutes have an extracted load range of?
When configuring for 64 paratroopers, the seat belts are placed in 24 in centers, except for the outboard seats aft of the wheel well, which may be placed in the ___in config
Who is responsible for connecting the squib and platform cables?
When airdropping CDS, what is the primary cargo parachute used with the A-22 cargo bad when it is rigged for low-velocity?
Use only the left static line retriever winch to cut the release gate when the overhead pulley is installed at which of the following FSs?
What are the weight limitations, in pounds, for a two-ply CDS release gate?
With the cvr, the overhead pulley assembly may be rigged at all of the fuselage stations except?
The static line anchor cable system consists of how many anchor cables?
How many center anchor cable supports are located on each side of the aircraft centerline?
Which aircraft in an equipment formation may perform a combination drop?
Last aircraft
What is the rated strength value of the large suspension clevis?
What is the diameter of a G-12E?
64 ft
When rigging CDS WITH the cvr system, the aft edge of the container must be positioned atleast how many inches aft of the overhead pulley location?
W/OUT the CVR installed, what is the max number of double cds containers that may be airdropped in a single stick configurations, when the containers are rigged on 48x96 inch skidboard?
At approx what fuselage station are the center anchor cable supports located?
FS 737
Where are the anchor cable stowage brackets?
FS 813
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What is the length of the extraction line used to drop equipment loads from the c130?
60 ft
What material is used for a release gate when dropping a22 cds containers?
What is the minimum size of anchor cable stop that can be used on the ancor cables?
3/8 inch
When dropping a door bundle from the paratroop door, how will the largest dimension of the load be placed in the door?
Vertical, upright
What does the EFTC do?
It transfers the extraction parachute force through the use of an extraction line and a deployment line to the cargo parachute to aid in its deployment
What is used to hook the D-rings when joining two 15 ft tiedown straps?
Load Binder
What is the diameter of both a G-11B and G-11C cargo parachute?
100 ft
What is suspended weight?
The total rigged weight minus the weight of the cargo parachute
What is the lenght of each of the two pieces of 1 inch tubulat nylon, used to suspend the pulley assembly at FS 430 with CVR?
Which two crewmembers must ack a "no drop" after the one minute advisory?
Co-P and LM
When the CVR system is not used, what is the total weight of all CDS containers that may be dropped on each pass in combination with personnel?
5,000 lbs
What is the purpose of pulling the bridle loop of the g11b cargo parachute down with a type v, nylon webbing strap?.
to decrease opening time
When installing the CVR, where is section three installed?
Cargo floor at ramp hinge
If you have a towed parachutist during a heavy equip combination aircrop, emergency procedures will be accomplished using which of the following checklists?
Personnel Airdrop Emergency Procedures
What is the large suspension clevis used for on G-11B and G-11C cargo parachutes?
Used in forming suspension systems, grouping bridles, and attaching riser extensions
When loading cds containers, ensure that all g-12e parachutes are positioned with the bridle and a 68-inch pilot parachutes on the:
outboard or fwd edge of the container
What happens if slowdown checklist in not complete by 5 sec call?
A no drop will be called
Stow and secure excess platform cable to convenient platform locations using?
1/4 inch cotton webbing or cloth backed tape
When do you call slowdown checklist complete?
Once jumpmaster has assumed control of the ramp and door
Where is the mounting box secured?
to the right hand dual rails using 2 tiedown rings without a lock access door between them
How many types of airdrops are used to airdrop A-22 containers?
3. Low, high, and freefall
What do you attach the anchor cables to at FS245, when rigging the aircraft for an airfrop mission?
U bolts on forward anchor cable support
What is the purpose of the static line Y-cables?
Connects two anchor cables to one static line retriever.
The M1 can be used with how many G-11B parachutes? G-12E parachutes?
one to three. And one OR two
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