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How many additional parachutes, not including those required for aircrew, will be aboard the aircraft for training missions performing personnel airdrop?
Where should your lifeline be attatched when airdropping from the paratroop doors?
The maximum single platform that may be extracted over the cargo ramp during airdrops is?
What is the minimum weight required for an 8 foot Type V modular platform?
The skidboard ties provide how many g's of vertical restraint?
With the CVR installed, the overhead pulley assembly at FS 359 will only be used when containers are rigged fwd of which of the following FS's?
Each Y-cable assembly consists of how many cables?
LM's must wear a restraint harness when performing duties near an open exit above 14,000 ft msl or below __ft msl?
When is the SATB inspected?
Prior to takeoff
What is the suspended weight range of a G-12E?
How wide is the assembled Type V platform?
If the power continuity check fails for a second time, who do ou contact?
rigger/transported force
When required, at what FS is the retriever winch cable loop (1/2 tubular nylon) installed?
How many aircraft tiedown rings can be missing when installing the 60 inch or 40 inch CVR sections?
How many anchor cable U bolts are installed on the forward anchor cable support at FS 245?
Which section of the dash 9 contains the installation procedures for the different anchor cable configurations?
How many door bundles may be dropped per exit, per pass?
The G-11 parachute has suspension lines that are made from whichof the following materials?
Type III nylon cord
What is the length, in inches, of the 1 inch tubular nylon strap used to suspend the pulley assembly at FS 530?
If dropping 16 containers with the CVR, what kind of skidboard must be used?
48 by 48
During which operations can aircraft with tail numbers 62-1784 and higher deliver extracted loads weighing up to 42,000 pounds?
training and contingency operations
How many seats for TAP_3?
44 and 42 for pts
The G-12E parachute suspension lines are made from which of the following materials?
Type IV oval braided nylon
What is the minimum weight that can be extracted using a 22 ft extraction parachute?
7000 lbs
When does the load change from extraction to deployment?
When load exits aircraft
What may be used as an alternate parachute for A-22 containers rigged for high velocity airdrops?
22 foot extraction
Avoid use of the wore "green" or "light" from the ___ checklist until arriving at the ____
slowdown; release point
What is the maximum weight limit of a door bundle dropped from a c130 aircraft, excluding the weight of the parachute?
500 pounds
What is the DD Form 1748?
The Joint Airdrop Inspection Record (for platforms)
When dropping A-22 containers WITHOUT using the CVR system what kind of skidboard is normally used?
48 by 53 1/2 inch skidboard
which sections of the dual rail are supposed to be taken out for tap 1?
sections 5B and 6B
The M-2 uses a drag release made from?
1/2 in tubular nylon webbing
What is used to secure to secure the G-12 parachutes to the a22 container?
1/4 in cotton webbing
What material is used to secure the 68-inch pilot parachute to a personnel SATB?
Ticket number 8/4 cotton thread
Where should you tape out left hand locks?
beside and aft of load
If a "no drop" situation occurs the LM will?
Enter your back text here.
What are the three types of extraction parachutes used?
15 ft, 22 ft, and 28 ft
The bsa can restrain up to how many lbs?
26,000. After that additional restraints must be applied
What are the components that make up an anchor cable assembly?
Latches on each end, an adjustable turnbuckle, and a spool, clamp, and shackle assembly.
When not in use, where are the center anchor cable supports stowed?
They are swung upward on their mounting hinges into their stowed position.
What can you use if 1/2 inch (or 5/8 in) tubular nylon is not available?
Type IV (coreless) braided nylon cord or double length of type III nylon cord
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