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money from investors
hoover stew
thin soup
the right to vote
Civilian Conservation Corps...Hired young men to plant trees, build dams, and work on other conservation projects
Hoover response
believed government shouldn't interfere with business or set up programs to help-he asked businesses to keep people working even if there wasn't any work
later he set up public works programs- government hired people to build schools and courts (if people were working they would buy goods and save the economy)
also set up reconstruction finance corp.-loaned money to rrs and banks
this program controlled production, set prices, wages, and working conditions.
won democratic candidate also paralyzed. had confidence unlike Hoover. won the election by far- knew his programs would receiv strong congressional support (New Deal)
wife Eleanor Roosevelt!!!
the practice of making high-risk investments in hopes of getting a huge return.
a federally sponsored corporation that insures accounts in national banks and other qualified institutions
collective bargaining
union representatives negotiate with managment
"New Deal"
the legislative and administrative program of President F. D. Roosevelt designed to promote economic recovery and social reform during the 1930s; also : the period of this program
Distributed millions of dollars of direct aid to unemployed workers
new policies like the _______/______ were enacted to regulate the stock market and look over the banking industry
Huey Long
Louisiana flamboyant back country orator, who attracted the state's entrench oil industry and calling for a radical redistribution of wealth.
Sig. organized "share our wealth society", "every man a king".
illegal distributer of alcohol
What is a bootlegger?
communities of homeless that sprang up across the nation
New Deal
Series of progressice social and economic reforms that included unemployment insurance, old-age insurance, minimum-wage, maximum-hour regulations, the conservation of natural resources and restrictions on child labor
*Francis Townsend
California- retired doctor- Old Age Revolving Pension Plan-called for payments of $200 per month to all people over sixty-pensions be financed by national 2% tax on all commercial transactions
Frances Perkins
President Roosevelt appointed the 1st woman cabinet member when he appointed _____ as Sec. of Labor.
short term. provide instant relief for those who need it
great plain farmers heading west in search of a better life, derogatory term
writer or journalist of the early 1900s who uncovered shameful conditions in business and other areas of American life.
a sudden or random idea or desire
Bear market
A stock market with declining stock prices
unemployment insurance
people who lost their jobs received small amount of money until they found work again.
Bank panics
Banking was failing, people rushed to get their money
Stock Market Crash
A cause of the "Great Depression"
first 100 days
first 100 days of FDR's administration...he had his course of legislation and policies that he wanted to implement. more legislations passed in these 100 days than from 1918-1932
Boulder Dam
SHASTA DAM, now called Hoover Dam, became the world's tallend and second largest dam, providing the region with electricity, flood control, and a regular water supply.
Why Alfred E Smith lost election to hoover
Marx Brothers
A family of American film comedians who flourished in the 1930s; Duck Soup and A Night at the Opera are two of their films. The brothers included the wisecracking, cigar-smoking Groucho; the harp-playing, woman-chasing Harpo, who never spoke but beeped a bicycle horn instead; and the piano-playing, Italian-accented Chico. A fourth brother, Zeppo, appeared in a few films, but a fifth brother, Gummo, did not appear in any.
Dust Bowl
Region of the Great Plains that experienced a drought in 1930 lasting for a decade, leaving many farmers without work or substantial wages.
black tuesday
when the stock market crashed because all investors took out their shares
rugged individualism
the belief that all individuals can succeed on their own-government help for the people should be minimal
Hundred Days
The special session of Congress that Roosevelt called to launch his New Deal programs. The special session lasted about three months: 100 days.
Benard M. Baruch
Leader of the War Industries Board
Great Depression
a severe, world wide economic crisis which lasted from the end of 1929 to the outbreak of World War II.
FDR was elected pres. after Herbert Hoover
Who was F.D.R.
John Steinbeck
author of "The grapes of Wrath" which chronicled the struggles of Okies traveling the country looking for work
direct relief
money or food given directly from the gov. to the needy
helped home owners refinance mortgages
The Home Owners Loan Corp
Native Americans
what minority did the new deal benefit a lot?
Six economic warning signs
uneven prosperity, buying on credit, playing the stock market, too many goods, too little demand, farm troubles, trouble for workers
AAA-Agricultural Adjustment Act
asked farmers to reduce production and destroy surpluses
Francis Perkins
was the U.S. Secretary of Labor from 1933 to 1945, and the first woman ever appointed to the US Cabinet. As a loyal supporter of her friend Franklin D. Roosevelt, she helped pull the labor movement into the New Deal coalition. She and Interior Secretary Harold Ickes were the only original members of Roosevelt's cabinet who remained in offices for his entire Presidency.
The New Deal
The program of President Rooseelt was called?
Buying on margin
An option that allowed investors to purchase a stock for only a fraction of its price and borrow the rest
unemployment rate
is the percentage of the labor force who are unemployed and actively searching for work.( as measured by those applying for unemployment compensation
American Expeditionary Force
About 2 million Americans went to France as members of this under General John J. Pershing. Included the regular army, the National Guard, and the new larger force of volunteers and draftees and they served as individuals
The following characterize what?: 1) farmers declare bankruptcy 2) physical reminder of problems
Dust Bowl (US farmers 1920s)
What did Americans do once they again gained faith in banks?
Again deposited money
Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)
congress created this in 1932 which lent money to businesses
The Hundred Days
The first 100 days of his presidensy FDR launched a period of intense activity where he made many new laws to hep depression
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
He was the 32nd President of the United States and a central figure in world events during the mid-20th century, leading the United States during a time of worldwide economic crisis and world war.
Farm Credit Act
Law that was intended to help small time farmers survive the Great Depression, by allowing the Federal government to make short term loans to farmers. They were aided in paying the mortgage as well as operation costs
Securities and Exchange Commission
government now has control over the stock market
Dow Jones Industrial
Oldest indicator of ups and downs of the stock market.
wagner act?
2nd new deal. more help for unions. 25 cents minimum wage
What type of regulations did the National Industrial Recovery Act support?
40 hour workweeks, minimum wage
the dust bowl
In the 1930's A series of major dust storms that buried houses, destroyed farmland and killed livestock
federal home loan bank act
increased bank funds, which would be able to finance mortgage loans.
what does the stock market thrive on?
social issues, political issures, romours and weather
What were Black Thursday and Black Tuesday?
The days when investors started selling stocks in huge numbers, therefore causing stock prices to plummet. Investors also panicked when debt collectors came to collect their money and they had nothing to give causing even more selling of stock.
of mice and men
A parable about what it means to be human. Steinbeck's story of George and Lennie's ambition of owning their own ranch, and the obstacles that stand in the way of that ambition, reveal the nature of dreams, dignity, loneliness, and sacrifice. Ultimately, Lennie, the mentally handicapped giant who makes George's dream of owning his own ranch worthwhile, ironically becomes the greatest obstacle to achieving that dream. The story begins and ends with Georges endless love for his brother, but unfortunately when Lennie's mental impairment grows from the need to pet animals which leads to their death, to the death of an actual human George has no other choice but to end Lennie's life.
Why did people lose their savings?
Banks failed (9000 by 1933) and others had no savings to begin with.
How were women and African Americans ignored by the New Deal?
Women were hired after men and boys and given relief after men. They were also paid less and it was legal to do so. African Americans were provided less relief and less jobs because federal relief programs reinforced racial segregation. There was also a rise in lynchings and there was no legislation to stop discrimination.
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