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job sharing
Terms Definitions
expressive traits
emotion oriented
one individual having multiple spouses, to have more than one spouse at a time.
Greek words: poly = many, gamos = marriage
showing disgust or disrespect
(name calling, eye rolling, mocking) 
In comparison with Protestants, Catholics tend to be more __________ in theirworldview.
exercising control over self and others
restabilization stage
families have reached the restabilization stage by the end of five years; economic and social changes had been incorporated into daily living
the greatest expected benefit of marriage in the U.S.
a male sterilization technique in which the vasdeferens is tied off and cut, preventing passage of sperm through the male reproductive tract
Incest Taboos
Prohibits intercourse between parents and children and between siblings, are nearly universal
job sharing
Two people sharing one job.
Family togetherness, stability, and loyalty are all examples of:
Family values
avunculocal residence
Patterns of residence after marriage in which the couple live with or near the husband's mother's brother.
group marriage, more than 1 husband, more than 1 wife in a household.
social father
a male relative, family associative, or mother’s partner—who demonstrates parental behaviors and is like a father to the child
rights and property flowed from the father
open adoption
share information about the child (biological parents and adoptive parents)
infections that are spread by contact, sexual or nonsexual, with body parts or fluids (viral or bacterial)
Way humans create and share meaning, both verbally and nonverbally
a system of reckoning descent that counts both the mother's and the father's side
second shift
Sociologist Arlie Hochshild's term for the domestic work that employed women must perform after coming home from a day on the job.
The preeminence of the male provider role is a powerful theme in __________ racialgroups.
arranged marriages
Marriages that are arranged by the parents or other relatives of the bride and groom.
bride price
Money or property that the future groom pays the future bride's family so that he can marry her.
nuclear family
traditionally defined as a man, a woman, a child.
in modern terms: one or more parents and kids, (step-parents)
extended family
a family structure that includes two or more related nuclear families
transition stage
began about a year after the separation, when extreme emotional responses of the children had diminished or disappeared
low sexual desire
failure of timing, failure of intimacy, failure of sexual empathy, failure reciprocity, failure of overromanticization
feminization of love
seeing love in largely expressive terms (telling each other how you feel), important qualities or aspects of both women's and men's intimacy get ignored or overlooked
types of infidelity
sexual but not emotionalsexual and emotionalemotional but not sexual
Marital success is measured by:
1. adjustment
2. happiness
3. permanence
Circular Causality Model
When both people deny responsibility for what has happened & for changing it & preventing it from happening again
bride and groom live with the bride's mother's familydescent traced through the female lineproperty is inherited through the female linewomen own the land or animalskeeps female labor together
flexible scheduling
A type of employment scheduling that includes scheduling options such as job sharing or flextime.
A man who takes a fulltime family-care role, rather than being employed.
A period of months or years before or after marriage during which the husband performs labor for his wife's parents.
A student who has an intense crush on a married professer despite the fact they have no chance the love will ever be reciprocated
STDS caused by virus:
1. genital herpes
2. hepatitis B
3. genital warts
4. human immunodeficiency virus
Attentive Listening
A mode in which the listener simply lets the speaker tell the story without interruption, encouraging, rather than directing, the teller
a form of marriage in which men have more then one wife
shift work
As defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, any work schedule in which more than half of an empoyee's hours are before 8am or after 4pm.
According to the text, more and more women are entering nontraditional occupationssuch as:
The military
the marriage of a woman to two or more men at the same time
Reevaluating sexuality
single men and women may need to weigh the costs and benefits of sex in causal or lightly committed relationships; in long-term relationships, sexuality often becomes less central to relationship satisfaction..sexuality in later adulthood
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Provides families with time limited assistance to end dependency on government benefits Preventing and reducing out of wedlock pregnancies, especially teenage Encouraging formulation and maintenance of two parent families
marriage and economicsbridewealth
valuable gifts or money are given by the groom's family to the bride's familycommon in societies where the bride goes to live with the groom's familybride's family is being compensated for the loss of her companionship and labor
involuntarily and temporarily unmarrieds
women and men in this category are actively and consciously seeking marital partners; their desires to marry someday are referred to as wishfuls
system of descent
how kinship is traced over the generations
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Gives unpaid, job protected leave of up to 12 weeks for employees to care for an ill family member or take time off after childbirth
Women's Reactions to Role Overload and Conflict
- Married women have less role conflict than single women and prefer working fewer hours to reduce role overload or conflict
In what percent of couples does woman earn more and what negative impact might it have?
In 1/4 of dual earner couples, the wife earns more than the husband - but surprisingly it does not have a uniform effect on married life
/ 50

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