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Founded CBS
William Paley
Edision's assistant___________ developed 1st movie camera
william Dickson
Current NBC owner
General Electric
The kinetograph camera
Thomas EdiSon
Readability Studies
Analyzing a publication's effectiveness.
independent program producers and distributors
Farnsworth's television vaccum tube
Image dissector
Anything that interferes with successful communication is said to be:
in symbolic interaction, artificial signs for which there is less certainty of response
Bullet Theory
(also known as hypodermic)Posits powerful, direct effects of the mass media.
Developed the first movie camera
William Dickson
Technological basis of movies is photography
when reporters judge other countries and cultures on the basis of how they live up to Americas standards and values.
any representation of a system, whether in words or diagrams
preferred reading
in critical theory, the producer-intended meaning of a piece of content; assumed to reinforce the status quo
FRC Licensing
Federal Radio Commissiona five member board thatr was instructed to establish a system for licensing new radio stations and assigning frequencies and power to existing stations.
Packet Switching
Breaks up digital information into individually addressed chunks, or packets.
Control over media by those in authority.
Provided programming on nonexclusive basis
Mutual Broadcasting System
Reporter who criticized JOseph McCarthy
Edxward R. Murrow
What is bounded culture?
Sub-culture within larger culture.
typfication schemas
in social construction of reality, collections of meaning assigned to some phenomenon, which come from a social stock of knowledge to pattern interaction with the environment and things and people in it
hyperritualized representations
media content constructed to highlight only the most meaningful actions
message system analysis
in cultivation analysis, detailed content analyses of television programming to assess recurring and consistent presentations of images, themes, values, and portrayals
Fairness Doctrine
a 1949 FCC ruling that required broadcasters to air both sides of controversial issues. In 1987, the FCC abolished the rule, calling it unconstitutional
Press Release
Summarizes news and information in a form and style that is preferred by the media.
One of the first exhibitions of motion pictures in the world. credited with "_______ Loop" feature of movie prjectors involving a loop to feed film smoothly
Woodville Latham
What was the most popular sitcom?
I Love Lucy
What is Muckraking?
Crusade form of journalism. Deep investigative stories for social change.
social cognitive theory
theory of learning through interaction with the environment that involves reciprocal causation of behavior, personal factors, and environmental events
in framing theory, a specific set of expectations used to make sense of some aspect of the social world in a specific situation and time
fraction of selection
Schramm's graphic description of how individuals make media and content choices based on expectation of reward and effort required
Aristotle's Golden Mean
States that moral virtue is the appropriate location between two extremes.
1st to observe persistent image that slowly faded away after he gazed into sun
300 B.C. Aristotle
First movie start to make one million a year.
Charlie Chaplin
What is dominant culture?
Holds sway with majority of people.
the extensions of man
McLuhan's idea that media literally extend sight, hearing, and touch through time and space
primary reality
in frame analysis, the real world in which people and event obey certain conventional and widely accepted rules
Alien and Sedition Acts
respresented the first efforts by the government to impose restrictions on the press and free speech in our new republic
Did advertisers like dramas?
No, because they depicted reality and they want you to think you can only be happy with material items that they can give you
 Popular culture may distract some students from serious literature and philosophy.
 Popular culture exploits classic works of literature.
 Popular culture has a short-life span
 Pop culture undermines or exploits high culture driving out h
some concerns of pop culture
Meese Commission Report
a 1960 page report stating that it had found a casual relationship between exposure to sexually violent books, magazines, and films and aggressive behavior towards women.
Were there re-runs of these first shows?
no they were not taped
According to Mindich in the reading from JUST THE FACTS...
Objectivity has limitations, Cultural filters influence objectivity, Reporters should strive to tell the truth.
Who solved the color tv problem
Zworkin worked for RCA and Westing house and was chosen after first rejected for CBS's color
media system dependency theory
idea that the more a person depends on having needs gratified by media use, the more important the media's role will be in the person's life and, therefore, the more influence those media will have
What was wrong with CBS's color?
You can't watch black adn white tv on these tvs that can show the color. The majority of the programming was still in black and white so no one wanted to buy a tv where they couldn't watch their favorite shows.
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