Dante' Inferno Quiz Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Chief Centaur
supreme happiness
In Antenora
7th Circle
useless; unproductive
Fraudalent Counselor
sahtekar savunucusu
Canto I
Location: Earth.
violent against oneself
Guelph - Color
Joyous or merry
sezgi yoluyla edinilen bilgi
poet, politics
Dante's work experience
Outer Ring of Cocytus
Bodies Made of "Nothing"
from the very beginning
What diviners are encountered?
Tiresias, Manto
circle three
gluttonous, three headed cerberus
in one of Judas's mouth
majority of hoarders and wasters?
(Greek mythology) 3-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades
to speak disrespectfully of God
Viciously beat each other and tormented with disease, hunger, and stench
who in canto 33
ugolino, brother alberigo
to clear of accusations, blame, suspicion, or doubt with proof
Canto VII
Location: 4th Circle. Sinner: Wrathful. Punishment: Push weights along in anger and pain in a circle. Names: Plutus
in Judecca-those treacherous to their masters-sealed in the ice
(Greek mythology) the ferryman who brought the souls of the dead across the river Styx or the river Acheron to Hades
The Center
Treachery against lords and benefactors; Judas (betrayed Jesus) Cassius and Brutus (betrayed Julius Caesar), Satan (betrayed God); Judas, Cassius, and Brutus are doomed to be chewed by Satan for all eternity. Judas has the worst punishment because his head is inside Satan's mouth while his body is continually clawed; Dante is scared of Satan, and does not know how they plan to get out, they follow River Lethe and emerge on Easter Sunday
the writers attitude toward the readers and toward te subject.
relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites
to oppose successfully; prevent from accomplishing a purpose.
Circle 6; denied Gods existence and went against the Orthodox
the eighth story
Guiglielmo rebukes ermino de grimaldi
an extended metaphor in which objects and persons in a narrative are equated with meanings that lie outside the narrative itself
a great number of people gathered together
High Priest who sentenced Jesus to death; crucified to floor and trampled
Who is in the 1st circle?
Virtuous Pagans
Circle 6; denied Gods existence and went against the Orthodox
Brutus, Cassius, Judas
Satans mouth holds these sinners
Year Dante begins political career as a Guelph
traitors to masters, where satan is eating judas, cassius, and brutus
desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness:
one of three sisters known as the Gorgons, was so frightening to behold that those who looked at her would turn to stone. Conventionally adorned with a head full of serpents, she was decapitated by the Greek hero Perseus.
people in canto 15
Brunetto-gives prophecy that dante will be persecuted, he was a mentor and father figure to Dante
circle 3 (the gluttons). AKA the hog. used to live in Florence, Italy. recognized Dante and asked him what the city was like now.
Location - Master Adam
Circle 8, Bolgia 10 (Counterfeiter)
the ability to form mental images of things or events
to wrap up with bands of a material
Circle Two
Lust- people who have committed the sin of lust swirl in the wind hopelessly forever chasing eachother
Dante's Burial Place
Monastery of Franciscan Friars in Ravenna
Who alone alone who can guide Dante toward salvation and Paradise?
Circle Nine, Round Three
Treacherous against Guests/hosts. Are emerged in ice except for half of their faces. Demons posses their bodies on Earth.
What type of sinners were placed in circle 8 bolgia 6 of hell?
How are usurers identified?
insignia of purses around their necks
punishment in first bolgia
panderers and seducers walk in opposite directions constantly passing each other, demons whip them
Farinata degli Uberti
found in circle 6 (heretics); leader of the Ghibellines; speaks to Dante; warred with the Guelph family for many years and lost (and declared a heretic); in the same tomb as his son in law
Ninth Circle
-Circle one-
Caina (after cain)
For Traitors of Kin
Frozen in the lake up to their heads, teeth chattering.
Fitting because cold and lack of movement mean a lacking of soul, which is needed, according to dante, for a sacred betrayal.
Chief Sinner: Bocca, an Italian Traitor, Dante tears out some of his hair.
a door, gate, or bridge of imposing or elaborate appearance
8th circle: bolgia 2
flatterers, full of human feces. someone who compliments someone for selfish purposes
a severe or formal rebuke by a person in authority; chastised, blame, to critisize sharply
a small room or monument, cut in rock or built of stone
Rebellion (Fallen) Angels
Guard the City of Dis; don't let anybody in
people in canto 14
Capaneus-one of 7 kings who plundered thebes, story of man whose tears create rivers of hell
What time of day is it as the Demons top with?
Circle Nine Round Three Ptolomea
Treachery against Guests and Hosts; Friar Alberigo; souls in Hell but demons inhabit bodies on Earth
Black's and White's
Two factions of the Guelphs. Dante was a White Guelph
Animals in the Dark Wood of Error
She Wolf, Lion, and Leopard
Bertran de Born
A man who convinced a young king to rebel against his father
2nd time Dante faints -
upon hearing story of Francesca & Paolo
Crime of the people in Circle 2
Guilty of a sin of Lust
Philosophy of Day of Last Judgment
1. Philosophy of Aristotle as taught by St. Aquinas.
2. "the more the thing is perfect, the more if feels pleasure and pain"
Traitors to Guests and Friends
Half body encased in ice so when they cry their tears freeze up and shut their eyes; Third ring: Ptolomaea
What was the punishment for the Lustful/Carnal in hell?

swirling cyclone of those who were ruled by their passions
they never can touch eachother
How are the people in Hell tortured?
In ways that fit the sins they committed while alive.
What does Dante say he will do with the words Bruneto gives him?
He will show Beatrice who will judge these matters if he reaches her height
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