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Terms Definitions
Count Ugolin
moving backwards
Dante's companion/mentor
3rd Bolgia
to faint
somurtkan, huysuz, aksi
Malice & Fraud
violent against Art
god of riches
violent windy storm
New Testament
yeni ahit (incil)
City Dante is from
How did Dante die?
moral corruption or degradation
How are blasphemers punished?
lying flat
political climate of Dante's hometown
divine retribution, poetic justice, crime drives the punishment
Describe the city of Dis:
False Counselors
engulfed in a flame.
The Divine Comedy
Dante's great Masterpiece
guardian-symbol of the fourth circle (avarice and prodigality), is--like other infernal creatures--a unique hybrid of sources and natures. Often portrayed as the mythological god of the classical underworld (Hades), Plutus also appears in some cases as the god of wealth.
divissions of lower hell
violence, fraud, treachery
three heads, horns, crying, beating huge wings turning things to ice
Canto IX
Location: 6th Circle. Sinner: Heretics. Names: Megaera, Allecto, Tisiphone. Fits: Had religious beliefs but not believe in things accepted by the church.
chapter heading, major division along poem
sin: thieves
punishment: bodies of reptiles, constantly in a battle for human form
knows Dante from Italy, gluttonous Third Circle
Easter Sunday
Jesus rose from the dead
Gemma Donati
Dante's wife. married in 1299
characterized by or giving attention; observant:
Violent against Self
"SUICIDAL"; PUNISHMENT: turned into thorny trees; birds pluck their leaves and they bleed constantly
Canto 13
7th circle sub 2-violent against self-suicides
a friend of Julius Caesar. conspired to have him assassinated. one of the 2nd worst sinners in hell.
Location: 8th Circle, 6th Pouch. Sinner: Hypocrites. Punishment: To walk slowly in circles with gold cloaks lined with lead. Names: The Jovial Friars, Caiaphus
Holy Messenger
Shields Dante from looking upon Medusa; hell has no effect on her
What were the gluttons eating in hell?
a split or indentation, especially one in rock or the ground
completely frozen in ice, twisted into different positions, traitors to their benefactors
Canto VIII
Location: 5th Circle. Sinner: The Wrathful, The Sullen. Names: City of Dis
his language is sparse indirect and idiomatic
a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge)
suicide tree that dante removed a branch from, , trojan prince, story is in the aeneid
heads on backwards; forced to walk backwards
Fillipo Argenti
A black guelph, Filippo was Dante's natural political enemy
who in canto 28
Mohammad, Curio, Mosca, Lamberti, Bertran
found at the beginning of circle 2 (the lustful); tells each soul where its final place and torment will be; figure from classical mythology; as a judger of the dead; when the souls confess, his tail coils a certain number of times...corresponds with the number of circles the soul will decend; he also challenges Dante's entering of Hell
Circle 9
coldest place because Christ has not come a 2nd time
strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage
feet first in satans mouth right head silent
after her fathers death she came to the alps live and people built a city called Mantue
Angels who praise God in song. 4 wings.
Weighted down by leaden robes and walk eternally around a narrow track; the robes are brilliantly gilded on the outside and are shaped like a monk's. Circle Eight (Malebolge), Bolgia Six. Canto XXIII.
Phaethon and Icarus
two classical figures whose reckless flight led to their tragic death, dante thinks of them when flying on geryon between the 7th and the 8th circle
Type of sinners placed in vestibule of Hell?
What is the second zone of the ninth circle?
punishment in first bolgia
panderers and seducers wlak in opposite directions
wall of Dis
divides upper and lower hell; bt circls 5 and 6
Count Ugolino
A traitor condemned to the Second Ring of the Ninth Circle of Hell. Ugolino gnaws on the head of another damned traitor, Archbishop Ruggieri. When Ruggieri imprisoned Ugolino and his sons, denying them food, Ugolino was driven to eat the corpses of his starved sons
Archbishop Ruggieri and Count Ugolino
Ruggieri betrayed Ugolino. Ugolina knaws on Ruggieri.
8th Circle: bolgia 9
demon hacks peoples bodies dividing them depending on how they were in their life
Stuck in a hole getting their feet and legs burned.
incarnational parody
snake and human fusing bolge 7, the thieves
Traitors to Their Lords
Entire body encased in ice in uncomfortable positions; Fourth ring: Judecca
inspiring poet
Why Dante chose Virgil to be his guide through hell
Who are the sinners in circle 8 bolgia 6?
The hypocrites
Master Adam
body twisted into the shape of a lute, flesh rotting off. in there for making fake money, craving water
Circle 8, Bolgia Three
Simoniacs, Someone who tried to sell things of the Church. They are in a tube upside down with their feet out and fire underneath their feet.
Traitors to Kin
Encased in ice and can bow their head; First ring; Cania
What's interesting about Ugolino?
He is encased in ice from the waist-down and left to starve eternally
Symbolism of Less Secret Gate
To get anything human reason must combine w/Diving Aid.
What is the punishment of the river Phlegethon?
River of blood, centaurs' arrows
Whose court did the Comedia begin in?
Can Grande della Scala - Verona
the fifth story (decameron)
man is conned out of all his money by a woman when he goes to trade for horses in Naples
What was the punishment for the virtuous pagens in hell?

No punishment EXCEPT... no hope to reach heaven or to see G-D
What type of sinners were placed in circle 8 bolgia 10?
Fasifiers of -things
What is the crime of the sinners who have their heads turned?
They are trying to look in the future
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