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Terms Definitions
Talk shows.
Cost per thousand
working at home
Morning Edition
NPR's morning newsmagazine.
is strategically placed communication to gain support for a policy, issue or program.
military network that preceded Internet; Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
Michael hart
creator of project gutenberg
Computerized nerve center that recieves and processes long distance/local signal
A deliberate disclosure of confidential or classified info. by someone who wants to advance the public interest, embarrass, a bureaucratic rival or supervisor, or disclose incompetence or skullduggery
John Petter Zenger
Early Press Freedom
two cornerstones of PR
Publicity and promotion
(true/false) During the first decades of the 20th century muckrackers exposed corruption in abuses in oil meatpacking?
Benjamin Day
published the new york sun
Researchers noticed that people suffered from COGNITIVE DISSONANCEnoise that we have in our head that keep up from acting) during the Peoples Choice Study. However, once we act on our decisions, we tell ourselves we made the RIGHT DECISION)......We all have noise/dissonance in our heads so when we go to the media we seek opinions that we agree with to reduce that noise and reinforce our own beliefs.
o Why don't people watch two different new opinion leadersBill O'riely versus CNN)? Because people don't want to cause more confusion and noise in their minds.
public television
noncommerical television with an emphasis on quality programs to meet public needs
Selecting aspects of a perceived reality for emphasis in a mass media message, thereby SHAPING how the audience sees the reality.
Behaviors are caused by direct experience and systematic observation.
Subliminal advertising
adds that get our attention
Traditional Fans
The devotees of celebrity. The worshipful type.
owned by google, A video sharing service.
the characterstics of an audience the media uses. this includes age, race, gender, salary, and religion, and it plays a very important role in demassification
second-class postage
discounted delivery rates for books and periodicals
Social cost
negative effect long term cultural impact *by changing expectations of normal behavior.
invented in the 1840s, it sent electrical impulses through a cable from a transmitter to a reception point, transmitting Morse code.
news flow
significance of events worth covering varies from day to day
Which method allows researchers to generalize their findings to a large population?
a) Content analysis
b) Experimental design
c) Surveys
d) Textual analysis
e) Answers B and C
c) Surveys
Investigative reporting
Enterprise reporting that reveals new information, often these are stories that official sources would rather not have told
Authoritarian Model
Government controls the media to maintain authority over their citizens.
Muckrakers-investigative journalists;
Term coined by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt. Describe reporters who specialized in exposing scandals and corruption,said they were so busy \"raking muck\" that they didn't see the good in the world. Term taken from John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress (1678)
selective exporsure
tendency to avoid info inconsistent with ones beliefs and attitudes. Individuals prefer arguments supporting their position over those supporting other positions
Mutual Co-option
Two parties both knowingly using each other for their own needs. e.g. publicists & glossy publications
An economic system with profit as the incentive for producing goods and services
psychological filter
receivers state of mind that impedes deciphering
In 1860, the Beadle brothers began selling popular action novels for 10 cents. These _______ helped turn the book into a mass medium.
Dime Novels
When radio stations used to read their news reports from the pages of the day's newspaper, it was
James Gordon Bennett
Organized the first methodical news coverage
46) From our class discussion, which event shows bloggers' ability to engage in significant research?
a) The story about an AP reporter who used the picture of a fallen soldier without the family's permission
b) The story that exposed the fact that an NBC
e) Rathergate
*History of wire services (Why did the first: ASSOCIATED PRESS begin)
what is data minding
collecting information about people legally. such as axiom
Integrated Marketing Communications
The process of using promotional tools, including advertising, in a unified way so that a synergistic communications effect is created.
Moores law
gordon moore a former chairman on intel. says that a computer chip power doubles every 18 months
the Audit Bureau of Circulation
Verifies circulation claims; checks newspaper and magazine circulation claims
This president used radio with a notable effectiveness, including "Fireside Chats"
Frankline Delanor Roosevelt
Edward Bernays
The nephew of Sigmund Freud, taked the idea of the unconcious mind and invents Public Relations. One of his first was an Easter Parade with a cigarette campaign-made it acceptable for women to smoke cigs by having a parade of women smokers
watchdog function
The news media role to monitor the performance of government and other institutions of society
block booking
requiring a theater owner to take a whoel series of movies in order to get a few desirable headliner films. eventually found to violate state trust laws
*Spiral of Silence Theory
Vocal majority intimidates others into into silence.
Gate Keeping Theory
Flow of info controlled by journalist, editors, producers, broadcasters.
Home Box Office - hotels and bars to provide recent movies (Levine) and sporting events like boxing matches
concentric circle model
it is a series of concentric rings with the source of the message at the center. The source encodes the information or an idea, which then ripples outward to the outermost ring, which is the receiving audience. In between there are several elements unique to the mass communication including gatekeepers, a technology based medium, regulators and amplification. The model creates a framework fro tracking the difficult course of a message through the mass media communication process.
Oligopoly in the Recording Industry (4)
Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, EMI and Warner Music Group
9) According to the textbook, what is the most censored book in U.S. history?
a) Candide
b) Catcher and the Rye
c) Clockwork Orange
d) Lolita
e) Huckleberry Finn
e) Huckleberry Finn
Informed and Involved Citizenry
Possible in a modern democracy only when the mass media works well.  Everyone in the country knows (intelligently) of the same issues.  Educated citizens voting for representatives in Washington.  Lots of messages, ideally reliable messages, but we need lots of information in order to make judgements.
- Bollywood - crank out 1200 movies a year, twice as many as US- WiFi - link villages with rest of the world, have knowledge centers connected to wifi (600,000 villages)
Cable Channels
Steps of the modeling theory
A reciever first encounters a media presentation of the model depicting the behavior. If the person identifies with the model, he or she may reproduce the form of action portrayed by the model. But, before permanently adopting it, it must have a positive benefit for the observer. If so, the behavior may be tried out, and if adopting it solves some problem for the person, it may be used again and again in similar circumstances.
Which concept says that the media do not tell us what to think; rather, the media tell us what to think about?
a) Agenda setting theory
b) Direct effects model
c) Selective exposure
d) Social learning theory
e) Third-person effect
a) Agenda setting theory
What are the four functions of Advertising?
Marketing, Education, Deflation, and Exhibitions
What are the origins of the term progaganda?
Propaganda-a communication strategy that tries to manipulate public opinion to gain support for a special issure, program, or policy. Originated from World War 1 and the ways propaganda had been used to advance the american war effort.
campaign financing, the 527 status gives what special protection to ads?
They are used by groups unaffiliated with candidates or parties to collect and spend unlimited funds on political ads
What are the four main functions of the media?
Agenda Setting, Gatekeeping, Framing, and The Spiral of Silence
Where was the ENIAC created? and under who was it created?
Created by Mauchly & Eckert.
Created in Moore School of Engineering at Univeristy of Pennsylvania
Why can't advertising sell online for the printed paper?
There is unlimted space on the internet.  The ads are much cheaper because there are so many options for ad placement.  
There is only one back page of the paper. 
"Online advertsing is the future but the math is flawed."
CPM for online is $20
CPM print is thousands of dollars.
How did the FCC respond to the "fleeting nudity" with janet jackson and justin timberlake?
It renewed FCC concerns about indecency. A record $555,000 fine against CBS and an increase in fines per incident from 27,500 to 325,000. in July 2008 they voided the fine. May 2009 went back to the court of appeals.
What is fair use?
a) It allows newspapers to publish information about national security if the courts approve
b) It allows people to use copyrighted material without gaining permission under certain circumstances
c) It allows photographers to use people'
b) It allows people to use copyrighted material without gaining permission under certain circumstances
Lee Kamlets role? role of the anchor? describe his work?
Head writer for charles gibson, feels like he's writing a term paper everyday, gets writers block, headlines and page 2 most important
Define digital divide. What challenges does it pose for deomocracy?
The divide bw have's an have not's. I some nations it has created economic tiers and classes of service. The wealthy users have higher levels of access and privacy
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