Medical Assistant 2_1 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
small, microscope
above, over
ab-, abs-
away from
Dr. of Chiropractic
One BILLION bytes
external, on the outside
Dr. of Osteopathic Medicine
Dr. of Dental Surgery
Applied ethics relates to:
healthcare professions
Understanding someone else's feeling. "putting yourself in someone else's shoes"
A nonverbal way of communication?
state of having disease-producing germs introduced to the body
DEA registration numbers are available to:
to place in contact with microorganisms
Egyptians used ________ to relieve clogged body canals.
Treats the male and female u
to affect with disease; make ill.
A private or public healthcare entity that facilitates the processing of nonstandard electronic transactions into HIPAA transactions is a:
to pretend to illness to escape dealing with a situation or obligation
A flashing symbol appearing on the display screen showing the current position of data entry
the hardware and software that enable individual computers and components to interface
Clara Barton
She formed the American Red Cross
Dr. W.T.G. Morton
Used ether as an anesthetic
What are the 4 types of receptors?
What is otitis media?
Infection of middle ear
A voluntary process in which an agency requests an official review of its operation is called:
Eugenic sterilization is:
sterilization of certain persons to assure they will not pass defective genes to their children
any material that has been in contact with the body fluid and its potentially capable of transmitting disease
Doctor comes from the Latin word meaning?
To teach
What is sclera?
The tough white tissue surrounding the eye- the whites of the eyes
At what angle is an intradermal injection given?
10-15 degree
Personal problems related to alcohol and/or drug abuse cost the U.S. economy more than ______ of its $70 billion budget yearly.
33 to 50 percent
One that acts or has the power or authority to act for another
What do cones do?
Allows the eye to see color
What is glaucoma?
Buildup of pressure in the eye resulting in eventual blindness
What is phlebitis?
Inflammation of a vein caused by fishing in arm or smacking arm
Diagnostic related groups refer to:
classification of patients of illness by diagnosis
What are E codes?
This refers to external factors such as injury or poisening
What is myopia?
When images are focused in the front of the retina allowing the eye to see things near/nearsightedness
A national source of reports of actions taken against healthcare providers, practitioners, and vendors who are in noncompliance or performing fraudulent activities is the:
Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDA)
What is a "trial balance"?
It is a comparsion of accounts recievable and ledger card readings. It should be done before sending out bills.
What is a hematoma?
mass of blood in tissue causing a black and blue mark
What are the eustachian tubes?
They are small tubes connecting the middle ear to the throat, they equalize pressure within the ear
What is accomodation?
The movement of the lens to allow for near or distant vision
Give 4 methods of scheduling:
1. Clustering - Every 10 minutes. 2. Double booking - 2 patients at the same time.3. Open hours - no appt. (only wait turn)4. Wave - scheduled appt. every 30 min./every hour
What do rods do?
Allows the eye to see in black and white
What do rods do?
Allows the eye to see in black and white
Which of the following is the best definition of confidentiality?
the ability to safeguard another person’s information
What 3 things are required to have a knowledge of your environment?
-sense organs to perceive stimulus
-cranial nerves to transmit
-functioning area of brain to interpret
What are the 3 bones of the middle ear?
The malleus(hammer) which hits the incus (anvil) which moves the stapes (stirrups)
What shape does the lens have at different ages?
Round as a child, oval as an adult, nearly flat in the elderly which causes difficulty accomodating near vision
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