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Terms Definitions
Pension Plans
retirement savings plan
teaching managers and professionals the skills needed for both present and future jobs.
Modify (appeal)
High court reduces damages.
Physiological and emotional response to stimuli that place physical or psychological demands on an individual
Conducting Performance Appraisals
Subordinates, Managers, Peers, Self-Assessment, Team members can all conduct performance appraisals
involves maintaining a good attitude with coworkers, even when they've done something annoying or when the unit is going through tough times
any conduct that interferes w/ enjoyment or use of land
must be unreasoable  interference, effects externalities
public=effect public at large, city contract out so can't sue
private= effects few people
remedy= damages, injunction
must be non-contractual: can settle nuisance by contract then it isn't a tort anymore, breach= tort
matters in tx if you moved to nuissance or not
Immanuel Kant
Categorical Imperative
- 'a person should not act unless he or she is willing to have the rule or conduct on which one acts become universal law.  The rational person would consider the consequences of this, and then act accordingly, based on how society (not just the individual) would be affected'
defined as the shared values, beliefs, motives, identities, and interpretations that result from common experiences of members of a society and are transmitted across generations.
testing an experienced workers job performance before training
horizontal specialization
who specializes in what work
is a behavior, rule, or standard expected to be followed by team members
HR has changed...
-must justify existence thru measurable business results, just like other depts.-co's are outsourcing traditional HR acivities such as benefits, EAP, surveys etc.-moving to a self-service model to eliminate admin work.-realize line managers, not HR, recruit, develop, & retain talent-MUST ASSIST LINE MANAGERS
Legal-political dimension
the dimension of the general environment that includes federal, state, and local government regulations and political activities designed to influence company behavior
differentiation strategy
build competitive advant. by being unique in industry or market segment
__ capabilities allow the firm to exploit opportunities or neutralize threats in its external environment
Quality Management Viewpoint
Includes quality control, quality assurance, and total quality management.
effective follower
a critical, independent thinker who actively participates in the organization
occurs when targets of influence are wiling to do what the leader asks, but they do it with a degree of ambivalence
represents the belief that exerting a high level of effort will result in the successful performance of some task
a cultural attitude marked by the tendency to regard one's own culture as superior to others
Layers of Organizational Culture
1. Artifacts2. Values3. Assumptions
organization structure
the framework in which the organization defines how tasks are divided, resources are deployed, and departments are coordinated
means to achieve results, make the right decisions and carry them out to meet the organizations goals
is the quantity and quality of work performance, with resource utilization taken into account
Disruptive Technology
new technology that gets its start away from the mainstread of a market and then, as its functionality imporves over time, invades the amin makret. They revolutionize industry structure and competition (cause a technological paradigm shift)
broadly defined a the degree to whic employees have the ability and the willingness to accomplish their specific tasks
top-down budgeting
a budgeting process in which middle- and lower-level mangers set departmental budget targets in accordance with overall company revenues and expenditures specified by top management
Human capital
the economic value of the knowledge, experience, skills, and capabilities of employees
fundamental attribution error
the tendency to underestimate the influence of external factors on another's behavior and to overestimate the influence of internal factors
shopping product
a consumer product that the customer, in the process of selection and purchase, usually compares on such bases as suitability, quality, price, and style
negative reinforcement
occurs when an unwanted outcome is removed following a desired behavior; used to increase desired behaviors
cognitive marketing intelligence
the systematic collection and analysis of publicly available info about consumers, competitors, and developments in the marketing env
As a resource becomes more scarce, it becomes more critical and valuable in our minds, even more than it deserves
the formal and legitimate right of a manager to make decisions, issue orders, and allocate resources to achieve organizationally desired outcomes
Lewin's Change Model
-Unfreezing:managers try to instill in employees the motivation to change, encouraging them to let go of attitudes and behaviors that are resistant to innovation. -changing: employees need to be given the tools for change(new information, new perspectives
Human skill
is the ability to work well in cooperation with other people
Perfection with Filing
Filing of a financing statement with the appropriate public office gives constructive notice of the secured interest to other creditors of the Debtor. Contents of the Filing Statement: a.) signature of debtor, b.) names and addresses of the Debtor and the Secured Party, c.) statement specifically indicating the type of collateral or describing the collateral. The financing statement is filed under the Debtor's name. Where to file: a.) central filing with a state official; b.) local filling with official of county; c.) combination of local filing for consumer and/or farm goods and central for other types. // Effective time of perfection: The filing of a financing statement is effective for 5 years. Renewal of perfection must be filed within six months of expiration of prior filing.
newcomer orientation
a common form of training during which new hires learn more about the organization
According to Catalyst, Fortune 500 women compose about _____% of managerial and professional workers, but only about ______% of corporate officers.
C. 50%, 15%
charismatic leader
a leader who has the ability to motivate subordinates to transcend their expected performance
speciality store
a retail store that carries a narrow product line with a deep assortment within that line
transmission of organizational culture
stories, legends, myths, rites and ceremonies: passage, enhancement, renewal, integration
service role
staff says they can do act. more effectivel and efficiently
Organizational Culture
a system of shared beliefs and values that develops within an organization and guides the actions of its members. it is the "social glue" that binds members of an organization together
Griggs vs, Duke Power
The Supreme Court ruled that employer discrimination need not be overt or intentional to be present—employment practices having an adverse impact on protected classes can be illegal even when applied equally to all employees.Employers have the burden of proving that employment requirements are job-related or constitute a business necessity and are absolutely necessary for job success.Good intent, or absence of intent to discriminate, is not a sufficient defense of adverse impact.
alternative dispute resolution
a process by which two parties resolve conflicts through the use of a specially trained neutral third party
__ is an entry mode where a firm sends its goods to other countries. requires no expense other than marketing and distributing. transportation and tariffs costs, loss of control over marketing/distribution, are both disadvantages. small businesses more likely to use this. firms usually only enter neighboring countries using this mode. currency exchange is the biggest issue for small firms. good for early market development.
wholly owned foreign affiliate
a foreign subsidary over which an organization  has complete control
How do you implement Analyzer Strategy?
Organization using this strategy incorporate elements of both the prosector and the defender strategies in an attempt to maintain current business and to be somewhat innovative.
What are some common critical risks?
Overstated numbers, uncertain sales, overlooked competition, experience deficits, inadequate cushion, inadequate payback
Why is this specialization needed(administrative agencies specialists)?
This type of specialization is needed because both the laws they enforce and the areas they regulate are complex.
Internal Locus of Control
The belief that you control your own destiny.
Power Bases
Ways that leaders have power.
1. Positional- legitimacy, reward, coercion (punishment = least affective)
2. Relational- expertise, referents (relationships build you)
Approaches to motivation focus on what?
Why people choose certain behavioral options to satisy their needs. (2) How they evaluate their satisfction after they have atttheir goals.
What question did the case In re Marshall involve?
Whether Mr. Smiths fortune/estate would go to his son or Anna Nicole Smith.
Interrogatories (part of discovery phase)
Written questions sent to a party and are answered under oath. Can only ask 2 sets of questions requiring 30 answers. Ask pointed questions about case and expert witnesses.
What are some Problems in Delgation for Subordinate?
Reluctant to accept delegation for fear of failure; Perceives no rewards for accepting additional responsibility. Prefers to avoid any risk and responsbility.
Two main types of sexual harrasment:
1. Quid Pro Quo: submission (you give me this, i'll give you that)2. Hostile work environment (an intimidating, hostile, or offensive atmosphere)--->clarfication in 1993 by EEOC:-severe and pervasive-simple teasing, offhand comments, and isolated incidents is insufficient
When the Rights of a 3P Vest
An intended beneficiary has a legal right to enforce the contract against the promisor after the beneficiary's rights vest. The 3PB's rights vest so that the original contracting parties cannot modify, alter, change, rescind, or terminate the contract when the beneficiary: 1.) demonstrates manifest assent to the contract; or 2.) materially changes his or her position in detrimental reliance on the contract. // If the parties to the contract expressly reserve the right to cancel, rescind, or modify the contract, the intended 3PB is subject to any change, rescission, or cancellation.
What is the main idea behind Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?
People must, in hierarchical order, satisfy five groups of needs: 1) Physioloical 2) Securtiy 3) belongingness 4) Esteem 5) Self-actualization
 Why is the word principle used in describing agency relationships rather than just the word employer?
-    Principal is used rather than employer because some agents are not truly employees
Which of the following is NOT a recommended way for organizations to creat an ethical culture?
D. design ethics courses for all employees
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