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Dialog box
Terms Definitions
A saved document
Larger bar is displayed
SmartArt graphics cannot contain shapes.
Most galleries support _________________________, as shown in Figure 1-1, which is a feature that allowsyou to point to a gallery choice and see its effect in the document — without actually selecting the choice
live preview
is a predefined graphic
 Clip art
List of additional commands available
Positions text horizontally between the left and right margins
Duplicates your last command
Repeat Command
A(n) ____ proposal usually requests funding for a research project.
A(n) _________________________ is a character that Word displays on the screen but is not visible on aprinted document
formatting mark
The conclusion, which follows the introduction, consists of several paragraphs that support the topic.
A named group of formatting characteristics.
____________________ add pattern and texture to a background.
fill effects
A specific location on a disk
A short on screen note
Screen Tip
To display the New Document dialog box, click the Office Button and then click New.
Magnifying the page shown in print preview in the accompanying figure does affect the printed document.
An embedded charting program in Microsoft Word
Microsoft Graph
Pressing ____ instructs Word to change the line spacing of a cell to be single-spaced, instead of 1.15 spacing.
Word uses default left and right margins of?
The ____ tab contains the more frequently used commands
Wordwrap forces you to stop typing words and press the ENTER key at the end of each line
Some buttons and boxes have arrows that, when clicked, display a gallery as shown in Figure 1-1._________________________
Explanatory note that exists at the end of a document
A(n) ____ is a book of synonyms.
Word never moves or adjusts automatic page breaks; however, Word adjusts manual page breaks that follow an automatic page break.
The MLA style uses in-text ____________________ instead of noting each source at the bottom of the page or at the end of the paper.
parenthetical citations
Microsoft Graph
Word contains an embedded charting application called ____________________, as shown in the accompanying figure
Similar to a form with prewritten text.
Because the Contrast feature is a(n) instant preview, the change will show on the slide as you hover the mouse over a contrast increase option.
A floating object ____.
both A and B
Contains buttons and boxes and allows you to carry out some Word tasks more efficiently
Becomes different shapes depending on the task you are performing
Mouse Pointer
Displays texts, tables, graphics, and other items as you type or insert them into a document
Document Window
In Word, a paragraph can be both left-aligned and right-aligned at the same time.
When an item is pasted into a document, the contents of the Office Clipboard are erased.
Word provides a(n) ____ button, which increases the font size of selected text each time you click the button.
Grow Font
The Distribute Rows button is on the ____ tab.
The Shading button arrow is on the ____ tab.
What is the mame of the default template in word?
The default typing mode in Word is _________________________ mode
To select a command using the keyboard, press its displayed code letter, or ____, as shown in Figure 1-4.
Key Tip
If you want to print multiple copies of a document, display the Print dialog box by clicking the Print buttonon the Standard toolbar
After a document is saved the first time, Word automatically assigns a different file name each time it is savedsubsequently
_____ are types of changes that occur when text has been omitted from a document and must be inserted later
A(n) ____________________ is a type of paragraph formatting in which the first line extends to the left of the rest of the paragraph.
hanging indent
A(n) ____ is a placeholder for data whose contents can change.
If the Research task pane shown in Figure 2-5 does not display a dictionary entry for an ALT+CLICKED word, click the Search for box arrow and then click All Reference Books.
In addition to a predefined list of AutoCorrect spelling, capitalization, and grammar errors, you can create your own AutoCorrect entries to add to the list.
 cover letter
Enables you to elaborate on positive points in your resume
The total number of rows and columns required in a table
are words or phrases that describe a document
The Increase Indent button on the Home tab changes the indent by ____ inch
hanging indent
A(n) ____________________ is a type of paragraph formatting in which the first line extends to the left of the rest of the paragraph
Buttons that allows you to speak commands or dictate text
Language Bar
Each row of a table has an end-of-row mark, which can be used to add columns to the left of a table.
To move from the second cell in the table in the accompanying figure back to the previous cell, press ____.
As with the table shown in the accompanying figure, click the ____________________ on the Design tab to remove and redraw a line while drawing rows and columns in a table, and drag through the line to be removed.
Eraser button
How many Items can be held by the clipboard?
When Word flags a possible spelling or grammar error, it also changes the Spelling and Grammar Check iconto a _____.
red X
If Word finds a potential error in a document, a red or green wavy underline flags the problem
Word inserts text to the right of the insertion point
You can use the Ignore All button in the Spelling and Grammar dialog box.
If your hand is on the keyboard, use the Ribbon for formatting.
is text that prints at the bottom of each page
Enhanced ScreenTip
is an on-screen note that provides the name of the command, available keyboard shortcut(s), a description of the command, and sometimes instructions for how to obtain help about the command.
Dialog boxes can be displayed by clicking the ____ located in the lower-right corner of some groups.
Dialog box launcher
Where the clip Art is located or stored
Clip Organizer
This tool bar is located below the Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
A separate window that allows you to carry out some commands more efficiently
Task Pane
Guidelines for the title page of a solicited proposal may stipulate the required contents such as ____.
author name
sponsor name
To add a column in the middle of a table, select the column to the left of where the new column is to be inserted and then click the Insert Columns button on the Layout tab.
Commands on the Ribbon include ____.
a buttonsb status barc boxes
If the top of a set of characters is chopped off, then line spacing may be set to ____.
building block
Useful when you use the same text or graphic frequently
Not attached to the edge of the Word Window
Floating Toolbar
The name given to or assigned to a saved document
File Name
If you have a header and footer that you want to appear in all sections of a document, you would leave the ____ button selected on the Design tab.
Link to Previous
How do you close a document?
On the file menu click close
What is Change tracking?
It identifies and keeps track of edits made to a document by different  users.
clear formatting
If you do not want the border style to carry forward each time the ENTER key is pressed, you need to
To add a row to the bottom of the table, position the insertion point in the bottom row of the table, display the Layout tab in the Table Tools tab, and click the ____ button on the Layout tab.
Insert Rows Below
What is a "discussion"?
It's a reply to a comment from mutiple users.
What are Theme colors for?
contain a variety of color schemes to assist you in selecting complementary colors in a document
Can you name the four ways to align text?
Left, center, right, justify
What are the steps to creating an envelope?
Press tools letters and mailings envelopes,and labels enter the information accordingly press print
You can use the rulers to ____.
set tab stops change page margins adjust column widths  
To create a text watermark, you use the ____.
Watermark button on the Page Layout tab
How do you insert a column break?
On the menu bar click insert- click break and break dialog box options appear- click column break.
How would you use the rulers in Microsoft Word?
To help identify the typing position in a document.
How do you insert an Auto text entry?
Type the mame of the autotext and press F3
When using the MLA style, position explanatory notes either at the _____, as shown in Figure 2-1.
bottom of the page as footnotes or at the end of the paper as endnotes
How do you create a border with the equal sign or the hyphen sign?
make sure the border lines box is selected in the Auto correct dialog and then type three hyphens or three equals and press enter
Using Word, you easily can change the ____ of text
b the documentc the status of the of certian commandsd the progress of current tasks
How do you modify a bulleted list so that the bullets appear with a character?
Select the list, on the menu bar click format, bullets and mumbering, click on the bulleted tab, click on customize, kclick character choose desired character
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