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Hearing impairment
Terms Definitions
International sign language
Individualistic Society
weak indentification with groups
group membership flexible
break away from family
Julliette Gordon Lowe
girl scouts
Founded Gallaudet
Edward M. Gallaudet
Deaf Agenda
maintain their culture/language
preserve their language and transmit their culture
Princess Alice
Prince Phillip's mother
Registry of Interpreters
-Ball State University
Affirmation and positive acceptance about being Deaf among persons who see no need for a "cure".
National Association of the Deaf
Father of ASL
Charles Michel De L'Eppe
Gestures, eye gaze, and facial expressions are:
Date Gallaudet was established
April 8, 1864
Focus on oral English development
Auditory oral
World Federation of the Deaf
provides education through sign language in developing countries
Robert Davila
9th President of Gallaudet
1st Hispanic to graduate from Gallaudet
wrote "Moment of Truth"
Chuck Baird
DE'VIA artist
born deaf
received BFA in painting from RIT
1st exhibit at WFD (world federation of the deaf)
served ad visual cordinator for spectrum
joined NTD in 1980
doesn't like to be known as D'VIA
Samuel Heinicke
Established the oral method of teaching deaf children to speak and strongly opposed the use of sign language.
Who was a famous deaf boxer?
Eugene Hairston
Is Interdependence is more valued than independent in Latino/Hispanic American?
Tyese Wright
1st black miss deaf america 02-04
% of Deaf people that use ASL
Wh- & Yes/No questions are important because...
Deaf theatre
theatre companies that entertain both hearing and deaf while introducing deaf culture and ASL
Cross-cultural conflicts
Intergrating the culture into the community
Phyllis Frelich
Founded NTD
Famous Deaf Actress
-Tony award for best actress in the play "Children of a lessor god"
Was on ER & Sweet nothing in my ear
On Tuesday show & Good morning America
Barnard Bragg
NBC-filmed 1hr of deaf performers--> Historic
-1st time deaf performers were on TV
-NTD-received tony award for theatrical performance
Granville Redmond
deaf artist
CA native 1871-1935
deaf at age 2 from scarlett fever
graduated from CSD Berkley
Worked in silent films with Charlie Chaplin
modulation of the voice; change in pitch or tone of voice.
List 5 characteristics of culture as applied to the Deaf community
-destinct values
A person who uses sign language and the manual alphabet (the level of fluency is not designated)
Situation in which a Deaf child goes to a public school & has an interpreter
What is ASL
language capable of expressing any abstract idea & language utilizing space and movement to convey meaning
Laurent Clerc
1817 American Asylum for the Education of the Deaf & dumb in Hartford, CT. Now known as the American School for the Deaf
Howie Seago
- In Star Track
- RAINBOWS END!-Deaf TV show
Gilbert Eastman
wrote the play "Sign me Alice" performed at Gallaudet.
Who was the 1st faculty member in Civil Engineering Technical Program in 1971
-James DeCaro
Deaf Community
Term referring to groups of deaf and hearing individuals who share common interests, such as an interest in people with hearing loss, the use of sign language, and shared experiences with deaf culture.
4th deman of DPN
No reprisals against students or employees involved
Machine conduit model
Just transfer the information and not worry whether or not the information is understood
Lou Ferrigno
Old school "The Hulk"
Quote "I was a real-life Walker Mitty"
Won teenage Mr. America
Won Mr. America
Won Mr. Universe
Played professional football in Canada
Quote "Everyone has a little hulk inside them."
Douglass Tilden
Famous for his art work called "TIRED BOXER"->clay
Received a grant, could finally go to Paris, France
He became a teacher at San Farncisco Art Accociation
-Teaching hearing students
-His 1st
-This is where he was crowned "Michelangelo of the West"
Malcolm Norwood "MAC"
-1st deaf professional to work at department of ED and head major program
-Responsible for captioned TV
The Deaf community is...
Deaf and hearing ppl came together based on common experiences and interest
how many out of kids out of 1,000 r born deaf
Considered rude by Deaf people
Looking at signed conversation without indicating you know ASL & talking w/o signing in their presence
Robert Weitbrecht
Met Andrew Saks & James C Master
-3 of them invented acoustic coupler (type writing communication over telephone lives)
1st demand of DPN
Zinser must resign & a Deaf person selected
ASL & Deaf culture are transmitted to Deaf people from generation to generation through...
Residential Schools for the Deaf
Why is deaf culture like an exotic flower?
-own language, behavior, stories, and value
Year of NAD establishment & why
1880 when oralism was brought up to be used in Deaf schools
Deaf Values
deaf children
information sharing
visual access
deaf schools
Multiple Listing Service.
Caused mainstreaming
Public Act 94-192
Collectivist Culture
Pooling resources
sharing info
boundary between insiders and outsiders
loyalty to group
must be born into the group
rules for membership are rigid
engage in activities together
rely on group as authority
act in a way that promotes unity
cooperative decision making
attachments are a defining feature of identity
characterized by assimilation; assimilating.
Who established the ADARA
Boyce Williams
Talk and sign simultaneously
Total communication
Prejudice against Deaf people
Hearing being superior to Deaf
most common cause of deafness
spinal meningitis
Black Culture expresses themselves how?
-dress colorful
-behavior patterns
ASL is related to...
French Sign Language
One Deaf
Being the only Deaf person
Douglas Tilden
deaf artist
CA native-graduated from CSD Berkley
Deaf sculptor
studied art in paris
"Michelangelo of the west"
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an icon.
Whos the Attorny Advisor of FCC
Gregory Hlibok
5 steps in problem solving
-define problem
-identify obstacles
-draw a list of possible options
-chose best 1
-make a plan
Common terms used with the deaf community are?
-hard of hearing
Deaf Child of Deaf Adults
While watching another person sign, it's appropriate to focus on...
Their face
3rd Deaf school
Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Deaf literature
expression of deaf culture through visual literature
William Stokoe
Created l
coined the term cherology (phonology of ASL)
Invented Stokoe notaion - written ASL
proved that ASL was a needed
convinced the re-evaluation
Cadwallader Washburn
"Deafness maybe an inconvenient but never a handicap"
-Make picture/art with acid, which caused strain on his eyes
oil and dry paintings
American Federation of the art
NY art club
Alice Cogswell
-John Hopkins Gallaudet taught her that H-A-T and a picture of a hat were the same thing. He enjoyed teaching her
-Gallaudet wen to France to learned Sign Language then opened his 1st school for the deaf in 1817
-Alice was the 1st to enroll and taught the Sign Language Alphabet.
Francisco De Goya
deaf artist 1746-1828
unknown disease caused deafness
The black paintings: deaf man
"monster eating person"
the science dealing with the areal differentiation of the earth's surface, as shown in the character, arrangement, and interrelations over the world of such elements as climate, elevation, soil, vegetation, population, land use, industries, or states, and
Who was the President/CEO of (NCI) National Captioning Institure for 3 years?
Philip Bravin
I king Jordan
elected 1st deaf president of Gallaudet U
Signing Impaired
A play on "hearing impaired". Someone who cannot sign.
Hearing Impaired
The "Politically Correct" term for a deaf person. Many deafies feel that this implies a handicap rather than a state of being and would more often prefer to be called "deaf".
Only liberal arts college for Deaf students in the world
Gallaudet University
Bernard Bragg
Founded the National Theatre of the Deaf 1967
made more people aware of Deaf culture
Lowell Jack Myers
CBS-movie called "Dummy"
-It was about Donald Lang and Mr. Myers career
-Also in a magazine
Andrew Fotster
1st deaf American to attend and graduate from Gallaudet
Founded Christian Mission for the deaf
opened 31 facilities throughout Africa
Edith Lowe
Deaf woman who founded the girl scouts.
did not use ASL
His mom helped him learn with mimmin skills
Howie Seago
Who developed a continuing program for deaf adults in detroit
Edna P. Adler
Kitty O Neil
22 speed record on land and water
Any deaf person who has the ability to lip-read/speech-read and can often communicate through voicing.
Valued in Deaf community
Govern their own affairs, keep informed about community & group cohesiveness
Ally model
Most current and now involves the Deaf person and includes their needs and makes sure that both parties understand whats being translated
Nancy Bloch
-Helps out with the deaf community A LOT!
-Chief executive officer of NAD (national association of the deaf)
-1st woman leader
-longest serving executive in NAD
-helped push for the apple I-phone
Best known for the Tony award for Best Actress in the play "Children of a Lessor God."
Phyllis Frelich
How many people in the U.S. have a hearing problem
20.3 million
Deafies or Hearies
A label for d/Deaf people or hearing people.
Schools in which students stay at school during the week then go home on the weekends
Schools for the Deaf
Alan Hurwitz
- Became Dean, VP, & President of NTID (national technical institute for the deaf)
- Last year on Jan 1st he became the 10th president at Gallaudet
1st school for the Deaf in the world
National Institution for Deaf-Mutes
Linda Bove
- One of the founders of the Deaf West Theater Company
- NTD (national theater of the deaf)
- Broadway debut from the songs Milkwood and Moliere's Sganarelle
- on TV shows such as "Search for Tomorrow"
-Was in "Sign me a story." and "Sweet niothing in my ear"
Fingerspelling is mainly used when...
specifying brand names & give names of people and places
How do Deaf Americans solve problems?
Either they accept it or discuss it with a group
Purpose of the protest rally at Gallaudet
To assure that Deaf people be placed in top level decision-making positions
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