Deaf Culture Final Flashcards

Hearing impairment
Terms Definitions
Nancy Rarus
High Context
Deaf culture
Things are implied (implicit)
Shared knowlege
shared experiences
shared beliefs
David Birnbaum
created Birnbaum services
Child of Deaf Adults
Deaf way
Leave taking
Deaf time
Deaf introductions - background info sharing
Reporting (what your doing)
British Deaf Association
Princess Diana supported the BDA
the act of suppressing.
1st Graduate from Gallaudet
Alice Cogswell
Helped With Deaf films
Charles Yanzito
Boyce Williams
-Established (ADARA) -->American deafness rehabilitation Association
-Setup mental health programs for the deaf
-Promoted grants for supplying interpreters leading to legislation that required interpreters
-He and Marry E. Switzer collaborated to provide multiple organizations for the deaf and HH ppl
-captioned films
-communication skills program
-national leadership training program at CSUN
Who addressed the Connecticut Legislature, becoming the 1st deaf person ever to do that
Laurent Clerc
Frank Bowe
received the Distinguished Service Award of the President of the U.S. signed by President Gerogre H. W. Bush in 1992
Philosophies of Deaf education
Bilingual/Bicultural, Total Communication, Auditory Oral & Auditory Verbal
Used when different sign languages come together-relies on visual concepts, acting, mime & gestures
Marie Jeah Philip
introduced the bi-lingual/bi-cultural approach at at The Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham, Massachusetts
Hendrick Avercamp
deaf artist
Dutch landscape artist 1585-1643
known as the mute of Kampen
Bernard Bragg
founded National Theater of the Deaf
Who was a famous deaf etcher
Cadwalladar Washburn
How many communication modes are used by people with in the deaf community
Sign Language Interpreter
A professional with valid qualifications, certifications and/or degree in this, earned through training and mentored experiences in the art, science and ethics of translation.
% of Deaf people with Deaf parents
The role of facial expressions, head movements, & eye gaze in ASL is...
Deaf elite (leaders)
Deaf people with Deaf parents
clayton valli
deaf linguist & asl poet
Introduced asl literature through poetry
Ben Soukup
Founder, President, & CEO of CSD
Former President of NAD
Kappa Gamma
-1st Frat for the deaf men
Was on campus during the "Unity" protest and was the only board member arrested on friday oct 13th
Edna Adler
Developed a continuing deaf adults program
Worked for Rehabilitation Services Administrations (RSA)
-head teacher and counselor
-developed large variety of new programs and services for the deaf
-"I actively work for and with the deaf and HH and am involved in just about everything that affects people with hearing and speech impairments."
Kitty O'Neil
Stunt Woman
Race car Driver atheist
Set the land-speed record for females drivers around 400mph
Betty G. Miller
DE'VIA artist
born to deaf parents
co-founded spectrum focus on Deaf artists
published in Deaf heritage
an act or the process of articulating:
Whos the female executive leader of NAD
Nancy Bloch
Gertude Scott Galloway
1st deaf woman superintendent of residential school for the deaf in 1990
Indicates what you are. Deafness is a physical description. It is the inability to hear for whatever reason. There are different levels of deafness.
Model in which deafness is not considered to be a disability but part of one's identity
Cultural model
1st Deaf president of Gallaudent
Dr. I. King Jordan
Cultural Rules
Behaviors that emerge naturally in a culture out of necessity or convenience that members of the culture begin to adhere to as the social norm
Vicki Hurtwitz
Director of outreach center at the Rodchester school for the deaf
RIT-Team member
"Lets enhance the path for a bright, barrier-free future for young deaf woman, so that they can lead to new heights."
Current 1st lady of Gallaudet
Donald Ballantyne
- 1st deaf professor of experimental surgery and director of micro surgical research and training laboratories
- 1st deaf student to graduate at Princeton
- New procedures in transplanting skin drafts and kidneys
- VP of APSD (American Professional Society of the Deaf) and chaired the scholorship committee
Fred Schrieber
1st convention of NAD
1st executive of NAD
Former president of NAD
"Ears are cheap, its whats between the ears that count."
"Deaf people can do everything hearing ppl can, except hear."
the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner.
Who was the soucial worker at Norris Alcoholism Treatment Center and a profect/program coordinator of the peer sexuality education program for deaf students in RIT
Vicki Hurwitz`
Malcolm Norwood
1st deaf professional to work at the Department of Education and head major program
Only Deaf person to ever talk to Congress
Laurent Clerc
4 different types of grammar
Wh-, Yes/No, Negative & Statement
Characteristics of the Deaf
Identify as Deaf
Use the language
Be Deaf
William "Dummy" Hoy
Baseball player
-all 18 seasons on professional teams
-4/5 major leagues
1st deaf person to have a long career in bball league
Taught his teammates how to communicate with him during the field
Gertrude Scott Galloway
1st deaf woman elected president of the national association of the deaf. NAD
1st deaf woman superintendent of a residential school for the deaf
1st woman president of conference of educational administrations serving for the deaf.
1st woman president of the deaf seniors of America
1st deaf woman to receive a PhD at Gallaudet U special Ed Doctoral program
"Role models are very important, not only to deaf children but to their parents...."
the laying on of something as a burden or obligation.
Concept of Identity is
a complex one. shaped by individual characteristics, family dynamics, historical factors, and social and political contexts.
ASL is used by most Deaf people in...
US & Canada
Glenn Anderson
- PhD at NYU-1st deaf male
- Board of trustees and chairman at Gallaudet
- American Athleteic Association in Deaf Hall of Fame
What are social identites in the U.S.?
-Male or Female
-Young or old
-Wealthy or poor
-gay or lesbian
-christian, Jewish, Muslim
Schools that strive to train ints deaf students to speak & "listen" by lip-reading
Oral Schools (oral methods)
What is the difference between deaf n Deaf
deaf- audiological
Deaf- deaf community
I King Jordan
- First DPN
- Made it a law that if the TV is 13" or bigger than it must have a chip inside it to help deaf people
ASL uses the space in front of them to...
Convey distance, contrast two people-places-things-ideas & express time concepts
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